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Title: play list and library
Post by: Murrayp on January 17, 2010, 03:31:07 am
At the risk of exposing how dumb I really am can someone enlighten me as to how to easily copy albums to the library and playlists please.  Maybe it has been my upgrade to W7, but when I go to the library and use explorer I can find the folders etc, but can no longer highlight all songs (only one song at a time highlights) and right click for the option of copying to playlist (the option is no longer there - though arduous this was my vista way of doing it).

How do I use the library - if i do manage to get an album in there - the load selected album to playlist seems to be greyed out....

 Am I missing something obvious?


Title: Re: play list and library
Post by: PeterSt on January 17, 2010, 06:44:15 pm
To get you going a bit, this might help : How To Make A Gallery (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=898.0).
Let me know if you get stuck with it !

About your not being able to highlight more tracks etc., I really can't tell what this is about. Maybe if you are more specific on what you are doing ? (which button you use, where to rightclick, etc. etc.).