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Title: 20 | Windows 8/10 Tutorials - Install .Net 3.5
Post by: PeterSt on November 17, 2012, 01:19:25 pm
This is the first thing to do for Windows 8 (or W2012 Server) when XXHighEnd is to be fired up. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions the same.

Install .Net 3.5

Windows 8 comes with .Net 4.x and not with 3.5 (and lower). This latter is needed for XXHighEnd.
Edit June 7, 2015 : The same is in order for W8.1 and W10. The below applies to those OS versions just the same.

When XXHighEnd is launched for the first time, you will be asked to have the feature installed through the Internet. This should work, but has not been tested. So, this Tutorial is for those not connected to the Internet (or when the auto-install fails). Do this :

Edit November 11, 2017 :
This has not been tested, but most probably just works.
Download Dot-net 3.5 here (http://www.stordiau.nl/downloads/NETCFSetupv35.msi).
Run that and when done, all of the below can be skipped.

  • Start a command prompt (cmd) with elevated rights. This means that you must run the command prompt as Administrator. So, assumed you have found the command prompt (the black icon) right click on it and choose Run as Administrator.

  • Find your Windows 8 (8.1, 10) installation CD or image (this must be extracted and not the .iso file. Look at the drive letter (and its path when you have it on disk somewhere).

  • Once you are in the "Dos Box" (see first above), type this :
    Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:netfx3 /all /source:E:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
    Notice the emphasized part. The E: is supposed to point at the installation disk (DVD) or the drive letter to the part where the image recides. So, you will find it in the root of the installation disk / image. You will also see that underneath the \sources\ part theres's an \sxs\ folder.
    You can copy the above line and paste it into the Dos Box (just right click and choose paste) and replace what's to be replaced (generally the drive letter).
    Press Enter when you have completed the line.

  • Wait until the message "The operation completed successfully" appears (this can really take 10 minutes).
    You can type Exit + [Enter] to leave the Dos Box.

  • XXHighEnd will run now. But also see the tutorial "Run XXHighEnd".