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Title: XXHighEnd Model 0.9z-8-1a (More optimized for Windows 8)
Post by: PeterSt on January 19, 2013, 03:44:27 pm
Edit January 20, 2013 : The 0.9z-8-1 version which originally was in here for download was not right for Windows 7. The 0.9z-8-1a version is okay for that. Also see : XXHE 0.9z-8-1: Win7 taskbar not returning (after quitting unattended play) (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=2443.0).

Download is at the bottom. Activate with your existing 0.9z-7 (and up) Activation Code.

For those already using Activated 0.9z-6, please look here : How to Activate 0.9z-7 and up (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=2131.msg21892#msg21892).

Notice : In this version the small vinyl like ticks in between tracks (only for tracks with gaps in between them) exist.
There's also a small tick though some louder at the first "SFS Change".

Release Notes to 0.9z-8-1 :

  • The famous "crack" which happens to some a few seconds into a first track played and with Phase Alignment active - and which seems to be PC related - is not there in Windows 8.
    Do notice though that in Windows 8 no Wallpaper Coverart is possible in Unattended Mode while this "crack" is expected to be related to the showing of the Wallpaper.
    Anyway, those using "After SFS Rounds" other than 0, may now set this to 0 (for Windows 8 !).

  • For Windows 8 a new "Desktop Shell" is a requirement for the best Sound Quality;
    In your XX folder (in which you unzipped the download below) will be a Windows7_Shell folder with in there another file to unzip. Read the both Readme files in there on how to install.
    Do notice that this requires access to the Windows 7 install disc or folder otherwise and that it should be of the same kind as your Windows 8 install (e.g. your W7 must be 64 bits if your W8 is).
    Edit : In Windows 8 it is currently not possible to show the Wallpaper Coverart in Unattended Mode. This is not related to this Shell. The OSD (On Screen Display) works, but for best SQ it is the assumption that this better can be left off. Do notice that this will leave you with a complete black screen during Unattended Playback. Alt-X will bring back the desktop as usual, and if not, something went wrong with installing the W7 Shell (again, read the Readme's in there).

  • XTweaks are now prevented from usage in Vista (incompatible).

  • Shortcuts keys like Alt-u could be held down for too long so a repeated series of (many) commands would be given, those (sometimes) eventually showing as many error messages. When this now happens, only one command will be put through and have the effect like the command was used one time only.
    Do notice that when more than 3 subsequent (!) commands are given, this will be regarded as 3 only as long as the first (etc.) has not been processed. Thus, when e.g. 4 times Alt-u is used within a fraction of a second, only 3 commands of that will be processed; when the 4th command is given while in the mean time the first was processed, the 4th will be processed just the same (etc.).

  • Issue with Windows 8 : Applying a volume change while Phase Alignment is active, can exhibit a fraction of a second "soft cracking". At least with a Split File Size of 2 this is often so and as far as we can tell at this moment this is related to the necessary small buffer result of Q1 x xQ1 x Device Buffer Size; While the latter being at 4096 as an example, and xQ1 at 1, Q1 will often be used at 14; do notice though that Q1 can be 15 with this setting, and this already might help.
    (this is all about the SFS of 2 which is in favor of many).

  • In your XX folder there's a NoXTweaks.tss file. When this file is renamed to NoXTweaks.tst, XTweaks will not engage. This can come handy when problems (error messages) occur from XTweaks, and which will be noticeable when the Settings Area is activated.
    This is to let you proceed, while otherwise you would be stuck, already on e.g. going from Minimzed OS Mode to Normal OS Mode.

  • The Persist buttons have been removed (from the Settings Area); they were ever back introduced as means to not make Minimized OS shut-offs permanent (hence in Minimized OS Mode the services concerned could be restarted when needed), but it now feels as an unnecessary thing. In the mean time, they have never been active, while people kept on believing they did something. So, they were confusing only, waiting for the time to really do something. They may come back in a later stage.

  • For Phasure NOS1 users : A driver for Windows 8 is available now (ask at sales at phasure com).
    Notice that this driver will not install under Minimized OS Mode (under Windows 7 that worked).

For the Release Notes to the base 0.9z-8 version(s), see here : XXHighEnd Model 0.9z-8 (XTweaks and official W8 support) (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=2376.msg24103#msg24103).

Existing Activated users, watch out before you install :
When you are in Minimized OS Mode when you apply the new version for the first time, and you loose your Activation (after a new Install you have to reactivate from off 0.9z-7), going back to Normal OS Mode is possible, but may be confusing. Therefore it is strongly advised to run the new XXHighEnd version for the first time in Normal OS Mode, hence better first go back to Normal OS Mode through your previous(ly activated) XXHighEnd version.

Switch Off UAC (User Account Control) before any first attempt of starting XXHighEnd.exe !
However, if all is right this will be arranged for automatically.

Edit February 7, 2013 : As it appears, the implied advice about using the W7 Shell for better SQ, turns out to be a must for this version. Meaning : without it XXHighEnd may error. This will be solved in the next version (due shortly). What's related is that the W7 Shell needs a W7 install DVD and not everybody has that ...