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Title: End of Album Error(s)
Post by: manisandher on June 24, 2014, 06:20:30 pm
Hi Peter, I've got something really weird happening if I leave an album to play right to the end. I'm not sure exactly when this started because I've had so many changes recently... sorry.

Ordinarily, when the last track of the playlist finishes, XX comes out of Unattended and everything is OK. But what I'm getting right now is that the PC is totally dead. Nothing responds. I have to do 2 hard reboots (i.e. via the PC power button) to get any response back. After the 2nd hard boot, everything looks OK, but I'm still in 'Minimize OS'. If I try to come out of 'Minimize OS', I get the 'Engine Selection' error (see below). If I try to play a track, I get the 'No Sound Device' message. At some point, I get the 'Check OS' error (can't remember how). Anyway, I restart the PC a couple of times, and then am able to get back out of 'Minimize OS'. Reverting back to 'Minimize OS', everything works fine again.

Sorry, got to run but happy to answer any questions later...


Title: Re: End of Album Error(s)
Post by: PeterSt on June 24, 2014, 06:32:15 pm
Mani, very recognizable. And ... very glad that someone else but me has this. So far I dedicated this to my PC because ... happens only when the CPU speed is somewhat higher than my still set 430MHz ...

This now HAS to be related to the new filter (but whether AI or Custom does not matter as I recall) and I now even more don't understand the sh*t of this.
Btw, this does not only happen (with me) at the end of the Playlist but end of tracks and even in the middle some times (as I recall it).

This also HAS to be related to the very strange anomaly of not wanting to proceed to the next track (with Custom Filter) and which only happens on Windows 8 (same PC).
I can even make it more odd by saying that Collection Albums cause issues, and it totally beats me HOW. I mean, what is the difference.

The rebooting sequence needed is also the same here, but in the end logic for me. Notice though that it only needs two reboots and nothing like going to Normal OS. So first reboot is required because of the hang, but the state it leaves that all in makes Windows to think it's not Windows (or not any recognizable version).

There is more to tell about this but this is technical, but anyway I have never seen such a thing in my life (from the programming angle of things).

I don't know whether you can easily set your processor at the lowest speed but if so that hopefuly helps. If that would be 1200MHz then for me this is not enough yet.
Windows 7 cures it I think, because there the whole strange issue with the Custom Filter does not happen. But I did not really try that.

Super thanks for posting this !

Title: Re: End of Album Error(s)
Post by: charliemb on July 16, 2014, 09:57:43 pm
I can help here by saying that I'm running the same PC as Peter (I think) and I don't see this problem with the custom filter version 1.186i (or g) and I am running Win7 64 bit.

As for the compilation albums, who knows.  That is curious.  Perhaps it is because tracks of the compilation are not all the same somehow, or put another way, in a compilation album with tracks from different mastering sources, there may be higher chances of running into one track that is problematic somehow,  either in the format of the .wav or .flac or whatever, or in the data contained (music).