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Title: WAV file processing
Post by: sondale on March 17, 2015, 07:49:39 pm
Having resolved my space problems I needed to get my WAV files behaving correctly. The vast majority of my WAV files were generated by EAC as a single .wav plus a .cue file.
These were used by cplay which drives from the .cue file; XXHE drives from the .wav file - this lead to my main problem as most of my .cue files were not correctly named - they were "filename.wav.cue"!
So I spent today correcting over 700 cue files - Windows was useless and I ended up doing the conversions on a Mac Mini.
Then I found that some of the .cue files contained an odd bit of text which had to be removed.
Finally the cue files were found and all track were now listed in the window - however it still did not play - then I noticed that some of the tracks had German characters. So I edited the cue files removing these characters and tried again.
Finally, finally tracks all listed and loaded into memory and playing.

I assume this means a few days of going through all the cue files to make sure there are no odd bits of text in them and that all German / French characters are removed??

Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 17, 2015, 08:03:24 pm

This should just work. And if it does not, my bad (and I mean the German characters). Can you send such an album in full to me ? Use filemail.com or such a thing.

Maybe I have already solved it, but I just want to check. And could save you a lot of work ?

Thanks for the feedback,

Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 17, 2015, 08:04:16 pm
Also let me know how you load them into the Playlist Area; this matters !

Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: sondale on March 17, 2015, 08:26:04 pm
OK Peter,

I will look for some more files and get them to you.

I use Windows Explorer in Admin mode, I drag the .wav file into the playback area. The file is split into its parts and the names with accents etc are displayed. When I press play tracks are loaded into memory one at a time until it stops at the track with the questionable characters.


Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 18, 2015, 07:59:47 am
Thank you Alan,

I'd say one album is enough, really.

Otherwise situations exist that Cue Files do not explode when dragged like you do it (again solved in the upcoming version); load them from the Library Area works for those same files (but again still depending on other stuff).
This is not related to those characters, so just saying to possibly save you time on the renaming.


Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 20, 2015, 12:21:28 pm
Hi again Alan,

I am testing your sent album;

I drag the large Cue File .wav on to the Playlist Area and all looks fine (15 tracks pop up).

I start the album Unattendedly from Track 01 and all loads.

Similarly I start at track 07 (the first one with such a character ()) and it plays fine.

When I start at track 06 and let it play into that track 07 ... all still OK.

Just Attended and Track 07 ? again all good.

All I see is that in the Wallpaper those characters don't work out (become question marks).

I do NOT recall that I solved anything with these characters since 1.186-a.

Do you apply things differently from what I just described ?
The only difference you might see is that dragging the large file on to the Playlist Area does not explode to the individual tracks. This I can not mimic (because solved). And now I don't know whether that causes the whole issue perhaps (hard to reason out as well !). Please confirm whether this album does or does not explode to the individual tracks in your situation.


Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: sondale on March 20, 2015, 03:11:27 pm

I put the WAV and CUE file (with the umlauts etc) onto the local drive and it all worked. So I reset the CUE file on the NAS where all my music is stored dragged/drooped the WAV file. It listed all the tracks, came to the one with the umlauts and stopped, the yellow box for memory cleared. So I thought I would send this reply - MUSIC STARTS PLAYING - so it seems that it does load the tracks but for some reason it is very slow - possibly a couple of minutes to load the odd tracks over the network.

My network has 1gb speed at the slowest points so why this happens I do not know. I have been thinking about putting the WAV & CUE files on a 1TB SSD and the speed of loading from the system disk which is an SSD would seem to justify it.

I will repeat the exercise and look at the timings for loading each track over the network.

So in my previous tests I was too quick to say that it had stopped loading, it does load just s l o w l y.


Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 20, 2015, 03:30:24 pm

You mean when you press Play for Unattended, is that right ?

If so ... I tested this locally (not over the network) and noticed that it stalled for ~1 second at this 07 Track. Just thought "bingo !" but then it continued.
So hmm ...

When all has been setup correctly I personally don't notice a speed difference when loading from an internal HDD vs the over Network. Maybe this issue makes that different. Will have to check.
And no clue why this umlaut thing will be so much slower; I don't do a thing with it explicitly. Very odd.

Thanks for that info, Alan.

Title: Re: WAV file processing
Post by: PeterSt on March 20, 2015, 03:45:43 pm
Tried it over the network; Haha ...

In my situation it takes about 1 second per track (all what happens here is copying of the tracks and no multi threading is in order in this case). PC runs at 430MHz (no typo).

Track07 suddenly takes ~8 seconds.

Now interestingly, after that the remaining tracks all take ~3-4 seconds each. Also, track 13 (the next one with an Umlaut) does not take longer (~3 seconds and thus no 8).

Then I started at Track 08;
All ~1 second up to Track 13 (Unloaut track) and there the same 8 seconds again (and the remainder 3 secs again).

Last thing I explicitly tried (because I seemed to notice already) :
Start from Track 01. Let it pass Track 07 and then Stop. Now again from Track 01. Now each track takes ~2 seconds.
This resets by quitting and restarting XXHighEnd.

NO C(L)UE.  :dntknw:

Nice music though; just heard the first 10 seconds of track 08 (accidentally). Will play it tonight it you allow me.
Next time also provide the Coverart !