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Title: dimensions of the Orelo MK II
Post by: music33 on February 15, 2016, 08:08:27 pm
I am starting to look at a new pair of speakers and thinking about the Orelo MK II.  Before I ask a lot of questions I was wondering what are the dimensions and weight of the speaker.  How much room around them do they need from the left, right and back wall.  I know some of this is room specific, but just trying to get a rough idea.

I believe the Orelo's are active speakers and have 4 channels built in so no amp is needed.


Title: Re: dimensions of the Orelo MK II
Post by: PeterSt on February 16, 2016, 05:28:22 pm
Hi there Dave,

Funny, because only a few days ago I thought that this is nowhere pointed out, as I had to tell it to another (due) customer. So if he does not mind, I will copy it from that email to him :

Wing tip to wing tip : 102cm.
Depth from front of wing to back of woofer bracket : 66cm.
Tallness from bottom to top of top horn : 166cm.
Additionally from bottom to top of wing : 141.5cm.

~2.5 cm is 1 inch.

The speaker can really be "against" the walls, although I'd personally leave some air next to the wings (say 10"). So please be aware that this is not a dipole with its placement problems and that the (open baffle) back produces around 11dB less output than the front, plus the wave guides (wings / horn) actually block the reflecting waves from the wall behind the speaker. I myself have a large room, but still I have them only ~20" from the glass wall behind them. I think others have similar or less (and mostly way smaller rooms) and if it were a problem I think I would have known (but do notice they were developed in a relatively small room, like less than 4 meters / 13ft wide, so we can call it almost explicitly no problem).

Shipping weight for the two is 220Kg (roughly 484 lbs). IIRC the (one) naked speaker is 80Kg (176 lbs) (so without (3) shipping krates).
If you like them heavy - the wings are made so that they can be filled with sand or another material. This easily adds 45Kg / 99lbs for one speaker). I did not do this as it will make the speaker unmanagable for me (too heavy to move).

The MKII is active indeed (per speaker 4 amps, 3 channels) and with NOS1a and PC you need nothing else.
Ok, some trust ... :)
Best regards,