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Title: How to compare XXhighend Settings
Post by: Robert on November 30, 2016, 10:13:04 pm

I have some questions re this as I can't find anything in these forums to confirm what I'm doing.

In my quest to enhance my XXhighend version and to try and get Intona to work better in my setup.

When I compare settings in order to listen with minimum time between tracks I set playback to Attended.

I play test track in my normal user settings(Q panel).

Then I will change settings and replay.

Question 1. Can you change settings in the quality(Q) panel as a track is playing?(Tried and doesn't work)

Question 2. Can you change filter settings as a track is playing?(I have tried this and it seems to work)

To minimise time between tracks I only use 16/44(CD) tracks as these load quickly.

Can you recommend anything else to make this an accurate procedure?


Title: Re: How to compare XXhighend Settings
Post by: PeterSt on December 01, 2016, 12:55:19 pm
Hi there Robert,

It may come across as odd to you, but up till today (or better : yesterday) I am eliminating what you - in the XXHighEnd version you use - still experience with changing the filter setting. At least that is what I recall to have "solved" a month ago. Last week another one somewhere. So what I mean :

At first all these changes were meant to be put through in real time. But back then no large buffers (like of over 30 seconds) existed. Today (and many years already of course) they exist and when used they make all moot because strange things happen, up to you not understanding why playback stops, while all what happens is 10 seconds or even more of filling that first buffer. Next you start pressing buttons (especially the same) and things get worse and worse.

So all these real time things had to be removed. And apparently it takes me many years to find them all.
So in 2.07 changed filter settings won't work any more either, if they worked at all, which I doubt; only when you hear Playback restarting, it does.

Can you recommend anything else to make this an accurate procedure?

Yes :
a. Use Unattended anyway, because that is what you use normally;
b. Always stop Playback explicitly yourself.

... and get aquainted with the Pause button, because in Unattended it works just the same if you know which buttons to (not) press when (hard to explain, but if you only know it just can work (consistently), you will get there).

You're not asking for it, but in general this is the best "higher level" procedure if you'd ask me :

Mostly a change is perceived right away (that is, with a few years of experience, which you have). Again mostly you can fairly well perceive what you like best. Mind you, I am now talking about explicitly huntiong for a better setting which I myself only do very rarely - when something does not sound right (could be after a hardware change). Now :
What's crucial as how I approach the matter, is dat right when you in ad-hoc fashion selected your best setting (which in my case would consume maybe 10 minutes because of using Pause and just continue after the change instead of supid A-B always the same), is ... drop the fact that you changed something and continue whatever you were doing. Do NOT pay attention to your change.

If now something is going to disturb you, the change went to the wrong direction after all and you will notice by the sheer fact that something suddenly disturbs.
When nothing disturbs you're not even thinking of the change (I just gave you that order :)) BUT the next day or after you may suddenly wonder what the heck has happened because your beloved track such and so suddenly does wonders.
And then you know the change has been for the better.
When this aha-erlebnis never happens, the change probably didn't do a thing and you only thought it did when applying the change earlier on.

This method should work for everybody, assumed that everybody likes his Clairixa etc. etc. ... because I deal with such things exactly the same. Put in new cable and forget about it. Say shooooot the next day.
Or take it out within 3 minutes because you are sure you are wasting your precious listening time. And yes I call that precious because I am obsessed. :innocent:


Title: Re: How to compare XXhighend Settings
Post by: Robert on December 01, 2016, 08:44:13 pm
Peter thanks for that was interested in how you did it. Interesting I discovered yesterday flac Hires files don't skip it seems to be only some wave.

Can we look forward to a Christmas present XXhighend 2.07?


Title: Re: How to compare XXhighend Settings
Post by: PeterSt on December 03, 2016, 09:49:42 am
From the topic elsewhere, but actually belonging in here :

Even more conveniently would be : Alt-X, change setting(s), press Pause, tap on the time bar at the bottom if you like to proceed a bit further because changing the setting(s) took you 30 seconds and you don't want to repeat all of those 30 seconds, press Play.

The way I do it (first option above) gives you a quite randomized A-B situation because you will be repeating these last 30 seconds.
Either of these options give the least down time (no-music-time) because music commences when you are changing the settings.