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Title: My "new" Orelo's
Post by: Nick on February 02, 2017, 06:31:55 pm

I have recently purchased a set of Orelo speakers and wanted to say hello on this board as a new owner.

Orelos have been an aspirational speaker system for me since first hearing them at Peters and also having heard Orelinos at Pauls. I would not have been able to acquire them were it not for the opportunity presenting itself to buy Mani's used pair. So after 18 years of ownership my much loved Avantgarde Duos have been sold  :o and the "new" Orelos installed in their place  :)

The Orelos have been here now for a couple of months, with much work taking place over this time to get them well set up and settled in. I would say that there is just a little more tweaking to do to tune the bass response to my precise tastes and their new home, but to be honest they are 95% there and I think they sound absolutely beautiful.

They are a clear improvement in about every respect from my Duos, being a massive step towards the goal of live sound quality hear in the house . Many thanks to Peter, Bert, Paul and Mani for help, information and suggestions during the setting up process.

I won’t attempt to review sound in detail now, that may come later, but I must say than to say that I am super pleased with the sound.


Ps I must mention the build quality of the Orelos. Berts design, construction and finish is absolutely exquisite. The overall effect of the combination of mid / high horn and bass horn system looks very sculptural almost like an art installation in the listening room  :)

Title: Re: My "new" Orelo's
Post by: vrao on February 03, 2017, 04:39:34 am


Keep us updated with pics and your experiences  ;)


Title: Re: My "new" Orelo's
Post by: PeterSt on February 03, 2017, 08:57:13 am
Hey Nick,

Yes, congratulations for sure !
And I'm also sure that you ran into a quite exciting time !! :heat:

Happy listening hours !