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Title: PayPal Activation Email problems
Post by: PeterSt on October 28, 2017, 11:42:46 am
Dear all,

To my surprise, this morning I found that the code which generates the Activation Emails, is not working any more. And so far I can not find the reason.

Below you see the PayPal screen with at the bottom a "Terug naar Webwinkel", in English something like "Back to Web Store", and this unsollicited change is already not a best because if you don't click that, nothing *proceeds* to a next required screen. This is the other screen you see below. That one shows your Activation Code, BUT, the guide how to apply it will never be sent to you (this is the now lacking email). And you can't do without it ...

This all means :
a. that you must copy - paste your Activation Code from the webpage you will receive after clicking "Return to Web Store".
b. that you must wait for me to see the payment coming in, which shows your email address;
c. and which contains sufficient data for me to manually create the Activation Email for you.

Also, let me apologise to those who could copy-paste the Activation Code all right, but who 100% sure ran into problems with Activation because nothing told you how to do that (the lacking email).