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Title: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: PeterSt on April 01, 2020, 12:15:46 pm
Dear People,

Below you'll find the last version of XXHighEnd for download.
As you can see, it is a surprise version from several angles.

All the best and stay safe,

Edit, April 4, 2020 :

It appears that it is relatively easy for people to make choke a previously  perfectly working XXHighEnd environment. This may be caused by a lack of experience in upgrading, or by not remembering what - and what not to do because it has been a (too) long time ago by now.
Do not upgrade if you don't have a proven working backup, because it is not my idea of spending 100% of my time on helping people who do not have such a backup, or who try to avoid restoring that backup and try to be safe by means of asking questions "what to do next" instead.
People with the RAM-OS environment should have a self-made recent copy of the active "MyW10-xxxx" file  (also see here (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3480.0)).

Otherwise, a "backup" as such could comprise of making a copy of your XX folder (set it aside and *never* attempt to start the XXHighEnd.exe in there, nor any other .exe file); Do the same with your XXData file. When things went bad, delete the contents of your XX folder as well as the XXData folder, and copy back the saved versions into their respective folders. Do not, ever, change the names of the folders as how you had them; it will not work.
Try not to outsmart the system by means of :
- paste the full install over a working XX folder (nothing will work although at first glance it looks OK to you);
- undo any wrong pasting by means of pasting-over an older version, including a recent copy (it will be a mess).

So either :

a. Paste (unRar) the UpgradePatch over the existing XX folder (10 secs of work really).
b. Create a new folder and Paste (UnRar) the full version in there (pasting the UpgradePatch 2.11 version over that is harmless but also useless (a later 2.11a etc. version will be fruitful)), BUT know that you will most probably lose activation in this (b.) case because you will have forgotten the procedure for that or feel like not complying to it, etc.  :smile:
With b. do not forget to make a new Desktop Icon, pointing to the new folder.

From b. follows that you should be prepared for the impossibility to save the 2.10 (or older) version in a working fashion next to the new 2.11 version, ditto (unless you maintain a full copy of the OS Disk (which is the same as the RAM OS Disk file I referred to). Even activating 2.11 by explicit means of a new Code, will deactivate the old 2.10 or older.

New rule (kind of) as of today : Because the super simple UpgradePatch procedure exists, it is meant to be used (or else you need to obtain a new Code via PayPal and it can not be not be refunded). But do not apply it over 2.03 and older (won't work).

For the normal means (and possible instruction) see an older Upgrade topic like :
XXHighEnd Model 2.10 - Respecting Selection Sequences & SQ+ with uneven SFS  (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3998.0).

After copying / unzipping the install files, just start the XXHighEnd.exe file; no Install as such is needed. See below at the mouse arrow.

However, when you are running Windows 8 or higher - have not used XXHighEnd before - and are not connected to the Internet, first read this : Windows 8 Tutorials - Install .Net 3.5 (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=2348.msg23844).

We urge you to read this : Windows 10 Tutorials - Wallpaper, Core Schemes, Q4,5 and more (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3228.0).

Please report as much as you run into but do so in a dedicated topic with a catching title.

Right below here you will find the full install of XXHighEnd.
Below that you will find the UpgradePatch install which can only be used on/over the previous XXHighEnd version, but only from of 2.04. Do *not* installl this UpgradePatch on its own in a new folder because nothing will work ! Only paste and unzip over the contents of the existing XX folder where 2.04 up to 2.10 (and beyond) is installed.

For the existing XXHighEnd user, in order to avoid anomalies which are difficult to comprehend, it is best to kill XXEngine3.exe and AutoHotkey.exe (via TaskManager) prior to the install.

If you run into .exe files doing nothing (XXHighEnd.exe ahead), investigate whether the file is "blocked". If you rightclick on it, chose Properties, then in the first tab you will see an "Unblock" button close to the bottom if this is the case. Click that button and all will be fine.

Download links (UnRar and not UnZip) :

XXHighEnd-211a.rar (http://www.stordiau.nl/downloads/XXHighEnd-211a.rar)
XXHighEnd-211a-UpgradePatchOver204AndBeyond.rar (http://www.stordiau.nl/downloads/XXHighEnd-211a-UpgradePatchOver204AndBeyond.rar)

Only zip the below over your XX folder AFTER you installed either of the above :

Version for Tidal Security Testing and for Tidal personnel only :
XXHighEnd-211a01-Tidal.rar (http://www.stordiau.nl/downloads/XXHighEnd-211a01-Tidal.rar)

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version
Post by: PeterSt on April 01, 2020, 12:18:23 pm

One of the surprises is the way I now put up something which looks like "Release Notes". No explanation at all - just listed as a ticked-off ToDo (without * has been done).

If you have a question about a ToDo topic, copy-paste it for a first part as the title of a new Topic, so others can look in there for whether it has been elaborated already. If the ToDo topic starts with an asterisk (*) copy that too, so we all know it is about a topic which hasn't been put-through yet. Example of such a copy-paste of a relevant (left !) part :

*It still is so (since 2.08 I think) that VolumeForNoWallpaper.tst is needed

ToDo / Done from of 19-03-2018, beyond 2.10  :

  • There was a bit of code left behind (in DownloadStreams) that required the PeekOnly parameter for Music Server PC's which can't decode MQA. This has been uploaded in 2.10a already (07-04-2018,PS).
  • Set TidalLogs to False.
  • *When !Played.plxx is loaded from the Saved Playlists, no Coverart shows and the message shows : "General error in Local Coverart;  The path is not of a legal form.
  • *Selection for Show/Compare Tracks won't select the ones "in between" (select #1, select #6) and shift-click).
  • *For those situations where selecting from-to does work (see topic above), the first two selected are always the first ones appearing in the list (all those in between following them).
  • Pause does not Resume (but starts all over). This is since the "fast" shortcut commands.
  • *It still is so (since 2.08 I think) that VolumeForNoWallpaper.tst is needed for those who dont want to show Coverart and now have to use the old means of (slow) Volume Change.
  • *Due to the UpgradePatch mechanism, VolumeForNoWallpaper.tst can start to co-exist next to the VolumeForNoWallpaper.tss file (use made .tst of it. UpgradePatch adds .tss again). How to solve this ?
  • *The MQARate is not always obtained in the FLAC header. So better use the decoder for fallback when the MQARate is reported as "-".
  • Solve the fact that the Music Server PC can have HDCD/MQADecoding Off and thus the MQA album will never be registered as MQA ! Look for : 07-04-2018,PS, WATCH OUT !!!
  • The determination of MQA from the FLAC header was very buggy (solved in 2.10c).
  • *Solve the not mostly appearing of the Coverart when CP is used. For the latter see : ReturnDataTag("", "PC : "   -> Only Appointment Scheme 1-3 seems to work well with this. Internal changes in ChangeWP all don't help !
  • Deactivate the Analysis Context Menu item again. See (all ?) under 22-04-2018,PS.
  • Solve the AV detection and the Metering. Look under 04-05-2018.
  • *When we Click track 01 and then (Ctrl-)Shift-Click on track 07, the tracks in the middle are selected as well, but in the sequence 01-07-02-03-04-05-06 (CharlieMB). This is logic (to the program, but ...).
  • Create an intuitive text on the "CancelDummy" page after not selecting properly for Show/Compare Tracks. -> 02-02-2019,PS, The CancelDummy has been solved in the first place.
  • Crack Detect has been extended again (28-05-2018,PS).
  • Is Stealth II must be changed to Is Stealth II/III.
  • Cause that rightclick on Search for SrchTT does not immediately enumerates the TT contents (because I want to click on Search right after that to open the Search form). -> Click Search in there right away to achive the same as happened previously by default (enumerate all).
  • Preserve the "Sort" setting per Library (like Demo does not sort because it didn't the previous time, while Tidal does because it was used like that lastly). -> This is solved differently than what you'd think of it, but only the Search button itself can now cause the Sorting to be applied.
  • Selecting with RightClick in the Library Area goes wrong too often (since the "sequence" changes). 02-02-2019,PS, This is now solved for Show / Compare Tracks (is there more ?). See in X.CompareTracks under 02-02-2019,PS.
  • *It would be convenient if it would be possible to have a Search option "-" which excludes results.
  • *I think that a removed message "Not Authorized" now causes to see nothing happening when the Tidal Session expired.   -> I still suppose this is so but I can't incur for an expired session (as it seems - changing the data in TidalSession.dat remains all working ?).
  • There's a new option "Move to Streams Data Folder and go there". This is convenient when we right away want to add the Prepared album(s) to a Gallery. -> And when we came from there, we're also asked to go back there again.
  • Longer SFS'es won't play in Unattended any more. Attended seems to be fine. -> This is because the Balanced Load reset to 19 after an unsaved RAM Boot.
  • Create a Dynamic Range comparer.
  • The "random viewport" when a Gallery is selected (like [D]) does not work (well).
  • Play Tracks from Show/Compare tracks does not work any more.
  • Or ? click one track loads the whole album now while it should be one track only.
  • When such a track is clicked, the Playlist Area is not cleared for the version info (same problem as mentioned more above with DoubleClick a Library Item ?).
  • When in the Library Area a last Item is part of the selection, only one Item is selected. -> 02-02-2019,PS, I think this happened in Show / Compare Tracks only. See in X.CompareTracks under 02-02-2019,PS.
  • The DR Comparison abusively requires Tidal access and thus can not work on the Audio PC now. -> 02-02-2019,PS, I don't see this happening any more.
  • *In theory we can parallel process (in threads) the Volume Normalization. See for the code to put in the thread the code above : 22-07-2018,PS, Tag.
  • *It looks like the above becomes more apparent when we Normalize per track, because then the Volume Normalization regarding Flac to Wav conversion does not even go in parallel (?).
  • *Maybe 4 threads are dealt with only (in Parallel) for Normalize Volume.
  • *We must be able to "mark" a non-Tidal album just the same. -> We do this by means of Border Color. Finish this here : BorderColorToolStripMenuItem_Click.
  • *The Wallpaper Coverart is put out in advance of a buffer while it could be after it (??).
  • *Similarly but more importantly : Sound stops when the last buffer has been given, instead of after it has been played. See forum 04-08-2018 in reply to dsm (David).
  • The "Done" message can be removed when we select "Move to Tidal and go there" (similar).
  • Suppose we're in TT, have a selection in there by means of search text at the bottom, go to [M] twice to see the same, then we can't go back to TT without losing the contents (new since the last changes regarding this).
  • *Crack Detect trips with -0dBFS and (at least the) Custom Filter 352800 Low (see coliny http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=4050.msg43579#msg43579).
  • When we come back from TT (from go to Tidal and come back), the library contents is cleared and the Search criterion thus can't apply. Now we need to "search for all" in TT again.
  • *Maybe build in a message "Volume Normalize per Track is not active" when Dynamic Range comparison is started.
  • *Make something which finds the albums in Tidal of the Artist in a Collection album. So not show the albums already there *just by Tidal ID ?).
  • Make something to Remove an entry from New (which is always an Album). -> Just use Ctrl-Alt-R on it, after having it in a Gallery named e.g. New while it is played from this Gallery.
  • The Removal from a Gallery by means of Ctrl-Alt-R was buggy. Now it should work nicely. It now is also more clear to the user what is going to be removed.
  • Before going back to Tidal TT and after we just added a Gallery to our newly added Item(s) we may want to add another Gallery; now the question to go back does not appear any more.
  • *Make a short-cut for Touch Facilities On/Off ?
  • When we deleted something from (e.g.) the New Gallery, at a next startup of XXHighEnd the album - still available for (even) putting to the Playlist Area, can not be played any more (Covert Path is of an illegal form).
  • *Volume Normalization in the TT directory errors out.
  • What about a "New" Gallery (field in Settings) where all from Tidal goes to at first ?
  • When there's no sound device found, XXHighEnd gives a message about it (starting Unattended) and next quits anyway.
  • *Allow giving albums your own color (edge) ?
  • Maybe remove the "Done" message when we remove something from the "New" Gallery (Unattended, Cmd-2 - Ctrl-Alt-R).
  • Remove the "Done" message when we choose "Move to Tidal Streams folder and go there".
  • *When a (Demo etc.) Gallery is set to Sort, various "accesses" exist that disobey this setting. The collection is still (as) limited, but the sorting does not happen.
  • *Quitting two subsequent XXHighEnd instances right after each other, will lock the Preset Files to cope, from each other. This means clicking away the message about it, X times.
  • Make something for revisiting a just removed album from New (thus, play, remove from New, obtain in Demo).
  • Allow the Remove from New in Attended. Basically this is the Ctrl-Alt-R option but possibly not easy because of track vs album. -> This can easily be done with Remove Gallery Selection from this Gallery.
  • Make an easy selection on the tablet from Gallery Folders (thus not normal Explorer). -> Can be done by means of buttons now.
  • *When tracks are searched for in Tidal, in the XX folder (still) all the {xxxx} sub folders appear. -> 02-02-2019,PS, Whatever I try, I can not repeat this behavior. Happened last time at 25-11-2018 (or thereabout). Should be related to MQA because the directories created {nnnnnn} imply that.
  • We now have the theoretical possibility to select more than one Gallery to obtain Items in. -> This can be done because we leave the selection screen be, so you can press more subsequent buttons.
  • Selecting a new Shortcut Button with a search text in the search field, still does not randomize the Library Area.
  • Solve this : 24-11-2018,PS, Watch out : The below is wrong because it looks for a Drive X: -> In aftermath I don't think this was a real problem.
  • *Make a "New" (Folder) button on the "buttons" Explorer form.
  • Feed the Color Picker with the current colors of the button you're on.
  • No Sound Device found still ends up in XXHighEnd quitting.
  • *Make a sequence "Download this album" which originates from a Playlist.
  • *Make something which can download an album, initiated by the Audio PC (but downloaded by the Music Server PC).
  • Don't switch off the LAN when a remote command is performed with XXHighEnd normally Up. -> 08-12-2018,PS, Solved under this date, but not tested.
  • A from a Gallery just deleted Item (again) brings still anomalies with the Coverart (like with the New Gallery).
  • Select back the GallerySelect form after "Done" from adding to a Gallery.
  • Applying the Random view of the Gallery is *not* convenient when I just selected an Item for playback, continue Unattended anyway, and then later come back to quickly load that Item after all. I have used this a 100 times, and now I can't any more ...
  •   -> No, that is not the cause. It is rather that the last clicked album is not saved any more. And something like that from a recent change I recall (best choise of evil).
  • Running Time Bar is overwritten by the Coverart refresh which always occurs later than the Time Bar initialization.
  • Is preselecting the next Playlist Content still working ? I wonder - I may have just eliminated that myself (see one but last topic above). -> It wasn't really, but now is again.
  • Maybe allow for this as well : Check out this artist in TIDAL: J. Karjalainen & Mustat Lasit http://tidal.com/artist/56927 -> A bit nonsense because searching for the Artist (which apparently is mentioned) just works as well.
  • Try to solve this about the No Sound Device message : 02-12-2018,PS, WATCH OUT : But we can just press Stop -> Made the XXHighEnd form show normally (no opacity). Now click away the error message.
  • Time(Bar) issues of it being updated way too slow with a too large Q1 x xQ1 are solved now (update is as slow but data is correct - also see the gaps between the bars for the TimeBar).
  • Maybe eliminate the annoying message about the Time being updated too slow because of the too large buffer ?
  • Turn the Explorer Button into calling the GallerySelect form (Button Explorer), and add a RightClick for a call to the normal Explorer.
  • *Enumerate the Button Explorer up to tracks. And select them for Play as well (?).
  • *When the Button Explorer is used, the contents of the Library Area (after using a button) tries to show the record number of the previous Item in view (and often ends at the bottom of the list with it because of the larger record number in the previous contents.
  • By standard, sort the New Gallery.
  • We really need a hopping to an other structure for the Button Explorer (like for obtaining newly Prepared Streams from Tidal in a Gallery).
  • Remove from Gallery (like rom New) let remain the Coverart at the higher level (probably only with \Streams hence Tidal).
  • It is possible to delete an original album from the Tidal directory (!!!). This goes by Other Gallery Functions - Remove from this Gallery.
  • I think the removal of Nice Stuff and Demo by remote is prohibited. But this is not convenient and should go my means of en extra question (Sure ?). -> Can't find this any more ...
  • *So this in GallerySelect.vb : also work for a URI path ? TEST THIS !!!
  • *Besides the early-stop at the end of the Playlist is related to Alt-N, Alt-N itself plays the wrong last/first buffer (seems more "always" than a chance of 50%).
  • DoubleClick to load Album from Library Area doesn't always activate the Playlist Area any more (probably since latest change 1-2 weeks ago). -> 17-03-2019,PS, I actually never saw this any more in many weeks of time.
  • Change the volume with the slider when XXHighend is up from Unattended, produces an error and playback stops (this is since volume (of the playback) is not allowed to change in this situation).
  • -> 05-01-2019,PS, No, I can't copy this behavior. But also : volume just still changes. -> A (white) text appears at the bottom, telling that no VolChange will happen while Unattended Playback commencing.
  • *Playback won't work for the SFS of e.g. 0.19 and the larger Q1 values (like larger than 30x1 IIRC).
  • Change the sequence of Stopping the playback buffers and the startup of XXHighEnd, at the end of a playlist (Unattended). See line 58580 in XXEngine3.
  • XXHighEnd is now brought up at Format Change (Unattended Playback).
  • The above is solved but it looks like all is stalled until the loop of concern has been passed (so Format Change takes long now).
  • *Try once again to make KS Special Mode work ?
  • When XXHighEnd is now auto-started at the end of Playback, the Play button remains engaged. See under 30-12-2018 in XXEngine3.
  • Similar to the above, when XXHighEnd has been brought up from Unattended, but underway playback stops, Stop on XXHighEnd is automatically performed and all resets to normal status.
  • The running time starts at twice the value (or sth) after a Pause was implied in XXHighEnd.
  • Maybe solve the Pause not working any more, finally.
  • The 1 minute Skip works again. But only in (old) slow fahsion. See below for fast.
  • Implement the 1 minute skip foward in the "fast fashion". -> This may work all right now. But see topic below.
  • With the Skip of 1 minute the running time in XXEngine3 stalls. For the life of me I can't get it going again. With a new track it auto-resets.
  • *With the Skip of 1 minute the running time on XXHighEnd just keeps on running. This is bound to go wrong because that timer triggers the loading of the next track.
  • Pause too, works again. Notice though that the internal XXEngine3 running time skips to a point as if Pause did mnog happen.
  • Implement the quick Play after Pause.
  • The Engine3 Led now automatically goes off when XXEngine3.exe is killed from external, and it goes Red when Playback is commencing. Blue is when XXEngine3 is running.
  • *When in XXOSK using the [X] and then answer No (don't exit), there's an error about "}" not being a legal key. Notice this was (long ago) meant to show/refresh the Wallpaper.
  • When pressing Play when Playback is going on (XXHighEnd brought up from Unattended), the new Auto-Stop mechanism may stop playback right away and nothing starts/plays.
  • *When searching Tidal with * in the Album Title, all what *not* complies is stored anyway (but not shown at first). OR is this convenient ?!? See Embedded Explorer ...
  • The "Move Selection to Gallery" function (RightClick on a Library Item" is unclear for this text. -> Make it "Move Selection from This Gallery to Gallery" or something like that.
  • Put the said function above to "More Gallery Functions".
  • *Compare Dynamic Range does not really make sense when done at the Album Level. So better activate "Per Track" (Normalization) under the hood.
  • Let Alt-L (Next Album) work in the fast means.
  • Maybe it takes an extra notice in the Release Notes that the Playlist Area can now be filled during Unattended when XXHighEnd is brought up. Later this now appears to be still there.
  •   -> This is what I have been attempted for many times over the years and what now suddenly accidentally works.
  • I recall there is something with the XXFlt files to deal with, next to the XXDat files whuch *are* dealt with. And this in relation to the IIRC (Quick) Pause - Play. -> Done in XXHERemote.
  • Again the Remove from Gallery does not work out, this time because everything (?) receives the "Original can not be found" message. So that is overdoing it now ... Btw Deletion works all right at "pressing through", but we don't want it like that.
  • Ctlr-Alt-X can stop fast like Alt-S but will be slow at starting XXHighEnd. Now stop is also slow and this is unnecessary.
  • *The checking for the Alt-L album does not take into account that the path may end at \Streams\[TrackName] but I am not even sure this matters really.
  • There's some slight problem with "refreshing" the New gallery, I think once the items are stored in the file because of so many and faster retrieval. Only explicit Search helps, but who understands that (using Double Click in the search field, always). See RightClick on Search button. This can also conveniently be used for eliminated "X" (deleted) Items.
  • It looks like that obtaining a new Library contents by means of the Button Explorer, ... no ... ???, well, *something* does not write back in the Library File. This could be about everything but explicit Search (while now more means of that exist).
  • *I Suppose we now can let work the Ctrl-Alt-L (next Playlist) by means of just loading the new tracks when we quit XXHighEnd. Notice that the tracks are already saved automatically, so all what is needed is "add them".
  •   -> I'd say that Ctrl-Alt-L must remain, because *that* is necessary when we clear the Playlist Area first (but which can be avoided by means of the above).
  • Make an option so that scrolling through the Library Area continuously shows the Coverart (as how it ever back was (more slow)). -> Done something. But does it satisfy ? 10-02-2019,PS, Yes, done.
  • Remove log entries under 09-02-2019,PS, related to Scrolling.
  • CoverartPath still wrong/missing (?) when we remove from New. This time I did Ctlr-Alt-L to let it go wrong. -> 19-02-2019,PS, See in StoreCoverArtLocally for the extra Log Entry (under this date). -> Notice that I resolved the occurrence of the problem by eliminating the message about it (Coverart won't show and nothing else seems to go wrong really).
  • When we go back and forth between Library Area and Playlist Area and scroll in the Library Area (regardless the means), we arrive back at the original point of entry.
  • Refresh Current Local takes into account the text filled in txtLibrarySearch.text. This is not what we'd want.
  • ListviewLibrary Items may show incomplete. This is because it requires a refresh (which we don't want to use). -> Click on Scrollblock.
  • The Refresh Current Local is also needed for the Tidal folder (but actually all which is not a Gallery ? this is e.g. for Renaming or Deleting, etc.).
  • *Activate "Boost" from within XXOSK. -> This seems too much of it (too many routines from XXHighEnd needed, but see under 19-02-2019,PS in XXOSK). However, the routine in TweakData was moved up (will help hardly).
  • Maybe there's too many "missing pictures" now with the new means of scrolling. See here for the a solution for the first Item missing (invisible) : '21-02-2019,PS, I want to cause as few flicker as possible -> What about a timer which implies only a one last time flicker ?
  • It is almost sure that when you end with (the new) Pause, bring up XXHighEnd from Unattended, start a new playlist (thus click Play from there), the first buffer plays as static. So something needs to reset there (this was not thought of at all).
  • It has to be possible to adjust the number of cores used with a reboot and System Configuration (MSConfig) !! -> SET BIOS TO "ALL" !!!
  • Solve stuff regarding the Reset when in Pause Mode as found under 10-03-2019,PS in XXEngine3, XXHERemote and XXHighEnd-Play. Notice the XXDat0000.dat being allocated and more strange stuff on the Dev machine. 17-03-2019,PS, WE MUST REALLY TAKE CARE THAT THIS WILL BE SOLVED !!
  • So booting into a number of Cores now works, but this can't directly go from RAM-boot to RAM-boot. And this would be mighty convenient ... -> Done.
  • Allow for booting into a not formally supported number of Cores, hence, round the choice down to what *is* supported.
  • In Boot.vb solve this nicely : 12-03-2019,PS, If True for more easy Testing. -> Also at the bottom in there.
  • 13-03-2019,PS, Something strange just happened. Not sure how harmful this is. Look here in Boot.vb : 13-03-2019,PS, WATCH OUT : Something strange just happened -> 17-03-2019,PS, This was about starting a wrong VS version with older project data.
  •   Regarding the above, this is in an email from PlexityHide as code which must be in the application somewhere (can't find it -> this is in Graph.vb Form1_Load) : gantt1.RegisterRuntimeKey("340918C208FFDEE7D7DFC4F84E351FA7" , "CSGTPNET30136" );
  •   22-06-2019,PS, I removed Graph.vb from the project and also see this, which I commented out : Graph.Visible = True
  • Must still do something about the refreshing of the Library Area (Timer).
  • Must imply FormatChange for after Pause in Unattended and Play in Attended. This should already be so because btnStop is being called but still there is static (2nd buffer, one time). Test with 44.1 after MQA 96. -> Tested and looks to be OK now.
  • Check for Stop in XXHERemote in relation to the Ending State of Pause. -> OK.
  • When we click on Pause after XXHighEnd has been brought up from Unattended, this right away is deactivated because of the Delegate thing : Dim XXEngine3LedThread As New Threading.Thread(Sub()
  • Physical Deletion of albums is not checked any more against being obtained in Demo, NiceStuff or Show (this is actually due to some unsolveable bug - see in DeleteItem.vb under 24-03-2019,PS).
  • Make large borders of XXHighEnd flat-looking.
  • *In the CoverArt pane, the color of the album type (WAV, FLAC, MP3) is not shown.
  • In the CoverArt pane, the Album Titels are not right any more (all duplicates). -> But something incurs for this ?? (not easy to mimic).
  • The New Gallery must be rebuild by standard.
  • *Clicking at the up- and down-arrow scrollbar buttons (Library Area) requires a Refresh of the contents.
  • *Make something more obvious for Tidal Search (the RightClick on Search is too far away hidden).
  • Select Scrollable area when the mouse hovers it (this is standard these days, like in browsers).
  •    This is done for Embedded Explorer, Playlist Area, Library Area, Settings Area, HelpArea, Coverart Pane, all the TrackBars (like Volume Slider) in the main screen, the Tracks Compare Grids. And NOT the Tab buttons.
  • Invisibility is set at -2000, but today's monitors (like mine) go beyond that width (like 2640) ...
  • Compare Tracks (and more ?) from the Coverart Pane does not work OK; Is seems that the current selection of the *Library Area* is taken for the base of it.
  • When the above is solved anyway, it would be cool if we could Compare Tracks between what we see in the right pane with what's in the middle pane (for example, compare what we have with what Tidal provides).
  •    See here for finishing the above :
  • 07-06-2019,PS, Tag.
  • *Make a Tidal Logout.
  • *Maybe make something like a Remove fron New Y/N when leaving the album selected from New.
  • There's suddenly something amiss with Tidal Search on Artist Name, which now requires an * always. -> Tidal changed something. But solved.
  • Add a (decent) scrollbar to the TracksCompare form.
  • *Maybe make it possible to delete grids from the TracksCompare form so that new can be added to it.
  • When an album in the right pane is an un-enumerated Tidal album, this can't work. So better prevent that. -> It just works now after everything else was set correctly.
  • Because the Coverart Pane now obtains from OriginalLocation, all the disks must wake up for it. This  can be smarter because the recent changes about this was about the Album Title (the Coverart was OK and it is this what now retrieves from Original Location).
  • Can the CompareTracks grids have a background picture (CoverArt) ? -> Done. A LOT of trialling, but done.
  • *Make support for Server 2019. -> Done, but has to be tested.
  • Install PhotoViewer.exe or whatever from W10 latest version. -> Too difficult or impossible. It has to be part of Windows or else a no-go. Also and maybe mainly : The original receives a Class not registered. So it is not even about not being present, it is MinOS ...
  • Make all buttons flat in all forms. -> Only for the self-made Checkbutton (see Class in OtherClasses) this did not succeed 100% because of the too thick whire border around the button.
  • Maybe make the Power led Yellow when Engine3 is in Paused state.
  • *An album which we put *ourselves* in New, can not be removed with Ctrl-Alt-R (probably related to not being Tidal). Conversion DBNull to type String not valid. -> By now I forgot why, but it is too difficult to make this work and I gave up on it.
  •   -> This is when TrackNumbers have to be added. The data in CVTemp becomes "G:\etc." from it and this already starts in TrackTable. In over 3 hours I could not tweak this. Look here in AddTRackNumbersToTracks :
  • 23-06-2019,PS, OK, SO FOR NOW THIS DOES NOT WORK :
  • *When an error occurs like "Could not remove this album from gallery" (or sth) "or something else is wrong", we return but after that the Form position is reset to 0.0.
  • Alt-S does not stop the (new) Pause mode.
  • *When a track (the selected one) is the Playlist Area of which the original source by now is disconnected (could be a USB disk) then XXHighEnd won't get visible. This requires !CurrentlyPlaying.PLXX to be deleted.
  • *Add "Snap" functionality.
  • *Can't we really make a "back" button (back to previous Library Area contents) ?
  • *Maybe give Alt-E a "Pause" color, when in order ?
  • *Delete Original Files from Disk does not work (done from within the New Gallery - see Dead Kennedys).
  • *Coverart FLAC of Richard :  (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3337.msg44356#msg44356).
  • I show some red debug text somewhere, with numbers. This happened (at least once) when I did shift-click scroll or something. It is the lblLarge (or whatever) at the bottom. -> Scrollwheel over Library Area.
  • *Make a Select All for the Library Area.
  • Show Main Coverart in the Right Pane : Clear Right Pane and Go (instead of Clear only).
  • *Ctrl-Alt-X quits playback immediately. Alt-E does not at all.
  • *I have been trying to find the culprit at the wrong buffer playing. See here in XXEngine for log data showing the wrong sequences : // 06-10-2019,PS, For Test. Remove when done.
  •   See for the log data here : // 06-10-2019,PS, When the above is deactivated OR stays, we get this for log data regardless :
  • *The other day I wondered what happened to the Max Level data per track (the same for the whole album). This prooves that this has been OK (Roberta Flack examples) : https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/46235-16-bit-files-almost-unlistenable-now/?do=findComment&comment=847729
  • *Take over the search text from the (bottom of) the main screen to the Search screen ?
  • *Can't we make a button "Show all I have from this currently playing Artist" ?, maybe even from within Unattended Playback ?
  • *Not possible to preserve a list of last used commands ?
  • *Scroll wheel now doesn't work anywhere any more ?
  • *Make a Search for Same Artist, and eliminate based on the Tidal ID. Just one click (after the search in the Main Gallery has been done).
  • Change "when Unattended Playback commences" into "when playback is on-going" (volume change after bringing up XXHighEnd from Unattended).
  • Fill the Search Artist field with what's in the Searchbox (at the bottom) when we change from normal to Tital TT search (assumed we first searched in the main Gallery) for the Artist and show that in the right pane.
  • Could be the same thing as above : clear the search field *first*, so that it automatically will fill with the Artist (this happens already when the field is empty).
  • Don't ask for the confirmation of the removal of the Ctrl-R Gallery, because it thus far *always* works out OK. -> No, I don't dare to do this; Too bad for myself and the ever confirmation.
  • *Show the Tidal Result only for albums not already "prepared" (hence present).
  •   Look in OtherClasses for this text (I did not check for the appropriate place for real !) and solve it : 29-03-2020,PS, Add here the code which looks in the main C{{}}Galleries}}.LBRY file
  • *What about RightClick on an album and apply a Tidal-Search from there. Combine this with only showing not-present albums. Also combine with auto-using the Right Pane ?
  •   Notice that somehow you always (want to) start in Tidal and next hold the results against your Library.
  •   -> Aha, this already can be done ! But what's needed is that Search Local switches to the Main Gallery ! So, is has been so till 2016. Nos reinstated.
  • *Why exactly still Search for Tidal in the non-TT area ? This is just not compliant any more (?).
  • The filling of the Search Form has been largely improved on intuitive usage; clicking in the fields usually is sufficient to do what you want. This combines with the Search field in XXHighEnd.
  • *The timed "stop" after Unattendedmay stop a pending Volume Normalize etc. (it just uses the Click on Stop which kills all threads).
  • *Finish the new Search Buttons.
  • *See in the logfiles "XX-20200329-185644SubDirError.log" and a newer one. This one created Tidal {} numbers for main directory (for Suns of Arqa and in the end also PhuturePrimitive) in the L:\PSPlayer4\ main directory. Eventually a Restart of XXHighEnd helped. This old (suddenly emerging) problem never has been solved so far.
  • *We can remove a Track from a Gallery all right, but this is only from a Track which was explicitly obtained in that Gallery. So removal from an "album" (in the midst of more tracks of that) is not possible - but desired !

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: charliemb on April 01, 2020, 08:39:00 pm
Awesome.  Thanks Peter.

I've been checking weekly for this for a long time. 

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: Robert on April 01, 2020, 08:45:29 pm
Hi Peter,

Sad its the end of updates its been an exciting ride at times. Thanks for all the effort above the call of duty at times.


Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: Michael_B on April 02, 2020, 02:35:26 am
Hi Peter,

Tonight I tried to download the 2.11 update patch but I can't reach the link you posted. Tried on 2 PC's with the same result.


Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: Michael_B on April 02, 2020, 12:15:57 pm
I finally succeeded in downloading the Upgrade file. I don't know what was the culprit as even with both Bitdefender and Windows Firewall disabled it wasn't working. This morning with Bitdefender and the Windows Firewall working the download worked.


Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: PeterSt on April 02, 2020, 05:12:31 pm
Awesome.  Thanks Peter.

I've been checking weekly for this for a long time. 

Thank you Charlie. It is very nice to hold on.

Kind regards,

PS: I'd hope you can put your "No Joy" in a separate topic. From there we can try to deal with it. OK ? thank you !
Edit : Of course I could do this myself. So I just did ...

Kind regards,

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: PeterSt on April 02, 2020, 05:17:04 pm
Hi Peter,

Sad its the end of updates its been an exciting ride at times. Thanks for all the effort above the call of duty at times.


Yes, that is how I put it eh ?

But the Call of Duty is merely about these days, people being stuck in there homes, me myself being busy as never before, just not being able to write the Release Notes. And as you can see, it would have taken a lot of time - this time just is not there; I kept on changing the program, however. Last thing I was working on (also see the bottom of the Todo) was a more quick access to the Search means. But instead of finishing that and continue with a next topic popping up on the fly, I undid those changes temporarily and threw out the upgrade. And on April first.

Robert, you have been the one most looking and asking for the new version. So I thank you foremost. Can't be farther away from where I am, but feels quite close.


Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: Jack on April 02, 2020, 05:29:06 pm
What exactly do you mean by 'The last version' Have you decided to retire on the vast sums of money you've made from us all :)
Thanks for the music links BTW. I've tried ambient before but it's always been a bit too 'ambient' some of this has bite!
Grateful Jack

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: PeterSt on April 02, 2020, 05:59:14 pm

Semantic games ...

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: Jack on April 02, 2020, 06:00:03 pm

Title: Re: The last XXHighEnd version (2.11)
Post by: PeterSt on April 04, 2020, 06:04:06 am
Dear All,

It appears that it is relatively easy for people to make choke a previously  perfectly working XXHighEnd environment. This may be caused by a lack of experience in upgrading, or by not remembering what - and what not to do because it has been a (too) long time ago by now.
Do not upgrade if you don't have a proven working backup, because it is not my idea of spending 100% of my time on helping people who do not have such a backup, or who try to avoid restoring that backup and try to be safe by means of asking questions "what to do next" instead.
People with the RAM-OS environment should have a self-made recent copy of the active "MyW10-xxxx" file  (also see here (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3480.0)).

Thanks, and please remember : it will be worthwhile.