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Title: ET^3 network cable
Post by: arvind on November 18, 2020, 03:08:45 pm
Hi Peter,

My set up is as follows:
The audio pc, music server & NAS (music files) are all 3 connected by Ethernet cable to a Gigabit switch.

Which Ethernet cable would be most beneficial to convert to ET^3 or ET^2 cable to enhance SQ.

Best regards,


Title: Re: ET^3 network cable
Post by: PeterSt on November 18, 2020, 05:20:12 pm

Hi there Arvind,

As you may recall (?) connecting the Audio PC to the switch is not a good idea for SQ at all (Audio PC should directly connect to Music Server PC). So there it actually starts.

Next, all I can really tell that the happy few who own *and* an ET^2 *and an ET^3 like the ET^3 for the better. But point here is : How is it used. And this is so different for everybody.

I use an ET^2 between the Mach III and the Music Server PC. It helps SQ greatly (as usual it beats me why). I never granted myself an ET^3, so about the difference in that place I can not tell.
I have a normal 1$ cable between the Music Server PC and the switch, because I don't think it can matter. Bbbut ... there ever back was a time that I did not believe in $$$ USB cables as well. And look what came from that.

So all I can give you for an honest answer is that the ET^ surely helps between Audio PC and Music Server PC. That's all.
I tend to add that the ET^3 should sound better again, because it plainly *is* better (more shielding again and otherwise more configuration possibilities.

Hopefully this helps you a little ?
Kind regards,