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Title: Power cord for Orelo
Post by: arvind on March 02, 2021, 05:59:57 pm
Hi Peter,

Having heard such amazing improvement in SQ with various cables, do you think a better power cord would be a good investment for the Orelo?

Best regards,


Title: Re: Power cord for Orelo
Post by: PeterSt on March 03, 2021, 09:07:03 am

Arvind, ... well ...

Only last week I promised an other customer that I would start working on a power cable. I wanted to start sorting that out last weekend, but all sorts of things came in between.

What I intend anyway, is creating/"designing" the best possible theory, make x cords of in total xx meters for myself, and then apply them everywhere where it is relevant. I mean, I feel that using them for one component only, would be a too simple test.

If my theory fails, we will have made them all for nothing. But that's life.
N.b.: For the Lush^1 it also required IIRC 5 versions before it worked. But that was only one cable ...

The power cord will be based on the sheer fact that "the last meter" makes all the difference in the world because there too it will be about (self-)radiation. So the first 20m to the wall outlet does not suffer from that. And this will justify the "boutique" power cord.
Took me more than 10 years before I started believing in it, WHILE prior to my Phasure life I simply used boutique cables (made by myself). But this was in another house and with an older system (all different components from what I have now).

FWI, the final test will be working other way around;
I may replace the new power cord of the Audio PC with the stock one and see if that makes a difference. Next, put it back, and do the same with the DAC. ... and there are a few more components ...

Thank you for asking and I hope something will come from this soon !

Title: Re: Power cord for Orelo
Post by: arvind on March 03, 2021, 10:45:05 am
Hi Peter,

Nice to hear that you’re already thinking on this line. Wish you success in your research.

Best regards,