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Title: Channel balance
Post by: Shreekant Somany on November 06, 2021, 08:58:55 am
Hi Peter,
On my system there is a slight difference in the balance. The left channel is a bit louder than the right. The bias readings on the DAC are 14.3 and 12.7 could this difference cause the imbalance. If so is there a way to correct it.

Title: Re: Channel balance
Post by: PeterSt on November 06, 2021, 09:43:00 am
Hi Shreekant,

No, those numbers are totally unrelated to the channel balance.
Also, XXHighEnd does not have any means to change the balance.

The NOS1 is always checked for having the same output level at 2 decimals of a dB. Thus (at full scale) -2.071 and -2.076 dBFS are considered to be OK. There is no calibration possible at that level and the DAC chips as well as the gain stage in there, are just always fine that we could see (read : we never exchange ships or the gan stage (elements) when something is wrong. The only situation when something is wrong, is when something is not connected at all. And then the difference will be 3dB right away and we will see that.

All in other words : it is your amplifier or your ears. And don't underestimate the latter. If one of my ears is slightly off (which happens quite often in my situation) then this shows as channel imbalance. This can happen (obviously) with incorrect low frequency rendering (of my ears, that is) but even more easily with high frequency problems (and this can happen very easily, also with you).

Kind regards,

Title: Re: Channel balance
Post by: Tore on November 06, 2021, 09:35:16 pm
Hi Shreekant

I have the same in my room, left channel is a bit loader than the right.

I think it is because of my room