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Title: Windows 11 ?
Post by: PeterSt on December 27, 2021, 11:04:20 am
Dear All,

The newer users of XXHighEnd among you, may expect XXHighEnd to be compatible with Windows 11. The mere longer term users, will kind of "know" that this is virtually impossible. And I myself tell you it is impossible. At least at this moment.

Many will know the enormous hoopla involved to get a decently sounding XXHighEnd version for Windows 10, with all the so many "upgrades" involved starting with Vista, then W7 (with or without service pack 1), Windows 8 which only wanted to sound OK-ish after a year of working hard (with all of us), skipping W8.1 all together, to eventually end up with something like W10-10074, that several years later ending up in the great sounding W10-14393-0.

And today, again several years later, nothing changed to that. Also, in itself nothing is wrong with that, weren't it that people start to obtain W11 automatically (at getting a new PC/laptop, or even the system performing the upgrade from W10 to W11 automatically), but that does not mean that anything still works. Actually, nothing works much any more and I can't do much about it. Sure, I could dive into XXHighEnd for another 6 months, with a high probability of nothing sounding right, like the later W10 versions already did not. And you know what ? I can't waste my time on this.

The psychological problem ? -> all sounds more than superb today so there is no need.

The need as such thus springs from people obtaining incompatible operating systems, and well, they shouldn't. Not if they want a best sounding system. For that, you should just stick to your good old 14393.0 and preserve the system for audio, as already always was the intention.

But newcomers won't grasp that automatically.

What needs to happen is easy to explain :
- Get yourself 14393.0 (you can get that from me if needed).
Now you can do all what XXHighEnd was made for, which includes Minimizing the OS once you obtained an Activation Code. This also includes no destroyed OS when you attempt to go to MinOS with anything newer than 14393.0.

N.b.: I wrote this post so people won't waste their time on installing XXHighEnd in a chanceless environment.

Best regards !

Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: Tore on February 20, 2022, 12:14:05 pm
Hi Peter!

My first XXHighEnd PC has stopped working. (Music PC)
My new music PC wants to upgrade to Windows 11.
Do you think that is a problem for XX ?  I only use it to download from Tidal.


Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: PeterSt on February 21, 2022, 05:21:01 pm

Hello Tore,

On the back of my mind I have a message from someone who told that XXHighEnd did not want to start under W11 at all. But I am not sure !

All my PC's don't want to upgrade to W11 and it is high time that I start to tweak one so I can try some things myself. But it needs time ...

Can't you just try it ? I understand that at this moment that PC is worthless anyway, right ?

Kind regards,

Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: Tore on February 21, 2022, 05:34:57 pm
Peter, the first PC i bought from you is dead.
The new one is asking for W11  :smile:


Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: PeterSt on February 21, 2022, 05:39:36 pm

Ah ...
OK, wait ... I *do* have one other (new) laptop in the house with W11 on it. I can / will try that one !
(not for MinOS)

Will let you know the soonest !

Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: Tore on February 21, 2022, 05:45:05 pm

Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: PeterSt on February 21, 2022, 06:09:13 pm

It runs all right !
A few remarks from what I just experienced :

1. Download and Install of the required Dot-net 3.5 goes automatically.

2. After that, re-start XXHighEnd, BUT use rightclick - Start as Administrator.

3. I also tried to start it without that (#2), and I don't know which anomalies during the start procedure were caused by that, but if you keep on working with Start as Administrator, then eventually all behaves normally.

4. Don't be confused by the possible messages about the script of AutoHotkey (see #3), but do notice that I killed AutoHotKey from memory (Exit at the green H icon) because else it would not work any more (again, see #3).

Now it keeps on starting normally (but As Administrator !). Without being activated of course, but I guess that will work normally.

For others : Please never attempt to go to MinOS with an XXHighEnd version running on W11 because it will fail by (almost) guarantee and you will probably lose the OS (can't get back to Normal OS any more). So this is ONLY for people who want to upgrade their Music Server PC (not the Audio Playing PC), *or* those who use XXHighEnd outside of MinOS for other reasons (these people exists).

Kind regards,

Title: Re: Windows 11 ?
Post by: Tore on February 22, 2022, 10:48:36 am
Working here too  :smile: