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Title: How to deal with this board / how to upgrade
Post by: PeterSt on May 25, 2007, 01:37:37 pm
This board is all about downloading and installing XXHighEnd. To keep it clean, it's read only. You can say as much as you want though, in each of the other boards.

Just because it is important, first there's How to upgrade :

Always have a main "XXHighEnd" folder with under that a subfolder per XX version. In there you put the download (RAR) and in there you unzip that.
Edit June 2016 : From of version 2.06, with each upgrade we alo provide an UpgradePatch .rar file. This can not be installed on its own; it has to be pasted (unpacked) over the last official version (which is allowed to be a version which had an (or serveral) UpgradePatch version(s) applied). Obviously, when you apply Upgrade Patches you can not compare the old version subject to the Upgrade Patch, with the new version (also see more below). And, if you want to "revert" to the old version, you'd need to (download and) reinstall that.
Upgrade Patches are useful to those who are afraid to lose their Actvation; this is virtually impossible to happen with the Upgrade Patches.

What you see in the board you're navigating in currently, is that - generally - each of the non-sticky topics contains a version of XXHighEnd. The oldest version is at the bottom, the latest at the top. Unless an older version can really harm somehow, it will keep on being availailable for later reference when needed.
No real install is performed, and each version is selfcontained in its own folder (to be put whereever you like it). This implies you can indeed fall back to an older version if you want. Btw, since XXHighEnd is about playback quality as its main objective, the quality will change over time (with the intention of better obviously), but because it will always be my own judgement at first, I just could be wrong at it, and it will be all of you together who really make the judgement. Besides that, the quality can change unintentionally (happened quite a few times already), and at the cause of the new version, it may have slipped slipped my attention.

Obviously we all have different equipment, so many situations exist which respond differently to XX from the one to the other (never mind this for now, but you will learn throughout the process and this forum what this is - or can be about); From my responses and the origine of the player, I can only tell that my own situation is just the best I could find for audible quality (through my ears). Because of that we all might bump into situations like with two persons, the one saying "with me it sounds worse" and the other "with me it sounds better". So far, throughout the process of development and in 100% of cases, this has always been explainable, if it were only for *me* just wanting to explain whatever it is. I intend to keep on doing that, with the objective of improvement over and over, or, in the mean time implicitly indicating where elements of the equipment can go wrong in the situation it turns out that it's not XX causing the anomaly.

I will never tell you what sounds better in your situation, but I *will* tell that (and when) a specific XX version *is* better. In the case that you don't hear the difference, during that time please trust my opinion on it. It will just urge you to find the differences. In the end it is a process we all already know about : learning to listen.
If I tell "a" difference is audible within a second, I mean that, or otherwise I wouldn't say it. You could blindfold me and test it. But ... this is not about me, but about the player, and there are too many people already who agree with this.

So that's why in this board (about) all versions keep on being available, and that's why I intend to keep track of decent releasenotes in order to point out later where things (which might be very delicate) went wrong (right now, June 27, 2007 you won't see much of it, because since this forum exists I've not been working on quality aspects at all).

I will keep track of both the current issues as well as the solution to them, and in addition of course the enhancements;
When I think it is needed, I will put an absolute list of it all in one of the Releasenote Topics. For you this implies that you can look down from the top for such an absolute list, and then crawl up if you want to know all the changes since then.