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Title: One subject/issue per Topic please !
Post by: PeterSt on June 22, 2007, 09:14:55 am
Hi there all,

As you probably have noticed, I regularly split an embedded subject from a Topic into a new Topic. For me this is kind of necessary in order to keep track of outstanding stuff. Also, please notice that today we are with a relatively small community here, but I can expect that to be larger once we are more explicitly expressing XXHighEnd exists (which could happen, say, tomorrow :)).

This also implies that when you find more issues at the same time in a new version, you should please make a separate Topic for each of them. The only thing you then have to do is make the Topic Title as self explanatory as possible in order to easily find it back. For me it also helps that an issue (etc.) is associated with a poster's name, which woul be automatically arranged for then.

Of course in the end it would be more comfortable for all of us, because it's then very easy to see if "your issue" was already posted, and you could add your "I have this too !" easily then.

Thank you !

Title: Re: One subject/issue per Topic please !
Post by: PeterSt on September 05, 2009, 09:05:40 am
Here is a small reminder about this. Lately it got common to mention everything and all under a "0.9y-x etc. feedback" topic, and while it could be even handy for myself at times, I sure don't think it can be for yourselves. I mean, if you have a problem and stuff that into this one large topic, why do you (then !) need to read it again and again when someone has added something to it ? So it's really not the best idea, I think.

And don't forget to have a descriptive title !

Thanks all.