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1  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 2.09 sound quality on: November 16, 2017, 07:12:33 pm
When I was writing my last report here Nov. 14th, I had my equipment running continously for 8 days.
The next day I rebooted the audio PC and switched the NOS1-a off and on with an interesting effect: The too hard, a bit annoying basses in some tracks were gone. SQ was well balanced over the complete frequency spectrum. There wasn't this kind of too much dynamics in the sound any more.
So, probably I had kind of low level distortion after running the systems for 8 days, what I could realise well in a few tracks only. I dont't know if it was something like Peter is describing above. For sure it was on a pretty low level and therefore a bit hard to dedect. And I changed the Q parameters a lot during these 8 days and therefore believed that this caused all the changes of SQ.

I had only time 2 or 3 hours to listen then and I don't know if it's the rebooting of the audio PC or the switching off/on of the NOS1-a what brought this positive effect or maybe both.
I will do some more investigation on this when I will be back home next week.

Kind regards
2  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Burst of noise on: November 14, 2017, 07:28:07 pm
Peter, yes, it was the blocked file problem. It's working now (version X1). I could have known that myself.

Yes, I am using the "End" button pretty often. I will avoid it now and see if burst of noise still happens.

Kind regards
3  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Burst of noise on: November 14, 2017, 06:00:39 pm
Peter, I now downloaded XXEngine3-209-X1.rar.
After I had copied this new XXEngine3 exe, in XXHE the output device is not found any more. Under setup this field then is empty and there is nothing to choose.
I tried it one more time after a reboot and got the same result. When I copy the older 2.09 engine3 exe over it, it's working fine again.

Kind regards
4  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Burst of noise on: November 14, 2017, 02:06:09 pm
Today I have got this burst of noise again, scaring loud and this time it didn't stop itsself until I pressed the stop button.
I was playing the same song, the last one in the playlist, like 4 or 5 times before it occured.

Yesterday I had another phenomeon: After selecting new songs in the playlist and pressing "play" the last seconds of the previous song were played (out of the buffer?) and playback stopped after this without any error message.

As reported I didn't have any of these problems for aboit 16 month before I upgraded t o 2.09 and changed the Q settings a lot.

Kind regards
5  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 2.09 sound quality on: November 14, 2017, 12:45:20 pm
Hi Peter,

I read your so detailed and straightforward report from last Sunday a couple of times and did some intense testing yesterday.
As you described, all seems to be a bit crazy now. And that's the way I see it too. Maybe there are several innovations and changes that are interacting now, building up something special - predominantly in a very positive way, especially with your actual Q settings.

I try to recall my experiences during the last two months:

- First, the 3G upgrade brought already significant changes like more precise, "detached" sound, stronger basses, nice highs. But all this in a more decent way, not as extremly as it is now together with 2.09 and the latest Q settings.
- Release 2.9 brought the biggest impact on this, espacially for highs and basses. As I stated before, I switched a dozen of times between release 2.07 and 2.09, because it wasn't so easy to find a judgement about the "new" SQ.
- Finally your so different new Q parameters brought amazing effects.

I never had activated OSD text since more than a year. So, for sure all this mentioned above does not depend mainly on it. I just tried OSD text yesterday once, for a short time only, because with the actual setup it really has a horrible impact on SQ.

An interesting point probably related to this: For me, as a NAS user, cover art never shows up in unattended mode anyway. Instead of seeing it on the screen I get a short glitch a few seconds after the song starts (when the cover  art should probably show up).
With lower buffer size (like 14x5 or below), there is nothing like this to hear, no glitch at all.
The higher the buffer size the stronger the negativ influence of this kind of disturbing activity obviously is. That is perhaps the reason for the behaviour with OSD text too.

The last two days I played with :
Q1 x xQ1 = 30x40.
Q3,4,5, = 1,1,1.
SFS = 20.
ClockRes = 15ms.
Custom Filter = Highest for 705600.
And just mentioning : Appointment Scheme = 3-5.
And thus OSD Text = Off. Wallpaper (front and back) On.

Peter, with your new settings most of the tracks I listen sound incredibly good now. Trumpets don't sound hard and harsh any more, but airy and very "real" instead. Voices are tremendously present and realistic.
With these new settings it's again a new experience, amazing clear, airy and natural sound, with acoustic instruments too (what's always a good indicator). So that's another big step foreward.

What's so impressing is this extremly dynamic sound. For years I was searching for more dynamics in the tunes. Now, sometimes with some songs I am thinking... "Isn't that maybe too much now, especially for the basses?"
Stong, precise highs usually bring precise and punchy basses. So probably the +6dB in the high frequencies is one of the reasons for that.

It's only the basses what still give me to think now... they become so strong and punchy. That was already my first impression, when I got 2.09 to run on my audio PC. And with the new settings the basses get even more punchy, maybe the additional 16dB you described above.
Maybe that's the point Juan was described above.
For sure, all this depends on the type of music, on the recording, on the acoustics in my living room (I have got stong basses anyway due to the geometrics of the room)., So perhaps it's just the room modes which exagerate now and sometimes become annoying.
Let me say it like this: about 90% of the songs produce spectacular SQ now. It's he minority that causes too strong, umpleasant, sometimes annoying basses. Maybe there is no pleasant way to listen to these songs any more with higher volume (in my room?).

Therefore I was trying different filters yesterday. For the first time, ArcPrediction is an option for me, specially for easy listening. And the second highest custom filter (25010) always works fine. That's the one I was using most of the time anyway. And now again in prooves to be the best for me.

You are right, we have to re-adapt ourselfs too, to a new style of listening. I am on this path since 2.09 has been installed. What makes this a bit difficult are the so huge changes of SQ in such a short period.

Thanks a lot for all and especially for your detailed explanations last weekend.
It's great how openly all these issues are discussed here.

Kind regards
6  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Burst of noise on: November 12, 2017, 01:40:54 pm
Hi there,

maybe I can contribute a bit finding the reason for this burst of noise.
I had this problem a few times about one and a half years ago, right after I got my new audio PC, NOS1-a and XXHE running for the first time.
Peter, as I remember, I reported it to you in some emails.
I remember that it also happened with highres files (maybe with 16/44 files too, what I don't remember).

Later on, for some still unknown reasons, I never had this burst of noise problem again for about 16 month. Not even once.

Recently, since about two weeks only, I got it back. It happened 3 times that this burst of noise frightened me, always for just about 1 second only and music stopped playing right after it. In my case it happened when playing a whole album in the e.g. during the 5th track being played.

So, what did I change recently:
1) Mid of September I began using my 3G upgraded NOS1-a. But that's too long ago. Therefore I don't believe that this is the reason.
2) About two weeks ago I installed release 2.9
3) About two weeks ago I changed the Q settings pretty much.

It seems logical that 2) or/and 3) probably have caused the reincarnation of "burst of noise" in my system.

Ad 3): my changes of the Q settings:
My old settings during the 16 month without this problem had been (more or less never changed much):
Q1: between 14x1 and 14x10, Q3/Q4/Q5: 1/1/0, SFS: between 20 and 120, Clockres: 0.5ms, Coustom Filter: High (2nd in the list).

My new settings now are:
Q1: 14x40, Q3/Q4/Q5: 0/0/0, SFS: between 0.7 and 2.6, Clockres: 1ms, Coustom Filter: High (2nd in the list).

The biggest difference between those two sets of settings are:
- Buffer size Q1xQ1x

Maybe that helps to find the culprit...
Kind regards
7  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 2.09 sound quality on: November 11, 2017, 07:29:52 pm
During the last days I did some testing with different Q parameters and got amazing results.
The values I prefer now with release 2.09 are:
Q1: 14x40, Q3/Q4/Q5: 0/0/0, SFS: 0.7, Clockres: 1ms, Coustom Filter: High (2nd in the list).

I tested also with very high buffer 30x40 and got the same effect, Peter described above when listening Frank Zappa's "Jo's Garage": very detailed and clear sound.
But, other tracks with acoustic instruments, like e.g. Clark Terry's trumpet, sound too hard and harsh with these settings, it almost hurts. Using the AP filter smothes the sound pretty much, too much in most cases. Therefore I prefer the costom filter.

As I can see, all that is pretty different to other reports here. The reasons could be:
- I am using a tube preamp and tube amps (brand Ayon). I have to try it without the the preamp once more, what I didn't do since I received the 3G upgraded NOS1-a.
- My Lush is 3m long (I am the first and maybe still the only one using such a long Lush USB cable).

Peter, I believe I should try a shorter Lush just for a test. What do you think?
If this will bring a significant improvement I will have to regroup completly my hifi units.

Once again I have to state:
With 3G upgrade, release 3.09 and these new Q-settings SQ made such huge steps foreward, I could not have imagined before.

Kind regards
8  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 2.09 sound quality on: November 06, 2017, 10:22:02 am
Hi Peter,

I have got a question about the obviously big differences in SQ between die XXHE releases 2.07 up to 2.09:
Would it be possible that these factors which influence SQ in that way, could be adjusted by the user in a future release? I am thinking about a few more Q parameters.

Kind regards
9  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 2.09 sound quality on: November 03, 2017, 09:10:32 pm
"What a difference a release makes..."

I got version 2.09 installed and running yesterday. I pasted it over version  2.07. So, I skipped 2.08. At first I didn't read the post above in this topic and therefore didn't expect much impact on SQ.

But... listening to the first song... what's that?! - powerfull, strong basses, incredibly clear sound and perfect soundstage.
The basses were even too strong for my ears and I was thinking: "Isn't that maybe a bit too much?". Especially electronic basses sounded to hard for my ears. To compare I changed between 2.07 and 2.09 a few times: incredible, what a difference a release makes!

Later a read the post in this topic and changed my settings to Peter's values. Yes, much better, not so hard and harsh sound any more, especially when I used Arcpredic.
In general I am not a fan of AP, because in my system it always caused too much smearing what also happens a bit with version 2.09.
I was impressed when I went to sleep last night, but not 100% convinced yet about naturalness of the sound, especially for acoustic instruments.

This afternoon... another day... and it's perfect. Somehow all what sounded a bit too hard and harsh yesterday was gone. Maybe the hardware like NOS1a and amplifiers had to get used to the new tunes too, not just my ears  Happy

There was no doubt about great SQ for electronic music, but for acoustic instruments? Therefore I played acoustic tracks, like from Stephane Grapelli, Rob Wasserman, etc., compared SQ my amazing Platine Verdier turntable and my other DACs and I have to say:
YES! 2.09 brings amazing sound, for sure far the best I ever got out of a DAC. And it's very natural sound.

I wasn't sure about AP, switched it on and off pretty often and I prefer now to listen without AP because of the so clear and precise tunes.

Great job, Peter!

Kind regards

10  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Ram os 14393 - install issue on: November 03, 2017, 07:10:58 pm
Hi Peter,

thx a lot for all these infos about the LAN switches. All these issues are much clearer for me now and I understand well why it's acting the way it does.
So version 2.09 is working now and it's pretty impressive. I will write my comment soon into the related topic.

Yes, fast volume switching and jumping to the next song is great! Thanks for that.

Kind regards
11  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Ram os 14393 - install issue on: November 02, 2017, 01:31:13 pm
Hi Peter,

thx a lot for your fast response. I did it as you suggested and copied a proper 14393.vhd file over the corrupted one.
Corrupting of the OS occured after I copied all files of a backup of the XXHIGHEND folder, which I have done two month ago, over the actual folder XXHIGHEND. I didn't even download the complete 2.09 rar file.

Yes, I also had the problem with the blocked files. But since I know about it, this is easy to resolve.

What I realized today:
As reported before, I have got a special LAN setup since a pretty long time: audio PC, music PC and LAN are directly connected to my router, the music PC even through Wifi only. And that's always working perfectly.
The only point that came up today is:
After moving out of Min.OS and back in again, the audio PC lost the LAN connection to my NAS (that's always done just with the local IP number of my NAS). Maybe this problem is connected to my settings in "Services and OSD". To optimize SQ, "Keep LAN Services", "Persist", "Keep PAN services" and "Keep Wifi-Direct Services" are all switched off. And that works great. But when I go out and back into Min.OS, the LAN connection to my NAS is lost, probably because of these settings. So, I believe, that this optimization should be done after already moved to Min.OS.
What do you think about that Peter? Could it be like this?

One final question:
Is it ok to paste the update files into the XXHIGHEND folder during Min.OS operation? I believe, I read something like this somewhere in the forum.

Kind regards
12  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Ram os 14393 - install issue on: November 02, 2017, 08:22:32 am
Hi Peter,

unfortunately I found this topic right now and not already yesterday, when I obviously ran into the same problem.
As I wrote to you in my email yesterday, I got into deeper troubles furtheron, after I first got out of Min.OS and then copied back all files from my backup of the XXHIGHEND folder (version 2.07) to get it run again. Now I cannot switch back to Min.OS any more.

Kind regards
13  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Re: B'ASS First Review HERE AT LAST on: October 13, 2017, 11:21:48 am

I was not at home during the summer, so I had a two month break without listening to this high level of SQ. Coming back home I installed my 3G upgraded NOS1-a right a way. And the first impression was WOW!!!  I never before had these great basses.
Soon I relaized all the incredible improvements of SQ in varous aspects:
higher precision, clearer soundstage, better basses, all together a significant fuller body of sound with higher precesion. Just great.

There is one point, which maybe was not mentioned before (I didn't read all the post though):
As I reported some months ago, I had kind of a instability of sound when running the NOS1-a for a longer time. After about 5 hours or so, the sound became imprecise and after a day or even more "smearing".
So I had to switch off and on my NOS1-a after a couple of hours to get the good SQ back again.

There is no need to switch it off and on frequently. It seems to be just the opposite: After switching off and on, the NOS1-a 3G need some minutes to deliver again its best.


14  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: After a while SQ degrades - how come ? what to do ? on: June 22, 2017, 03:25:26 pm
Hi folks,

I was off from this forum for some time. The reasons for that are that 1) I had to listen to music with much lower SQ on my sailboat in Croatia for some weeks and 2) I found a way to keep SQ in my living room with Stealth Mach II and NOS1-a constantly on a pretty high level. More on that further down in this post.

Before that I tried different USB ports on the back side of my Stealth and yes, they seem to produce quite different SQ. So maybe it's just a plug-in/plug-out effect. Something similar happened with plugging in and out the Intona, as described before.

I will never forget the very odd way the new Stealh Mach II behaved after I had installed and listened music through it for the first time. Taking the Intona in or out had such a huge impact on SQ, what's still amazing for me.
I still wonder, why a new PC needs such a long burn-in time, what was also reported by others. So I guess there is something weard and somehow unknown going on through the USB connection.

And there is probably another effect, Peter was describing in a post some month ago: some static load of electricity (no sure about my Englich here) on the output of the NOS1-a towards the preamp (or amps).

I usually let the audio PC and the NOS1-a running for a long time I just switch off my tube preamp and amps when I don't play music.
I and found out that SQ became worse after a day so or even already after some hours, when the audio PC and the NOS1-a are never switched off. After 3 days the sound became really bad, smearing low dynamics, enoying...

So, what I found out and I am practizing since about two month with amazing success:
With everthing switched on, preamp and amps too, I switch off the NOS1-a for about 10 seconds. Before that I put the volume control of my preamp to a lower level, so the noise and clicks coming through the speakers right after swiching off the NOS1-a don't are not too loud.

This easy to do precedure always perfectly cures the system. Maybe it has a double effect:
1) The USB connection gets reinitialized and
2) the static load on the output side of the NOS1-a gets completly unloaded what you can hear very well for a second or two.

After doing it, SQ always is improving a lot and is on such a high level that didn't try anything else after I had started doing it.

Therefore I don't know, if this effect would be the same without the preamp and amps switch on. I also didn't do any more testing with plugging in and out something on the USB ports of the audio PC. And I have no intention to put the Intona back again into the USB line, because I know, that won't be better.

There is one thing I will do after reading the recent posts in this topic: I will try the front USB ports. Maybe there will be a further improvement of SQ. We will see....

Kind regards
15  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: After a while SQ degrades - how come ? what to do ? on: March 31, 2017, 10:56:19 pm
Something more about:
Taking out the RAM-OS SSD disk:
It's my impression taking it out is followed by some distortion, but after some minutes SQ becomes better and better, finally significantly better than with the SSD disk in.
So, could it be that Windows is busy for some minutes searching the lost disk?
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