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211  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: BSO/James Levine releasing online on: April 08, 2009, 07:48:11 am
XXHighEnd can play AIFF but can not convert permanently from/to it. But this is because nobody asks. And might you ask ... later ... yes

I assume that WMA is lossless, but you never know, and it can be lossy just as well. I would ask if I were you ...

K I think I know the answer but,
XXHE plays both AIFF and WMA files, and XXHE temp decodes/copies those files to wav (and main hdd if chk box too)... kinda? right?
So it doesn't really matter which of these two 24/88 formats I get.   ?
212  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / BSO/James Levine releasing online on: April 08, 2009, 02:04:35 am

They are beginning to release the recordings of their live performances online in 88.2kHz, 24bit.  I can choose between AIFF and WMA (these are lossless files right?)...
  WTF ! not WAV ...  smirk Anyway, I thought I'd pick up a year subscription for $50 (4 hirez available now more coming)... but what format should I choose; can XXHE convert one or the other to WAV?  permanently?

kinda cool they are releasing these I think.
213  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Rip a CD in 10 seconds ? on: April 03, 2009, 03:52:38 am
are you going to sell us the camera setup too?  i already paid for my licence... that includes this new ripping function,,, using the camera you'll send me, right?
214  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: What does Invert mean ? on: March 28, 2009, 04:46:27 pm
For me, when I'm listening for phase changes, I can sometimes imagine/hear/feel the music sucking away from me or blowing more forward... dunno why, but that's kinda what I listen for... it does move the soundstage, which is part of that sucking/blowing bit.  At the moment I'm finding Invert on working best most of the time, but some recordings require me to hit off.
215  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 0.9x-5b on: March 28, 2009, 04:01:53 am
Qs: 4 0 0 0 0 (no time to change around and wanted to get a base)
~ & I (depending on recording)
wav/cue files ....(go yea!)
copy to drive
scheme 3

No distortion.  I can turn it up too loud way too easy. Happy  This is kinda big and a little scary in a ... are things being stripped away? kinda way...  But no, just no distortion on selections that used to be over the top ?harding? I heard with versions just after 9w-9b. ...

lyric intelligibility way up... better articulation/focus somethingsomething

Phase changes more easily discernible!  I'm finding myself using "alt v" a lot.  Different recordings reveal the phase (~ or I) I prefer for them more than ever before.  I take that that means things are more in phase with the player than ever before.

I haven't gone back to 9W-9b ??? I mean... what's up with that???  No back and forth dance?

Everything has worked great for me so far ... I like using the keyboard shortcuts and wtheck, that AutoHK program must not get in the way of the music too much ???

Yea, thanks again
So revealing So free of any any harshness as far as I can tell.
Going to listen to it for another week before making any changes.
216  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 0.9x-5b Update on: March 25, 2009, 06:47:06 am
I am too busy listening to update.  I have only been listening to 9x-5b
k bye

217  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: 0.9x-5 on: March 23, 2009, 04:44:52 am
Whole lotta changes going on with versions...
Yesterday I pm Peter and put a bug in his ear to go back and listen to 9w-9b against ... was it 9x-4 or 9x-5? .  I still preferred 9w-9b; bigger looser bass, much more natural, heck, less digital... anyway.
Then I heard 5a {which caught my ear as sounding right) earlier and now I'm just listening to 5b which, so far, seems to work every-how I've tried it ... and is sounding very good and different yet again... later.
218  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Elaborate on: March 22, 2009, 07:43:35 am
"Last thing, though rather important : The real merits for SQ can only be obtained when the Q2/Q3/Q4/Q5 sliders are all set to 0 ! (Q1 is unrelated..."
from release notes for 9x-5

What does this mean?  Do you mean to say SQ is degraded by using Q2-Q5?..Do you mean we should not play/use them?
219  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Windows Start icon on screen in XXHE 0.9x-5 on: March 21, 2009, 07:49:17 pm
I also have the tiny START button segment remaining when the rest of the taskbar disappears. It's look is very basic and plain though, none of the colouring that is typical of a desktop theme. 

Perhaps of note is that upon starting XXHE ( before any play functions are done ), the system tray disappears immediately from the taskbar. The system tray can be returned to normal by dragging the taskbar to double height. You can then reduce it to single height again.



and this too.
220  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Windows Start icon on screen in XXHE 0.9x-5 on: March 21, 2009, 07:48:33 pm
re. Model 0.9x-5,
When I start XXHE with Show as Wallpaper and Stop Services ticked, there is still a small Windows Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Is this as designed ? I can start XXHE again through this Windows menu, so I do not necessarily need Alt-X, Right ?

Ciao, Eric.

I have this happening too.
see sig for sys link
221  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: "the back" of the CD is shown on: February 23, 2009, 03:31:41 am
Volume setting? Not that important though...directory info?  None of these data being updated affect SQ, right? hehe  Going to jump to X on your next version,,, I promise.
222  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: "the back" of the CD is shown on: February 20, 2009, 03:29:17 am

Btw, a next version will show the real back when a back.jpg is present. secret

When you right click on a picture is there a way to rename it to back.jpg? like there is for folder.jpg... that could come in handy since I haven't named anything else but the folder.jpg pics.

I like the second pic of font style; but I'm not worried about seeing it from a distance.
223  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: Q experiment anyone ? on: February 16, 2009, 11:29:54 pm
Didn't help much, P!  Happy

They all interact is what I get out of that... LOL...
Late now, will try some more ltr.

What I got out of it was that Q4 makes Q2 influences even stronger (maybe good for me; maybe not... but I'm not ready to play with it), and Q5 looks like when you use it you could have one type of sound one moment and another type of sound another moment,,, without even changing its setting... and I'm definitely not ready for that nuthouse yet ... so for me... for a bit longer... Q4 Q5 stay at 0 0 .  Of course [Peter]..."Also, a Q5 of 0 won't help, because the resonances are inherently there."[/Peter] I may be in the nuthouse already and not even know it.
224  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Errors X1 on: February 16, 2009, 06:20:29 am
sorry, I've had the whitescreen bug after a new install too, but goes away after the next startup, so I just haven't cared... sorry I don't report these things.
225  Ultimate Audio Playback / Music Storage and convenient playback / Re: Storing music on a wireless external hard disk on: February 16, 2009, 06:12:08 am

I wanted to hear your views on how best to play music at moer than one location.
Some time ago you touched on this as I had included it as a side question to another more technical issue, but I thought best to clarify your views.
Currently I store my music on my main PC in my (upstairs) study , hardwired to my local wireless (Ethernet) router.
I will outline my assumptions, and you can correct me, if I am wrong.

1. Using Ethernet to send music files from Main PC computer to other location in the house and use XX on my laptop in my family room (on the main floor).
a. Sound quality (SQ) will  not be negatively affected by transfer of (EAC ripped) music files over Ethernet from PC in study to be played by XX on another computer (PC or laptop) in another location in the house.
b. Transfer over hardwired Ethernet faster and more secure than wireless transfer, but either mode of transfer OK (and does not interfer with SQ).
c. Laptop usually has built-in sound inferior to internal PCI sound card in desktop PC (in my case M-Audio Delta 192), but if hooked up to external DAC, laptop SQ not inferior to PC hooked up to same external DAC (using the same USB or FW interface, Vista and same associated driver).

2. If instead of using Ethernet/wireless, you copy music files onto removable hard drive (HD), both USB and Firewire acceptable interfaces.

If you're using a USB dac you don't want any other USB device attached ... use FW for your external HDDs.  USB dacs, if not asynchronous, have wild variations of SQ... well, usb is still suspect in my book, even though I heard a top notch system using a Wavlength Crimson.

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