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 on: May 30, 2018, 01:21:34 pm 
Started by manisandher - Last post by arvind
Hi Mani,

Interesting. To bypass the Phisolator, do you just remove the short usb cable & leave the Lush connected in its existing position?

Best regards,


 on: May 30, 2018, 12:00:20 pm 
Started by manisandher - Last post by PeterSt
Hey Mani,

Interesting !
Of course, me too has used the Phisolator input from the start ... using the Clairixa. Never looked back at that when the Lush came about - just like you.

Going to try that tonight and will report !
Best regards,

 on: May 30, 2018, 11:26:09 am 
Started by manisandher - Last post by manisandher
Yesterday evening I tried something that I can't remember trying before. I by-passed the Phisolator and connected the Lush directly to the NOS1. I definitely tried this when I first received the NOS1 back after its upgrade... but I then only had the Clarixa USB cable, and not the Lush.

The sound is much cleaner with the Phisolator by-passed. Ordinarily, I think it might be tad too lean, and probably why I decided to stick with the Phisolator before. But with the Lush, I think it sounds marvelous. The Phisolator seems to smear the sound. Transients seem deadened. By-passed, the sound is crystal clear and very 'sweet'. There seems to be a longer and more natural decay to instruments. Just generally more musical.

The bottom end has tightened up a lot, and again comes across as more musical.

Of course, our systems are different and perhaps what I'm getting won't work in yours. But I thought I'd share nevertheless.


 on: May 29, 2018, 12:22:05 pm 
Started by Robert - Last post by PeterSt
Nice to hear from you (like this), Rudolf.

Kind regards,

 on: May 29, 2018, 11:41:19 am 
Started by Robert - Last post by rudolf
 Hi there, just wanted to leave a short message about how I'm pleased with version 2.10 and the sound quality I get, especially with MQA. I have been listening to vinyl quite a time but now I'm back and I'm really surprised, how things went further here: especially the possibility of playing tidal playlists 'on the fly' really means a lot of fun to me these days....and I begin to understand, what MQA is all about...so thanks a lot and keep on with xxhighend!!! ______________________________________________________________________
XXhigh 2.10 on Windows 8 PC (AMD A6-3650 APU 16 GB RAM) - Adaptive Mode / Q1/-/3/4/5 = 14/-/0/0/0/ Q1Factor = 1 / Dev.Buffer = 256 / ClockRes = 1ms / Memory = Mixed/  SFS = 60  (max 120 / Playerprio = Low / ThreadPrio = Realtime / Scheme = Core 2-3 / not Switch Processors during Playback = Off/ / UnAttended  / /Stop all Services Off / Stop Desktop and Remaining Services ON/ Keep LAN =off/ Not Persist / WallPaper Off/  Minimize OS / XTweaks : off
Advance xi-75 Amp with build in asyncronous DAC - ProAc Studio 130 Speakers

 on: May 29, 2018, 08:46:18 am 
Started by Robert - Last post by PeterSt
Should I do a fresh installation?

Hi Robert,

Well, if you like to do that, it would be the fastest. And then without changing anything really, try XXHighEnd.

Or wait for whether Gerorge maybe finds the culprit after all.

Or, if you intend a reinstall anyway, first try to restore the current install to the oldest Restore Point you can find and see whether that maybe helps.

Best regards,

 on: May 29, 2018, 08:35:38 am 
Started by acg - Last post by PeterSt
All right Anthony, thank you for the feedback.
Best would be to solve it but I have no idea how "settings" as such influence this. Again, I have never heard of it.
I'd still opt for something with the disk organization. But then you must recognize you are using something not common for storage.

Best regards,

 on: May 29, 2018, 05:57:58 am 
Started by Robert - Last post by Robert
        I will say the W10 in this disc is standard but I have turned off unwanted Win Apps in the Win settings window only as per normal user. Also the UAC slider is set to lowest I have not turned it off. The W10 was cloned from another disc but has worked perfectly since. Should I do a fresh installation?


 on: May 29, 2018, 05:28:06 am 
Started by acg - Last post by acg
I can now report a solution.  I renamed track 5 (in Explorer) such that the funny 'O' is now a normal 'O' and the file plays.


I've had other files that would not play and now wonder if it was something to do with the filename and funny characters.

Thanks Peter.  My theory is that when the WAV file is written to send to the NOS1a that the funny 'O' causes that file not to be saved which causes the "Music file does not exist" error.  Perhaps a language setting in the OS or something like that.  At least I know now and in the future will rename files that don't play. 

 on: May 29, 2018, 05:12:21 am 
Started by acg - Last post by PeterSt
OK Anthony, I wasn't the smartest yesterday; I used your link and next saw one album only - the MQA and thought that was all (swoon). Now working on the other.

... which again plays but now also with Track 05 at the correct speed.

If you go to the folder where all is stored and observe all what's there, you should see the same (odd) characters in everything. So not only the track title (= file name) but also in the .mtt meta data. I suspect it is different somewhere in your system. If so, consider an "odd" disk organization.

Not sure what you can do with it, but know that the "=" in the track name is a replacement of something which can't be stored as/in a file name (could be ":" or "\"). So if that fails somehow, then, well, all fails. I never ran into such a thing but maybe in your system ?
As an extra check you may observe the Wallpaper Coverart - the back of it (see below). If it shows wrongly there it probably *is* wrong and exhibits what you experience.

Is playing the track solely Attendedly sufficient to copy the behavior  (click play on that track) ? - I tried Unattended as well starting with Track 04.

Best regards,

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