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 on: April 08, 2015, 11:26:33 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Man, I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't sleep because of all these names floatng through my head.

I saw VJ's Tesseract and liked it very much. But when back in bed I already couldn't tell that name any more. And even now I had to look 4 times before having it typed correctly.

Then, being in bed, something stupid happened;
I first thought of (Thunderbird's) Zero-X which I always have found a super name. But I couldn't find the resemblence much. Then from there I came to Zero-One and while this was all just in my mind, a "pfff" came outlout from my lips because of so daft, but also so true.
Although true for very much digital, a bit strange and not all that much saying; If you imagine a 0-1 instead then things get more strange, and also more true. DSD blahblah and such.

Then, only a few hours ago I thought to fall back to an internal code name I have been using a year ago, and which I even presented to you in the forum (an in between the liner).
An attempt in the next post ...

 on: April 08, 2015, 11:10:43 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by acg
There is already a Trinity dac and it is not unlike the original NOS1 in some ways.  It costs $50k or something silly like that.

 on: April 08, 2015, 11:04:18 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by rakeshpoorun
Still, this is one of the bigger secrets. Or mile stones, actually.

With a bit of prayer that it will work ...


The picture above makes one thinks of the stained glass windows one sees inside a church. One could take inspiration from this and come up with the following names:

Phasure Trinity


Phasure Omega

Well, these names can be linked to what Peter is trying to achieve. Trinity suggests strongly the multi-functionality of the device as well as its supremacy. Omega draws a sly arrow towards the Alpha dac but suggests, that whilst the Alpha is the beginning, Peter's device is the end of the journey.

Best regards

 on: April 08, 2015, 09:54:06 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

Hi Johan,

Now I am not sure what you are referring to. I mean, "remain as suggested" for what purpose ?

But assumed that you want the list for the best SQ and what I am listening to at this moment, then it is this :

Minimized OS;
Stop Desktop Services;
Stop Remaining Services;
Stop WASAPI Services;
Keep LAN Services - Persistent Off;
(and I have set Use Remote Desktop - just because I do;

... but don't ask me how moot this is or what does and does not (really) work because my version is a little different. Wink
The least you will see is that the Wallpaper Coverart does not work (Windows 8 for sure).

It is better to state that nothing changed (see link in my sig), already because I listened to this for 1 day only.
But you can soon yourself (with full functionality).


PS: The boot into MinOS, for me, was via the link in my Sig anyway. So after that I apply the list above. And at least with the "Persistent" setting I had to change something for that, and you won't have that.

 on: April 08, 2015, 09:43:57 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by PeterSt
Michael, I was afraid of that. And I am also afraid that this will be very difficult to solve; I recall that many years ago by now I allowed this "clicking around" but for some special purpose I forgot. Notice that (IIRC) for this to be allowed there's a 3 times clicking required on the same track before it really gets active (you can see that by when the Coverart in the left pane shows). So now I don't know when it goes wrong at the 3rd click.

But I can have a look ...


 on: April 08, 2015, 09:21:38 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by michaeljeger
Hi Peter

Yes, it seems to only happen when playback is going on.

Regards, Michael

 on: April 08, 2015, 09:20:38 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by JohanZ
The other settings remain as you suggested?
Minimized OS;
Stop Desktop Services;
Stop WASAPI Services;
Keep LAN Services - Persistent; off
(and I have set Use Remote Desktop - just because I do;

 on: April 08, 2015, 08:46:28 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
The past two days I wasn't satisfied with my sound at all.
But what did I change ?

Well, stupid me changed something else as well at the same day, but I didn't realize that;

After a "fight" of  week and thinking that my Clairixa had a burn-out or something, day before yesterdat I found what I did elsewhere and yesterday that was undone. heat What a relief. heat

Btw, what I changed is unimportant. But with that undone, to my belief the sound is better now with the LAN off. But this is after one day of listening only and a reference of more than a week old, so maybe I'm dreaming. Also it is not the most important. The fact that I said something wrong, is. Sorry about that.


 on: April 08, 2015, 08:21:14 am 
Started by JohanZ - Last post by PeterSt

This is 1.186-i and this is an unsupported version for it's "hidden" new functionalities.
All I can say is that my settings for the NOS1a should work, an SFS of 4 (or maybe 2) being the most crucial for the Custom Filter to not let happen what you just described.
Anyway, a known anomaly and already so before it was put up.

But solved in the next version.


 on: April 08, 2015, 03:42:27 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by vrao
Very interesting.

On the names for the new DAC/amp

Something out of the box, A different path!

Poincaré conjecture edition (NOS-PC edition)

One of the most interesting problem only recently solved by an enigmatic mathematician. In short explanation of a hyper sphere (sphere in a higher dimension).


Tesseract is another option (NOS The Tesseract)


In many ways we can consider bits to be another dimension with computers becoming more and more sophisticated.

It's an amp, DAC, DSP, modular. Something that has been not done before ...


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