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 on: January 22, 2015, 11:38:27 pm 
Started by Nick - Last post by Nick

I must say Dexa's are overkill. With enough time it would be possible to produce something much smaller for this application.

I hear my words being used here Paul. The Dexas have some unique features which may mean they may remain the gold standard for what has to be done to the PC. The rest should remain a private conversation for now please.


 on: January 22, 2015, 11:36:45 pm 
Started by Nick - Last post by Nick

Turn my back for a day and wow this has gone a bit mad  Happy, so many posts. So to catch up on a few points....

Overall, it was a great day with Nick and Paul. My feeling is that Nick is definitely onto something here. But translating it into something feasible for most computer audio users is going to present a LOT of challenges. I mean, there's always the distinct possibility of screwing up the mobo, and even if everything works as planned, shipping mobos around with sensitive clock parts attached to then doesn't seem very practical to me.


Thanks for having the faith to commit to trying this out blind. It certainly works and takes transparency and musicality to a new level IMHO. I am very pleased that you are so happy with the outcome but to be honest knew that it could work it is in the no-brainer camp I think.

The point above is not one to be to be overly concerned about  I took my time with your PC. This would always have to be the case but if you understand what your doing these changes can be applied reliably and shipped safely without problem.

I like the idea that you may play digital music to your vinyl dealer when he comes round I can see how that would go unnoticed ! To your vinyl loving friend, the sound of your changed system could be as tempting as a bacon sandwich is to a vegetarian haha.

Let's see what is practicable for us non-electricians. (mobo + a kit + manual?)

Joachim hi,

This is not quite the way that it might work but having given this some serious thought for significant period and doing work that has not been mentioned in these posts geared to this. There are a number of options that might be offered. Given my thinking I did smile when I saw this you will find out why in a later post.

So guys, I wasn't telling that my system can do what these MoBo mods do. Not at all. Only that it is clear to me that when descriptions are like that from Paul, it most clearly shows an improvement which is for very real. We all will have "this" better than you, while you have "that" better than he. If this is all brought together we might get there. Whether 10 years is enough ? probably not. But let's continue and try. Our goal ? when something sounds nasty, there's more behind it and it has to be dug out. I'm telling you !

Peter hi,

I actually think you absolutely right, your system does somehow do some of what my PC modifications do. It's funny you should mention this, my visit to yours some time ago got me thinking afterwards about a number of things, and the low hash quality of your system was one of them. How come your system had less of a hash problem than the others I had listened to ? Why did the USB clocks I bought along not work as expected, and bloody hell ,I never wanted to listen to those Patty Grffith  tracks again  unhappy
Thinking about the possible reasons there was less hash in your system, solving the USB clocks performance and focusing for long time on what the common characteristics of my previously rather large library of “problem tracks” all helped point the way to think about the PC.

I honestly don’t really have many “problem tracks left now and since changing the PC for some time have been actively selecting really difficult stuff to reproduce. The reason is because often its these performances that are seat of your pants raw and complex and on the edge in some way and this makes them riveting if they can be reproduced well.

Everything now matters here (again?). Small changes in XX are reflected in the sound. If I change SFS by just 0.2, I hear it. If I change the 'Nervous Rate' in XTweaks, I hear it. I'm using an SSD for the OS and XX at the moment - changing 'copy to XX folder' on/off totally changes the sound. As before, USB cables change the sound. And of course, this is with a NOS1a 'B75'.
There's a lot of tuning to do here now... Argh!

Mani hi,

All setting matter again  unhappy but also  Happy, I would say more so in some ways, even down to 0.1SFS and all of the other settings. This is consistent with the theory that is driving the modifications to the PC hardware.  Now the good thing is that it is no longer a case of having to used the XX software settings to “match” with the PCs hash signature to give the least offensive overall sound.  It is possible to find XX settings that just don’t have anything like to level of “compromise” . Previously I would be tweaking at XX settings almost every track in the hope of getting it right somehow, not now.

As we discussed I would really suggest that you start with Peter's BIOS settings and Peter's W8 software settings as a start point. I don’t think it is coincidence that in the comment above I mentioned that Peters system exhibited some of the qualities of the modified PC and that Peter settings hit a sweet spot with these XX Settings.

Happy tweaking this time, yes time to tweak again but this time I think you may get a satisfying sound at the end of it and not really need to adjust very often after this.

In fact I would say one of the most significant improvements to my system (but I suspect it  would need all the previous mods i.e NOS1a and Blaxius  to work as well as it does)


I agree the match of the NOS1a and the modified PC is supper supper sweet however as I mentioned much earlier in the thread the modification to the PC should improve any system using Firewire, USB or PCIe interfaces to a DAC. On a case by case basis it is very likely that the relative change in sound quality the modified PC delivers with some DACs will be much greater than with the NOS1a. My view is that Peters 1a upgrade actually significantly reduced the susceptibility of the NOS to the PC's  "sound signature". In the back of my mind the objective has been to address the "signature" of the PC that we have all been listening to for years. I honestly remember the same hash signature, and as Mani puts it metallic quality, in pc sound when I first started with PC audio and moding M-Audio Transit Cards. so its very nice to see it leaving the sound at last  Happy

Regards to all,


 on: January 22, 2015, 10:48:12 pm 
Started by acg - Last post by Scroobius
Which one?  The couple that I have seen are not that great.

Mani did mention but I had my head buried in his PC at the time so do not recall - Mani?

 on: January 22, 2015, 10:25:24 pm 
Started by acg - Last post by PeterSt
Or don't work for everything and all, that I have seen. My "own" is among those. Project is officially still running, but not much news I'm afraid.

In other words, Anthony, no need to bet on one horse, especially when all run slow. You could catch up.
But you can only tell afterwards.


 on: January 22, 2015, 10:17:03 pm 
Started by acg - Last post by acg
Mani has a linear PS on order for his PC..........

Which one?  The couple that I have seen are not that great.

 on: January 22, 2015, 10:06:33 pm 
Started by acg - Last post by Scroobius
Mani has a linear PS on order for his PC..........

 on: January 22, 2015, 09:23:51 pm 
Started by acg - Last post by acg
Hi Peter,

Given your recent efforts with super low noise clocks in the NOS1a and Nick going nuts with clocks here there and everywhere in the PC, perhaps it is time for me to resurrect this project.  Maybe this will help with the next rounds of advancement in computer audio.



 on: January 22, 2015, 08:45:42 pm 
Started by Nick - Last post by PeterSt
Hi Peter,

you remember the "Yello" track you played with your "WEISS" visitor?

Joachim, it is the track "Vertical Vision" - track 10 on the (I think) normal 14 track album (16/44.1).

Now I hear it again I recall there can also be huge differentiation in the flute (the air through it).

Especially the beginning should be totally "black". But even when not, you won't recognize what's added so to speak. So anyone will say it is black anyway.
Or get a Weiss perhaps. Wink
Anyway, the NOS1a took all the remainder out what the NOS1 left.
And possibly MoBo mods will take out even more which I think is normal to be there ...


 on: January 22, 2015, 08:30:07 pm 
Started by Nick - Last post by PeterSt
Whooo Paul. That looks serious *and* neat.
Thanks for posting ...


I know you like to be ahead of all, but ... X79.


 on: January 22, 2015, 08:25:25 pm 
Started by Nick - Last post by Scroobius
I have not properly tidied this up - the internal wiring needs sorting not done yet because there is another tweak to go in this weekend Below is a picture of my XXHighEnd "clone" with 3 Dexa's installed. I must say Dexa's are overkill. With enough time it would be possible to produce something much smaller for this application. I use a separate water cooling tower (as do Nick and Mani) and so I do not have the cooler inside that the XXHighEnd PC does, so there is more room. The internal DVD rewriter is removed so there is now space for 3 Dexa's and their power supplies. A USB DVD rewriter is my lot now.

The video card is removed and it is worthwhile doing because it helps improve SQ quality - especially with these mods in place. Everything now seems to make a difference with these mods in.

Mani and Nick both had video cards, they were able to remove them and re-boot without problems. I could not get mine to complete the POST without the video card. We all had the same mobo the Z79 extreme4-m at that time although Mani had to change his subsequently (see his recent post). For me the problem was that I used a 4T spinning disc and I had formatted my disc as GPT so that W8 could recognise the full 4T. With GPT I had to boot into full UEFI (that took a while to work out). After scratching my head for some time and trying a few things I eventually decided to reformat a smaller 2T disc in MBR and reload W8. It now means my PC is using BIOS. In this mode the so called UEFI interface comes up but it actually sits on top of BIOS so it is not true UEFI. Now I can boot without the video card.

I suspect that the XXHighEnd PC is actually using BIOS in the same way mine is now - it is easy to check in disc manager hover over the right had side of disc in question and right click - look at the drop down menu if you are offered the option to convert to GPT then you know it is MBR (or vice versa). If your OS HDD is MBR you should be able to remove that video card.



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