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 on: July 08, 2019, 08:08:03 pm 
Started by fran - Last post by fran
Okay! Well here's my review. 

So I have really figured some very nice things out.  I'm sorry, I take back my post about "the music still feels fake".

So here's what I have found. And I thought that maybe you might appreciate this.

This is before I got Kernel Streaming to work:

First of all, I liked the sound, and I was like yeah this is great. But I kept thinking there has to me more that I could do since I can't use Kernel Streaming right now.

I would keep playing with Q1 and then I would keep trying to adjust maybe if I have the speakers all the way up, or maybe the digital volume control up and the speakers half volume.  But I was still angry I guess, I was like I paid for a dac I know this should be better.

So after so hard of trying to figure stuff out, I had stopped desktop services but I mistakenly thought stopping the remaining services was only for the paid version of XX.  Well I hit that and was like there's only one way to see if it will work.

Well then I opened task manager and saw 80 processes go down to 4, and I was like.. WOAH! that really really worked! wow this is aMAZING. I could not really believe it.

But I still was like I still want better.

So then one day I accidentally played the music with the external hard drive unplugged.  And then I was like wait a second the sound sounds faster to it's normal speed, because it sounded kind of slow motion before. And all of a sudden everything was nice and fast.

Well anyway, I kept fooling around with things, and I was like "hmmmmmm" maybe if the hdd affects the music, would the screen and the power cord affect things? Well it seems like turning off the screen makes things feel more correct, as well as actually "Unplugging" the laptop. This was strange to me because you would think common sense duhhh more power the better, but when I unplugged the laptop the music all of sudden..

The music all of sudden became as if whoever was hiding all of the power behind the electric guitars and the electronic keyboards suddenly got caught and then... "BAM" I was like ahhhh the instruments finally sound like their not faded away and kind of if they were washed away by water.


Okay so then, I was listening to songs happily, but I was like, there STill has to be more. I just knew my speakers could output better I guess. But I was stuck because Kernel streaming still didn't work.

Okay so here's a little more detail on the Kernel Streaming issue.  I remembered in some of the other programs such as foobar and media monkey when I tried Kernel Streaming for the sound quality on those programs, there was this really really bizzare Kernel streaming device showing up as "KS: bthenum {0000110b xxx ...}". And I was always checking the log of XX and then I guess it hit me when I saw the log said "Found 2 KS streaming devices, Hifi Dac and bthenum {0001..}". So I was like okay I have to get rid of this thing, and then a quick search just turned it up as the Bluetooth driver for Lenovo laptops.  So maybe you can Ks over Bluetooth but I just disabled Bluetooth in device manager and all of a sudden the Kernel streaming to my dac in XX worked! I forgot to tell you that Kernel streaming in foobar and media monkey worked the entire time.

Well anyway, I turned the kernel streaming on and I was like "woah...this is awesome!!" and the speed got even FASTER and I put Q4 and Q5 on 1, with Q1 and Q1x on 1 too and then I found my device buffer using your method to be 256 and jeeze dude like the sound...

The sound was crisp and clear, with the treble being powerful. The entire time when the treble was powerful the base wouldn't be, but finally with Kernel streaming the base was also just as powerful as well. So I really thank you for this wonderful program Peter.  I have much to learn, but after so very much hard work over two years I finally have come to this and I am extremely happy.

The guitars sound full and 3 dimensional and detailed and so do all of the other instruments, I am just so impressed.  I know I have more but I can't think of it right now.  Well thanks

Okay, so this is what I remember that I wanted to say. All of the above details for the first time in this whole time of trying to get nice sound, has allowed every single detail in the music to become nice and full and heavy and intense, but a very clear intense, at all seconds of the music, without letting down for the entire time I play the music.

So thank you once again.

 on: July 08, 2019, 01:19:10 pm 
Started by fran - Last post by fran
Hey!! So I got it to work. It turned out that I had to disable Bluetooth. I know that is weird but in foobar a weird KS device showed up, and I typed it in on google and found it was the bluetoooth driver. So just to let you know.  Cool

 on: July 07, 2019, 02:25:29 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by thankful
Tried the configuration below and it is now my favorite.
In my system it is the most "analogue" sounding.  It is smooth with hardly any digital glare.  Voices are natural sounding. Bass is not quite as tight but still very musical.  Everything just sounds right. 

When experimenting with different configurations do you have to turn your equipment off? or can you change configurations while music is playing?

Thanks Happy   

 on: July 07, 2019, 09:52:54 am 
Started by fralippo - Last post by PeterSt
Allow me to take the opportunity to elaborate a bit on that ...

XXHighEnd's volume is "lossless" which means that no rounding takes place anywhere and that from an attenuated "file" the original can be recreated (hence the term Lossless). This is by guarantee / inherently so.

A DAC with digital attenuation under its hood, for 99% sure has to make use of a means which is highly detrimental to the "bit perfect"ness of the audio stream let alone it would be close to lossless which every normal means of attenuattion in software is. Thus, e.g. the Windows volume would be close to lossless which in the end is not lossless at all. And this means "inconsistency" in the rendering, Our brain recognizes that things are not right and the music is perceived as less good and unnatural.

Back to the in-DAC digital attenuation - unless the volume is controlled by in-chip voltage reference (which virtually is non-existent although is exists in some D/A chips (not said that the design uses it), this is so poor that a differential (balanced) setup is not even allowed because of the high THD implied (harder to explain but envision that plus and minus voltage of the signal can differ 0.5 dB in not-linear fashion, that creating the (huge) THD per (L/R) channel. 
Besides this, when single ended (like RCA) there is always the 0.5 difference per (L/R) channel, and that varying throughout the music. And oh, since the 0.5 dB is the accuracy of the chips doing this, it may coincidentally add up to 1dB (or 0dB).

XXHighEnd has just the one and only means to attenuate digitally in a justified fashion. It is also the only software doing it like this and it includes digital gain as well, if the headroom for it is present.


 on: July 07, 2019, 08:37:46 am 
Started by joshua43214 - Last post by PeterSt
Hi there Josh, a warm welcome from me too.

I am afraid you can only tell whether it works for real, when you try it. Trying costs nothing (but your time). Otherwise your Allo should be able to support WASAPI or Kernel Streaming. If it supports that, I see no reason why it won't work. So in that case give it  try. It really will be worth while, SQ wise.

Best regards,

 on: July 06, 2019, 12:48:55 am 
Started by joshua43214 - Last post by joshua43214
I'm using an Allo Katana DAC with a bunch of very good hand built power supplies which inputs into a Nelson Pass B1 buffer.

Networking is my weak point. I don't want to run the software until I know it can be made to work.


 on: July 05, 2019, 11:58:37 pm 
Started by joshua43214 - Last post by acg
Welcome Josh,

I reckon it would be the driver for your dac that directs the data stream to the ethernet port rather than the USB port.  Makes it simple then...just tell XXHE which driver to use and it should all work.

Peter might say otherwise though...perhaps.  You can download a demo version of the software to give it a go yourself (see downloads section).  What dac are you using?



 on: July 05, 2019, 09:14:35 pm 
Started by joshua43214 - Last post by joshua43214
Hi, new member here.

I searched and was not able to find a clear answer on this.

My DAC only accepts input via Ethernet or WIFI.
I already know that Ethernet is vastly superior to WIFI in my system.

How do I connect my PC running XXHighEnd to my DAC over Ethernet?

Thank you,

 on: July 04, 2019, 09:48:58 pm 
Started by fralippo - Last post by numlog
After posting that I thought about hows it been nearly a year since comparing XXHE attenuator to the DAC attenuator. An innumerable amount has changed and improved since so I had to recheck that... it took a few tracks to notice that XXHE does seem like it does better job attenuating with DAC set to -0.
 XXHE seems warmer and softer in how it influences the sound but remains more transparent, the DAC attenuator imparts a nasty sharpness and hollowness onto the sound.

 on: July 04, 2019, 09:09:47 pm 
Started by fralippo - Last post by numlog
On a similar note I have digital 32 bit attenuator in my DAC (its common now), to me this seems quite transparent. I have tried setting it to 0 and using XXHE for attenuator but I dont think is really bypassing the DAC attenuator and XXHE seems more transparent at 0dB than the DAC, so kind of stuck with that.

That isnt much to design a whole feature around but felt it was worth mentioning

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