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 on: June 21, 2018, 07:33:28 pm 
Started by Robert - Last post by Rmalits
Peter, I had this kind of issues very rarely:

24 bit second stage crack dedect !  -> 34
playback has been stopped

But since yesterday it happend for 4 different tracks. I tried with different SFS setting and it still happens.
All these tracks play well with other players. Nothing strange to hear. I have downloaded these track from Tidal and Beatport, they are no rips (at least they shouldn't be).

Download from Tidal:
Artist: "KMLN", Album: "2015 - Alhambra"
The crack detect error occours for the first 3 tracks of this album.

What's maybe interesting: The first track "Alhambra (Original).flac" I also downloaded from Beatport in aiff format and then converted it to flac. Same thing: crack detect occours for both versions.

What to do about this?

Kind regards

 on: June 19, 2018, 01:49:39 pm 
Started by fmanheck - Last post by PeterSt

Hi Fred,

There is no single way that you can be boring to forum members, let alone me. It is such a pleasure to read your lines. The way you do that really makes us feel appreciated.

It took me until this past weekend to get the music server reconfigured and the system finally up and playing music.

Yes Fred, I was there of course. It must have been literally killing to not being able to connect the things out of the box. You must be lucky in love to meet the Windows 10 update on the Music Server PC just at the time your new Stealth III arrived, which made it impossible to connect to it (this stupid little problem). And from here I couldn't help either because of some administrator password problem on that PC. And Fred, I am amazed how quickly in the end you were able to replace that PC.
Anyway you must have been eating your fingers instead of a nice sateh.

Soundstage now is downright spooky.

Spooky is the word I have always been looking for. I will use it from now on. Thank you !

Imaging, Vocals and Instruments are completely cohesive

That is another one which my Double Dutch doesn't arrive at easily. But this is true and it contributes massively to the performance, if you ask me. Especially the envisioning how the artist are / behave on stage. I think this is (at least part of) the "venue" you talk about.
I think I learned quite a few new "english" phenomena from your great post. And seriously, terms which were not 100% required in the past, but nowadays days are.

realistic breathing vocals

To be honest, this is what I noticed myself regularly, lately. But it seems to be so realistic that each time it has happened (that I noticed it) I always think "did I imagine this because breathing belongs to singing, or what ?". So to me it could be part of the imagination again.
There's also quite a lot of theatral drama now. I suppose this is no English, but I mean that there's an intensity (or emphasis) to the message brought. I suppose this is how I was spellbound by those hip-hop albums I mentioned elsewhere, the other day. The "MTF" wasn't even important that I noticed (this usually annoys) because the guys do have something to tell and this comes across as more "intense" now (for the better or the worse prankster).

and remember where I was at the time

That. It works better too now IMHO.

Why should I be so shocked (-:

I said similar things (also in other occasions). It could be hard to believe that I myself keep on expressing by means of these (actually often the same) superlatives. But if I express myself like this, you can bet I feel it genuinely so.
And I am not a sales man (or maybe I am - haha).

Thank you Fred !!

 on: June 18, 2018, 10:10:11 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
This topic has been moved to XXHighEnd PC.


 on: June 18, 2018, 03:05:52 am 
Started by fmanheck - Last post by fmanheck
After receiving the 14/28 Mach lll the beginning of last week. It took me until this past weekend to get the music server reconfigured and the system finally up and playing music. I have not seen any posts on the Mach lll so I am wondering if anyone except Michael and myself have taken the plunge.

Well let me be the first to speak of SQ with the new Mach lll in the system. The way to best describe my initial reaction in a word is "shocking".

You would think that after starting with the NOS1 then going to the NOS1a then going to the G3 and adding the Stealth and of course the RAM OS, I would be prepared for the change. I just am not. I am shocked every time Peter moves the bar for SOTA digital playback.

Before this latest change, my system already sounded fantastic. Bass was great; Soundstage tremendous; Imaging first rate; Vocals and instruments lifelike and musical and emotional involvement just incredible.

This change with the Mach lll computer is extreme. I apologize for all the previous superlatives but I just keep running out of phrases that do justice to the changes I am hearing and feeling. I do not want bore other forum members. So I apologize in advance

Bass was great. Now comes a dramatic increase in bass information and articulation with individual instruments NATURALLY focused within the soundstage.

Soundstage now is downright spooky. Aural room cues and previously unheard details coming from everywhere in the room: front, center, high, low, far left and right and even behind on some recordings...the listening room disappears and is replaced by the venue where the performance was recorded. LOL my speakers disappeared with Peter a long time ago.

Imaging, Vocals and Instruments are completely cohesive and 3 dimensional. Believability became even more intense; realistic breathing vocals and instruments assuming their proportionate places and roles within the recording space.

Musical and emotional involvement. For me this is what it is all about. It is why I love music and why I love the hobby. I go to live musical performances and I own recordings of my favorite performers. Many are still with us more than a few are not. If I can come home after work play some of these recordings, close my eyes, go back in time, revisit the live experience, dive into performer's music, lyrics and emotional expression and remember where I was at the time and also feel those same feelings in the present moment. If I can hear them play and witness their passion, that is real for me.

The Mach lll really moved me forward in the realm of emotional involvement. It made finding that place easier and more believable for me than ever before. That is no small accomplishment. Thanks Peter. You have done it again. Why should I be so shocked (-:

 on: June 16, 2018, 02:56:30 pm 
Started by Larrycleve - Last post by PeterSt
I there Larry,

Although there are several options, best is to say No; the options available are too akward. See screenshot below, which starts with selecting Library Items and then rightclick.

Notice that once you have the Playlist Area filled with tracks, you can select tracks in there by means of subsequently clicking them in there - in a random sequence. If you now click Play, the ones your selected will remain in the Playlist Area and they are now in there in the sequence you selected them. Click Play once again, and all plays in that (though visible) sequence.

Also, keep in the back of your mind that XXHighEnd is meant to play Unattendedly (see button "Unattend" under Play - GUI will disappear), which makes this kind of functions less easy to create. So with the Playlist remaining visible and the active "control" this would all be different, but as this is not the advised playback means to begin with (SQ reasons) ...
Also notice the Short Cuts for when playing without GUI : AutoHotKeys (Remote Commands) Listing.

Kind regards, and welcome here !

 on: June 16, 2018, 07:34:11 am 
Started by Larrycleve - Last post by Larrycleve
Can you do shuffle play with this player? I don't see the option.

 on: June 16, 2018, 06:10:09 am 
Started by Larrycleve - Last post by Larrycleve
I got it unzipped by running winzip as an administrator. I tried running the .exe file from a folder in program files and got another error. I moved the folder to the root of the C drive and now the program installed.

I hope it is worth the effort.  Happy

 on: June 16, 2018, 01:12:01 am 
Started by Larrycleve - Last post by Larrycleve
Hi, when trying to unzip the install files with winzip it says "access denied". Any suggestions to bypass this? Thanks

 on: June 04, 2018, 12:42:29 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

OK, this beats all. Happy

Yesterday I organized a "Hip-hop" evening for myself. Played a bit of early (MTF) Ice-T when sound was still really open and uncompressed, followed by a(n again MTF) older Paris album I did not have yet. And well, when the lyrics are not tooo "advisory" ... nothing sounded so good and honest ever before.
After two hours of these "cool beats" - seriously finding nothing wrong with it, I thought it was time to anxiously ask Ciska here whether she could explain to me what is bugging her (regarding the Stealth III, see previous post). The surprising answer : nothing, it sounds enormously good.
(and I did notice here swinging all the time on this MTF this and MTF that, and wondered)

Bbbut, I thought you found something to sound nasty for you ?
Yeah, no wonder with all these ticks and sparks and other fast stuff - that is no music. It already wasn't but now it is crazily emphasized and I guess it makes me crazy.
Aha. It depends on the music.

All right. As I do regulalry, I tried a few Thrillers and Bads from Michael Jackson, to see whether that can be played now. Another big surprise : gone were the synthesized drums.
Huh ?
Well, I told you, the highs are super special (and addictive).

But the by far biggest surprise was yet to come ...

As a kind of reward for being nice to me (on the SQ subject) I played a few tracks from Nina Hagen which is a favorite of her.
Saw her explicitly focusing with a big grin on her face but I also noticed THE novelty of the year (or century) ...

So ... we are all familiar with the "plays one octave lower", right ? But did you ever hear of "plays one octave higher" ? I personally don't. Until yesterday, that was;

And I now start to understand why these highs can be "appriciated" so much. But it needs the music to see through it and grasp what it actually is about. So :

Nina Hagen, to me, always has been some punky gothic with an interesting voice. Today she's suddenly a most hey-keyed soprano who - as I can now hear - ends sentences (as a gag ?) with another extra octave (just for a small half of a second). IIRC Kate Bush has a bit of the same but more as part of the sentence (but also very short) and less as a gag.

Summarized for now, I described the Mach III as going two octaves lower and now thus one octave higher as well. So it is an strange way of adding "dynamic range" to your system.
And oh, for those interested in emphasized electric basses this is what I found on Tidal yesterday :


Although that too was planned to be part of the hip-hop evening, this album appears very special and is not really De La Soul as we're used to. It's almost exclusively cool bass riffs with a depth and strength ... well ... you know. No lyrics. In the screenshot you see the tracks which went into my Demo Gallery.


 on: June 03, 2018, 06:32:13 pm 
Started by manisandher - Last post by briefremarks
I tried a comparison last night--not extensive between Lush with Phisolator, and without.  Mach II audio PC.  At least in my system, the overall SQ with Phisolator is better integrated and more "real."  Will listen some more and try to qualify in some greater detail what I observe.

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