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 on: October 28, 2014, 08:32:35 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by juanpmar
Today I´ve discovered this "double head" USB cable, has anyone heard about it?:


 on: October 28, 2014, 09:03:42 am 
Started by charliemb - Last post by PeterSt
Hi Charlie,

With these two clear examples I am surely going to try.
Next up would be to incorporate "AI" in the Custom Filter (settings), although I can't tell at this moment how difficult that would be (read : when ever I'll have the probably long time needed for that).

Thanks once again ...

 on: October 28, 2014, 04:16:54 am 
Started by charliemb - Last post by charliemb
I found two good examples of where newAI filter using 0 (min phase) and TPDF as its variables sounds much better than the new Custom.  I post these two titles so that you may try them for yourself if you happen to have this music in your collection.

The first is Traffic Far from Home.  This is in the class of popular or rock music.  Here, using Custom, Steve Windwood's vocals sound as if only midrange is present.  Assuming your system might reproduce what I'm hearing, it sounds almost as if he is singing through one of those hand-held "megaphones" or institutional outdoor speakers used for public announcements.  For sure the feeling that something is missing.  Now switch to AI.  With AI it sounds like a professional recording, proper, with an entire range of high frequencies blended in with the midrange.  It sounds like a real person singing.

Next is Antal Dorati and the London Symphony Orchestra, as released by Mercury Living Presence Léo Delibes Sylvia & Cappélia, Disc 2.  This is classical music and there are all sorts of different stringed instruments.  The focus here is on the delicate sound of the strings.  With Custom, it sounds good;  but a little bit like a CD, which it is, and so has a little bit of that digital hardness.   Now switch to AI.  With AI it sounds wonderful, like real strings.  Forget CD sound, it sounds like HD material or SACD.  There's just a beauty to the strings that is not there with Custom.  Folks,  it sounds like a live concert, very smooth, very analog, and with a very nicely balanced high end.  Further,  with this recording, there's no buzzing / zooming or distortion as I'd normally expect with the extra ringing.   

Both were played at volume levels that sounded best for each:  -3 db for Custom,  and 0db for AI.  (And for Traffic I think it was -4.5db for Custom)

Because it takes so long to load AI at 8x, I tend to use Custom.  So making the above realizations can take some time.

 on: October 27, 2014, 07:30:57 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by fmanheck
I just purchased the YSM  cable Joachim mentioned (see link below)


I do not have it yet but when it arrives I will let you know if I notice a change in the sound. Honestly with the NOS1a the sound is so good and lifelike I do not expect to hear much if any difference.

 on: October 27, 2014, 06:56:52 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by PeterSt
Peter, my mistake. I thought it was a typo. wacko
My intention was to help ...

Kind Regards,

Hi Michel, just to be om the safe side : You did help of course. I only wondered how out of everybody two persons with about the same name have that cable. So of course it was me who made the mistake. I guess I had my eyes closed ...


 on: October 27, 2014, 01:59:10 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by michaeljeger

Thanks for your detailed explanations.
I agree that paying such a high a amout for a cable is a potential way but paying below 50 Euros for a cable is more resonalble.

BTW, I saw USB cables out there for a over 500 Euros Wink

Rearding the Supras I can say they seem fine to me.

Me myself I still consider the Aqvox USB cable, but only if I need a shorter one. My Supra is 3m, if I change my setup I might be able to reduce it to 1m length.

We will see.


 on: October 27, 2014, 12:38:08 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by PeterSt
Maybe a bit hard to explain, but let's say that such a "search" for USB cables has been - and still is - performed all over the globe. In our forum this has been less of a subject, because thinking "NOS1 oriented" it was not much necessary. Still today I personally do not think there's any real hope in finding the cable that brings us in Walhalla because it all depends ...

What I want to say is that you "just missed" the kind of new apporach we adopted here since maybe 6 weeks : do not pay audiophile prices for any sort of cable that can't prove its merits to begin with. Or better put : "we" started to think about specs instead and how any fairly normal "1$" cable could meet those specs. This is how the "90 Ohm" came about for USB cables, because that's the spec for it. This is also how the Supra would be able to do it, because at least that one tells about the 90 Ohm to begin with. Just look for others and you will see how difficult it is (two days of search brought me exactly ONE cable which should be reliably OK and then still it has to be made ourselves).
This is also why I was happy that Stanley came up with the Supra.

Let me additionally tell you more explicitly that "we" (NOS1 owners) are not experienced with the stupid USB cable endeavours just because it did not matter anyway. And maybe it still does not if only one of us finds the proper setup. Not that I have hope for that, but it can happen.
So for you a small example of what we went through for a "better setup" : Isolate the USB connection from the PC (this is about the famous Silverstone card you ay have read about). But also : when I test a cable (like with the Supra) I have this isolated USB in order. Would it be the best ? I don't know. It would need to re-isolate the connection and try again. But will *I* ? No. I am satisfied as it is, and spending 49 euros is fair enough to quickly try it. QUICKLY. That is important for me; it takes too many days for me for the judging when the sound seems OK in the first place and when something sounds wrong to begin with I am happy that I don't need to enter that stage of x days listening to all sorts of music types.
So all is to be seen in this context.

To be very honest : I think it would be better if we spent our time on finding the setup which again eliminates the USB cable influence. "We" now sounds nice, but it will come down to "me" because of the more possibilities I have in tweaking. On the other hand nobody should wait for that because that takes even more time (with the notice that this is pending for maybe 4 months and I could not spend a minute on it so far).

The least I will do know is spend relatively little time in making such a 90 Ohm cable myself. Or, when everybody who ordered the Supra is claiming a "way better !" then that would be the best and next it will be easy for me to dig out why over here it does not work at all.
Never ever count on one experience ALSO NOT when it is mine.


 on: October 27, 2014, 12:14:22 pm 
Started by CoenP - Last post by michaeljeger
Based on some research these German guys seem to make a very decent USB Cable:


And here a very interseting article in German about USB Cables.


Price for the Aqvox cable 1m is about 150 Euros.

Regards, Michael

 on: October 27, 2014, 11:46:53 am 
Started by christoffe - Last post by boleary
Thanks Mani for taking the time to do this and for giving us your impressions.

 on: October 27, 2014, 11:38:05 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by Michel
Peter, my mistake. I thought it was a typo. wacko
My intention was to help ...

Kind Regards,

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