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 on: March 12, 2017, 06:03:18 am 
Started by zackthedog - Last post by PeterSt

Maybe this is the first time that I hear of something like this while being FLAC decoded. This should mean that the FLAC encoder itself must fail on you in this situation.
What happens when you encode to FLAC in Foobar ?

Btw, I'd say that you shouldn't try to influence any bit rate as such - this should be fine to begin with. So maybe that is just causing the problem ?

Lastly, I can imagine that the same files play fine elsewhere, but this doesn't tell much as "we" (software player developers) must apply the largest tricks everywhere to let play files right because they can be so wrong in the header data. So just saying ...


 on: March 12, 2017, 05:47:37 am 
Started by zackthedog - Last post by zackthedog
I have a problem playing some FLAC files.  These are files downloaded from collector sites, rips of old LPs or 78s.  Sometimes they are m4a format so I convert them to flac with dbpoweramp using DSP plugins to ensure proper bit rate etc.  But in XXHighEnd they play at chipmunk speed.  Why are they not playing at the proper speed, and what can I use to convert them properly so they will play?  I can use the Q button to view the file info but I'm not sure what I should be looking for.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

 on: March 11, 2017, 08:24:12 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by manisandher
Hi Peter, everything's working here with 14393. Thanks so much for spending the time to sort this out - I doubt anyone else would've been able to.

I've just completed my office audio PC build (to replace the microRendu, which I sold) and this solution could not have come at a better time. I haven't tried Roon yet, but will do so soon.

Thanks again.


 on: March 11, 2017, 11:20:18 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

In Windows 8 and Windows 10 the normal "Windows Photo Viewer" is not available any more. Besides that, the "app" which is available is an App indeed, and this does not work with the UAC Optimized state as XXHighEnd applies it. Therefore we need to set another photo viewer program and this Tutorial uses IrfanView for it. You can download it from here if you want. Put it in a separate folder and remember where it is for in a minute.
Notice that the 32 bits version is deliberate (the 64 bits version does not do all we want).

Open Control Panel and choose Default Programs :

Click what you see here :

For every image file extension (like gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, etc.) follow the below procedure.
First we select the extension of interest and click "Change program" :

We click "More apps" ...

The first time we must find the i_view32.exe and select that. For that we first choose this :

And then select it from where we put it a minute ago :

Any next time we again click "More apps" but now it will be in the list of programs to choose from (2nd picture below) :

So our IrfanView comes in sight; we select that and click OK :

And now IrfanView is associated with our first image type.

Perform this for all the extensions of interest.

Notice that with the settings in there you can make the sceen as minimalistic as this (and not less than that, that we could find) :

This is done by toggling off these two options :

The Menu and Title bar options in there, can be switched off only for this "IrfanView session"; so the next time it is started they will be back.

 on: March 10, 2017, 01:42:13 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by PeterSt
ALWAYS KILL XXENGINE3.EXE prior to a next playback attempt. This is due to a bug in XXHighEnd which disallows to change the Sound Device from withing the these days always running XXEgnine3.exe.

I will just put all in the sequence I experienced it myself.

Today I started out with W10 10074 in the hope that nothing had changed much regarding the transition from W8/W8.1 to W10. So, I learned that things had changed in WASAPI, and thought that this could be the culprit (something not compatible any more, which could count for XXHighEnd but just the same for HQP.

Thus this is for W10 10074 :

You may notice the flashing loudspeaker icon in the Taskbar Tray (people reported this (ever changign sample rate) in the past indeed, and I recall that "one time playing" solved that flashing).

Switch off all Enhancements in Sound Device Properties - Enhancement tab.

(later we will see that this is key to all)

Select KS in XXHighEnd and play a little. This stops the flashing, and gives the ability to change other things while being in "WASAPI mode" (otherwise the ever changing locks you out from applying different settings).

Do notice that I am first attempting to let XXHighEnd work with WASAPI under W10 (and sure not the ever so (for me) vague HQP incarnation of it).

Select WDM in XXHighEnd and play a little.

Loudspeaker icon in Taskbar Tray now does not flash and all is fine. We can play with the WDM (WASAPI) device with just these settings (but they are not crucial Happy

One caveat : Afer a reboot we again must first play a little in KS and repeat the procedure. I dedicate this to W10074.

Here some more screenshots to show the major settings which work in consistency (again, without seeing anything crucial about it) :

I apply the same to 10586.0.

In 10586.0 HQP plays up to 352800 (352800 in HQP settings and 176400 in Driver Control Panel). Notice that this is with 2Wire.
XXHighEnd is fine with 705600.

In 10586.0 HQP *only* plays with mentioned 352800. Not higher but also nothing lower. To me it seems that this is stuck in the missing tab (Driver Properties - Enhanced). So the main thing occurring opposed to W8 is that HQP will not change the Sample Rate as we see it in the Driver Control Panel (I did not test this with 10074).

I decide to reinstall the driver.
When the Driver is reinstalled, the Advanced Tab comes back; what we can see in there is that only sample rates 24/44.1, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/192 and 24/384 are supported for Shared Mode. 24/384 is (found to be) selected.
When we play a little with the KS: driver, the Advanced tab disappears.
Playback Attempt gives an "Invalidarg" error message.
After this re-install of the driver it appeared that I forgot to disable all Enhancements, and when I did that, the advanced tab reappeared. Also, there's now 24/382.8 visible, but in a strange fashion.

I now selected this 24/352.8 in the Advanced Tab.
HQP now works.
(later I found that this step of selecting this 24/352.8 most probably is unrelated)

I set the Driver Control Panel to 384, set HQP to 768, selected a 24/96 and that works as well.
Maybe this can go with less manipulation, but at least this all works.

I rebooted 10586.0, started with a 16/44.1 which played right away. However, I abusively let HQP be at 768 and so it played with 768 output.
In the hope not to destroy things, I changed the Driver Control Panel to 352.8, changed HQP to 705.6 and all still worked.

The above has all been in Attended Mode.

I Deactivated Stop WASAPI services (so with Unattended Mode nothing of the above can have worked, thus please think of this) and booted into MinOS.
HQP still works in one go.

The above has been 10586.0. Now 14393.0 :

14393.0 seemed more wackey to me, as this somehow allows for the loudspeaker icon to go red. This, while the sound device is still there *if* one can open the sound device stuff via that icon (which is not always the case). In earlier occasions (5 or so) I never ever got any smallest sound from 14393.0 (WASAPI).

First I am going to reinstall the driver (always the 1.04b one).
I usually do this by means of the Setup.exe and not via explicit Uninstalling from the "installed" folder. Doing it like this usually implies that a reboot is necessary right after the automtaic Uninstall (this is asked for) but not always. This time it again was (feels good that ot does so). After the reboot I started the Setup.exe again.

Loudspeaker icon is now normally white.
All shows the same, in every aspect, as 10586.0 did.
I again disabled all the Enhancements.

I set HQP to 705.6 (2 wire), Driver Control Panel to 352.8, loaded a 16/44.1 and ... that now too works in one go, while before I was dead sure that especially 14393.0 couldn't do a thing with this (and WASAPI in general).

Conclusion : Because of a totally stupid W10 quirk nothing works. But find that quirk and you won't notice a thing of "nothing works". I am again 4 hours further.

Let's keep in mind that this setting is the major one which lets all fail, when set differently than you see here :


 on: March 10, 2017, 01:23:05 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by PeterSt
I got it all to work now. See upcoming post ...

 on: March 09, 2017, 05:55:53 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
It appears that for the 32 bit Operating System there's a bug in the install procedure and an "OCX" related error message will appear and the install can not continue.

For the 32 bit OS, running the Setup.exe which resides in the folder where XXHighEnd has been put to, will solve this issue.
Notice that it takes some longer before this Setup seems to respond; wait a while and you will see it just goes.
After this, XXHighEnd.exe can be started for the normal Install Procedure and all should be fine.


 on: March 08, 2017, 07:41:56 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by PeterSt
For myself, or for others :

And *again* I have been strugging for an hour to get something out of HQP. At least from W8 but maybe with the knowledge I obtained there, also from 10586.0 (must see about that later).
In general, this is how it works :

You set the "Sample Rate (/Limit)" to what you want to play or upsample to. As far as I can tell this must be equal to what the Driver is currently set to. And this is the caveat (again,as far as I can see) : HQP does not dictate anything to the Driver for Sample Rate setting - it absorbs instead and next it must match.
When you did these both you MUST reload whatever track in the Playlist because the former one (possibly still there) is connected to its (!) set sample rate and things will never work any more.

A next thing to guess (nothing explicitly in the manual about that, but in the end I figured it out) is that with Dual Wire the Sample Rate in the driver MUST be half of what is set in HQP itself. Thus, set 352800 in there, load a track which next will also show the 352800 in the haeder with the chosen filter, dither means and codec (like PCM). So now things again "match" which remains the prerequisite.
Side note : this ratio is nothing different from XXHighEnd but this works the other way around (the source dictates) and this thus always works (as long as the DAC can accept the output (of the player) Sample Rate.
Also notice that with Dual Wire, 4 channels are expected (as in "Dual Stereo"), thus set the Driver to that (output). But also select the 4.0 Driver in HQP under "Device").

Knowing all this, and especially knowthing that this all works like this, it only takes one step further for 705600 : add that one step everywhere. Thus, set the driver to 352800 (was 176400), set HQP to 750600 in Sample Rate (/Limit), reload the same track and ... it does NOT work.

What I see with Dual Wire, is that somehow now surely the Sample Rate of the Driver is cut in half. Thus, driver can get that command after all and something special possibly is happening. But when that happens, HQP always hangs and must be killed. This is when I go lower with the Sample Rate; When I go higher, again the Sample Rate in the Driver is properly set, but this time just nothing happens for playback but nothing hangs and we can press stop.
I suppose that what is happening here, is that possibly too soon the set Sample Rate is received because it takes maybe 100-200ms to set it (this happens in the DAC). And yes, WTF ! I now notice that if in this latter situation I press Play one more time, it just works (and I recall that now). And you know what ? loaded with this crazy data I got the 705600 running as well.

Mind you, Windows 8 this time (and 100 minutes or so further AGAIN).


 on: March 02, 2017, 08:03:50 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by PeterSt
Hi Rica,

All loud and clear.

It appears that I will have to install W10586 if I can find an install media with that release.

I will send you a link to that Build right now ...


 on: March 02, 2017, 06:26:48 pm 
Started by RiCo - Last post by RiCo

It appears that I will have to install W10586 if I can find an install media with that release. After installing the new Win version will I have to register XX again?
Peter we'll have to find a way to help / cajole you into moving off Windows!

Regarding SQ comments earlier in the thread, the NOS1a and BASS deliver the goods in spades but to have the 'energy' thing one has to run XXHighEnd and to also have amplifiers with large energy reserves. This is in addition to good power, speaker cables with RLC that compensate the speaker, etc. It usually takes time and money to fine tune such a system. I was lucky to just remove the old DAC and plug NOS1a in my system and the music became alive, really.

My previous comment about the player should not be interpreted as a thumbs down to HQPlayer. On the contrary Jussi has done a fine job with HQPlayer.
On my mini running Yosemite it sounded analytical. When running under Win 10 it has a smoother sound with a blooming bass. When running as a Roon end point the SQ goes down by quite a bit on both OSes - not HQPlayer's fault.

The weakest link in my system right now is the Mini. I will have to either get the HighEndPC or look at Mani's set-up and try to build a similar one. Still not clear to me why he had to water cool his rig when Peter's is running on so much lower power.


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