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 on: June 10, 2016, 11:15:14 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by manisandher
Mani too not so long ago talked about his Teradak being crazily hot - even without knowing for how long that had went on.

I had my Teradak working perfectly for 6 months or so with the i7 3960X processor at full speed. Yes, the Teradak used to get 'hot', but it has quite substantial heat sinks on either side, so not sure how hot the components inside were getting.

In any event, reducing the CPU speed to 1.2GHz (lowest I can go) and using RAM-OS has transformed this situtation - the Teradak now gets lukewarm at best. If it wasn't for the power LED, I'd wonder if it was actually switched on.

So there do seem to be ways in which to manage the stress on the PSU.


 on: June 10, 2016, 10:59:25 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by PeterSt
I'll pm you for the "fresh ears" proposal!

Coen, please do. You know I like it very much.

Something else meanwhile :

I don't know where it was any more, but somewhere (maybe 2 months ago) I wrote about the 300W HDPlex PSU's getting too hot. Mind you, this is from what I READ (past tense) somewhere.
Meanwhile I had a 100W myself (btw still have) and although this gets warm and the load (= PC) is under my strict supervision, I can see that it wastes energy where this "obviously" is without reason. I mean, if I do it myself, nothing gets warm really. Now :

What only from very recently coincides is the story of Joachim, but this is not know to you. Actually to me myself it is a bit of "interpretation at the distance" of what happened over in Finland, but of what he told me (which is not necessarily the 100% truth, haha) he was able to have a sort of melt down of his PC, fed by the same 100W HDPlex (but with different ATX module). What I get of it, is that the unit got warmer and warmer, until something went "over" and the PC suffered (it did not break).

I think all depends largely on how the (ATX) protection works out and how the lot is challenged to begin with. Thus, let things heat up too much and performance (efficiency) will be more poor, which heats up more, which ...
Btw, Joachim most certainly did not confirm this, but he sure experienced a break down (things worked less and less until ...).
Now if the protection does not work as should (officially) anything can happen and it is hard to predict what. But say that the PC controls itself largely (OS + CPU does) and when the power supply starts to fail, possibly no further protections can kick in, like sudden shutdown before the damage gets too large. So you know, it really requires the IR Temperature meter to be used each 30 seconds, for a week in a row.
And more.
And aimed at anything that could potentially fail and when it fails you are probably too late to prevent further damage. But you can see it coming.

Mani too not so long ago talked about his Teradak being crazily hot - even without knowing for how long that had went on. Sure, things mostly are allowed to be so hot that you for sure would not like to touch them (say 100C+) but because of that heat, other things will sooner or later fail. For example a capacitor normally lasting 5 years may now die in 2 months. And capacitors tend to bridge plus and ground and if they fail they may short cut. And if you have a short cut, you will end up with nothing left (and hope that things don't get on fire).

You are right. A turntable has only a motor and should be less dangerous. Happy Happy
And when I was a small kid, I listened to my fathers turntable of which I knew how to switch it on and listened to the sound from the needle only. So maybe that is even more safe ? (stereo image would be less though).

Ok, nothing to really laugh about. But possibly your HDPlex failed on you because maybe it is not powerful enough, no matter what you think from math. It did not work for Joachim either (with his 80W TDP processor) and what I recall of it myself was that with that the lot consumes 20 (or was it 30 ?) Watts more (I wrote about this). That tells something.

Ok, back to work ...

 on: June 10, 2016, 10:18:43 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by CoenP
Hi All,

Tanks for the warm support!
I feel I need to push the reset button to gain a fresh perspective on this issue. CD and Vinyl it will be for now (because there is nothing else).

Many things have been consuming my time lately and hampering and disobedient PCs were something that did not add to it well to it, they do require a lot of time and persistence to fix.

Peter you're probably right about the 1a thing in my system. No isolation trick ever worked out after that, neither did any of the related softweaks an OSsses. The route I've been following ended yesterday; it has been a struggle. I'll pm you for the "fresh ears" proposal!

regards, Coen

 on: June 10, 2016, 09:27:29 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by PeterSt
Uh-oh Coen ...
I think you possibly have been struggeling for too long on your own ?

Btw, before you have forgotten yourself, I think for you it started to go wrong with the "a" ... right ?
What about trying a non-a ?

The fact that for you the Intona failed as well is quite in the same direction (something with isolation your system does not like).

You seem to have all opposite to about all of the others. This is why I told you to maybe come by and see whether it is just you and your ears, or whether something else is going on (with a hint to the latter).

Anyway hard to envision you giving up. So it must be really bad ...

Best regards,

 on: June 10, 2016, 08:48:01 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Hi Joachim,

I have very explicitly told that this LPS will not be sold separately. IIRC you asked the question an hour after I told so and why.

Sorry !

Best regards,

Hi Peter,

sorry, never saw this info, but now I know. Thanx.


Hey Joachim,

I can understand that you possibly got agitated by me not answering to your question on May 20 (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3621.msg38760#msg38760). But what should I do if in the post you respond to (which was from 30 minutes earlier - http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3621.msg38758#msg38758) I (thus very explicitly) say this :

It is thus not so that, for example, the PC can be bought without its dedicated power supply, that it can be shipped with 16TB of harddisk inside (which btw sure would fit), that it can be shipped with a random untested processor, or that the Linear Power Supply can be provided as a separate unit;
Instead, it is a dedicated machine purely made for the best audio possible as how Phasure could create it.

Outside of this, I feel that you sure will have read that, because of your response directly to that :

I think/hope the LPS should work with the older X79 mobo too. The max TDP of the Xeon 2640v4  is 90 W, and that is a higher rate than the 80W of the Xeon E5-2620v2.

So I say it can't work and that the LPS will not be sold separately and 30 minutes later this is the question. Who do you think is agitated here ?
Allow me to add, because otherwise things still may be in doubt :

You bought the old PC, thought that it could be powered with an LPS, started tweaking with that yourself (you never asked me in advance (not that you had to, but I did not know anyway)), asked me questions per email and I tried to help you, to end the communication about this with you saying that you did not tell me all there was to tell (sort of) and now it did not work. This was on May 15, the same day this topic started ...

Let me be totally clear :
When I would have thought even the slightest that the old PC could have worked with this, I would be still selling those. Because remember, I still have a few (see topic about it). So instead I throw these away ? ... apparently yes.

In the end the message in that "Controlled Environment" paragraph in the post I linked to, tells that what I did here is so special that it can only operate without catching fire and other misery, when it is in a controlled environment. This is literal. And this environment now is my own.
Maybe I should refer to your own experiment again and that it failed. Why ? not because you don't know what you are doing. But say that I prepared for this several years (throughput) and that at some stage I started to see the light. And this worked out on April 30 2016 (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=2726.msg38539#msg38539). All I needed really was a change of mind set, and work on the idea that the old PC now indeed was old enough to be called obsolete. So it went on sale on April 3 (http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3594.0). This was really the day that I finally could start thinking about something else.
So I did !

Best regards,

 on: June 10, 2016, 08:38:26 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by manisandher
Hey Coen, I think we've all been there at some point in time. I can't remember the number of times I've wanted to throw the whole 'PC thing' out of the window. I mean, only recently, I was trying to get the RAM-OS to work in my office audio PC, and constantly getting the 'not enough RAM' error. I completely replaced the installed 16GB RAM with new RAM... but still the problem persisted. I tried so many things and spent so long on this, because I could hear the massive improvement the RAM-OS had made in my main system. The cause of the issue? Only having an integrated GPU in the mobo and not an external video card!!! I only stumbled upon this by accident.

Yep, PCs can be the biggest PITA. BUT... there has never been an issue that [often with the help of all the guys here] I haven't managed to solve.

My advice? Take a bit of time off. Enjoy your CDs and LPs for a while. Once you're ready, start from a fresh slate with your PC. If funds permit, maybe just order a new one from Peter? I mean, it seems he's gone through a lot of the stress already...


 on: June 10, 2016, 01:51:59 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by AlainGr
Hi Coen,

I feel sad for what is happening... I suppose that all depends where one comes from. Or the amount of passion we inject in it. 

In 2009 I decided to rip my CDs. First it was the ease of use and the ability to play music with my 2.1 computer speakers that drove me. The only "label of quality" for me was to not convert anything into MP3. At the time I was absolutely not aware that many people were already doing this to play with their main sound system. Tweaks, external dac,... I wasn't familiar with those. For me it was wonderful not to manipulate the CDs anymore. 

My decision about my turntable and vinyls would come a few years later. My turntable was in a cardboard box, so were my vinyls. I was not warm with the idea to go back at them, maybe because what was happening in my life at that time was simply not motivating enough ? I don't recall.

One day I read about dacs and asked some questions around. A guy that installs Sonos like systems in residences and commercial buildings told me he had a Bryston dac. The cost was "high" for my standards but I decided to go for it.

Then all started from that.

I could go on with this, but all in all what I am trying to convey is that what I hear today is so much better than what I was hearing before, with my CD player and my turntable (at least it was different). But of course, it always comes to what you were used to listen to before going the computer audiophile route.

I actually use 2 PCs: one that was bought 8 years ago and one from 2012. The older one is used as my "all purpose" PC and music server (Core 2 duo 6850 3ghz with 8GB of ram, Windows 7 x64 pro). It is still very reliable and I use it each and every day for all tasks that I can think of.

The other is the "audio PC" and it should last between 8-10 more years. It does nothing except playing music, that is when I feel the pleasure to. It is idling most of the time with XXHighEnd, Minimized OS mode, os-ram drive, etc... The weird thing is that I had to send my Seasonic Platinum 1kw PSU under warranty (it refused to start one morning - 7 years warranty on it).

I have chosen not to compare vinyl to digital. I do the nightmare it was, with all the vinyl flaws (bad copy from worn out matrix, uncentered hole, warped record, "clicks" and "pops"). All the times I went back at the store to change a defective LP (was happening with 2 out of 3 LPs). You don't imagine the number of times I had to do this...

Does digital has a digital sound. For me it is a "yes", but with the NOS1 (soon to be a NOS1a in a few days), XXHighEnd and all that I have learned from Peter and others around, I will never go back to anything that was here before. This is just me but the older I get, the more lazy I am and even if someone was to prove me that vinyl or R2R tape is way better, I will not go back. "I gave".

But I sure learned that I have to adjust my expectations. My hearing will never be what it was many years ago, my sensitivity is not that good either, so I just take what I can and appreciate...

A friend told me once that it was valuable to try to change our angle of vision when something negative was happening... I won't say it is easy to do, but the more I advance in life, I feel less "edgy" about certain things I can't really change...

Not that this is of some help, but I felt the desire to share this with you and our community Happy



 on: June 10, 2016, 12:24:59 am 
Started by CoenP - Last post by CoenP
It finally happened: the PC supply somehow ruined the renewed OS drive and at the same time my Music drive. These drives must be considered deceased and as such the NOS1a useless.
And I mean really useless since the NOS MAC driver also does not work anymore (since el Capitain) and there is no other PC to take over.

This is the fourth disk incident of different computer devices in the last year. One NAS and two PCs.
I have to say I've increasingly lost my appetite for computers and Computer Audio specifically in the same era. What a drag to format, install, configure, activate, etc each time something goes astray. Forget one parameter and you'll be punished with bad sound and why-the-h311-wont-it-sound-good-headaches. Only one configuration seems to work here and arriving at that point takes time and again weeks of dedication. On top of that came the disappointing tweak adventures like the Intona that did not deliver the goods (or any good for that matter). It has become too time consuming and unsatisfying. I have been trying to tame this pc since its creation in 2012. Without success obviously.

Now I'm back to my old friends. Both my 20 year old CD player and 50 year old turntable never ever stopped fulfilling their duties one day. Only a few tweaks and a little care are needed to keep them running. Only a couple of CDs have become unplayable due to degradation in the course of almost three decades, vinyl seems to last forever when treated properly. Fortunately I did not discard of this hardware nor software and am still able to play and enjoy music. Actually they have been playing for over 70% of the time lately.

I'm not sure what I will do next. I'm really tired of tweaking 100's of parameters to perfection again and I also feel reluctant to start pouring 1000s of euros into vastly inferior and consequently obsolete-as-you-buy-it technology. Otoh is is a waste to not tap into the potential of the DAC that is or at least should be capable of audio quality far beyond the other sources. But will I be willing to pay the price?: Like a preconfigured PC is only half a solution since the music is expected to be on another PC with full exposure to all the PC and Windows cr*p that have put me off in the first place.

I've no problems with cleaning a disk or taking a CD out of its cover. Their sound is not the best but acceptable. I don't care for the -expensive- streaming propositions with their limited and to me unappealing catalogs. Maybe I'm not the guy for computer audio after all.

regards, Coen

 on: June 09, 2016, 02:47:20 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by acg
It was about 10 degrees this morning at sunup and reached 30 before lunch...perfect day apart from a bit of wind.  Not a hot 30 degrees though because no humidity, just a beautiful comfortable day.  Mind you four days ago we had strong south-westerlies blowing cold air up from the Southern Ocean over the continent and it got to 10 degrees maximum with rain...that was a shock to the system!

Anyway, yes, I would have 30 degrees or more inside the music room very, very often from say September to May perhaps.  A wall of windows to the north with lots of natural light but little airflow, unlike the rest of the house which has wonderful airflow from every direction but the south (cold when it blows from that way).  I have had passively cooled audio computers before (i5) and they just do not work when the humidity gets up (the case goes from luke warm on a dry day to toasty on a humid day) so I am very wary of them, but perhaps they were not as underclocked as the Mach II.

The thermistor and fan is a good idea though.

So 30 degrees in the music room today? It would have been pretty close (I did not go up there) but it certainly would have been at least that had those 24 valves been glowing today.

 on: June 09, 2016, 02:33:48 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by christoffe
Hi Joachim,

I have very explicitly told that this LPS will not be sold separately. IIRC you asked the question an hour after I told so and why.

Sorry !

Best regards,

Hi Peter,

sorry, never saw this info, but now I know. Thanx.


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