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 on: September 28, 2015, 01:41:16 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

Let's see whether I can describe something about our "show experience". Should be done by others actually, but maybe people don't like to write about it. Anyway, invited !

Most of the demo/show music I use myself, has been tuned to my own system, hence the Orelo MKII speaker system. "Tuned" means : sounds very good and interesting and such on my system.
The Sigma speaker was ready only 3 weeks or so ago and obviously can not use the same filter settings as the Orelo MKII. Now it is challenging when someone else is doing the "tuning" of the speaker itself. And to keep in mind : the DSP which controls the bass and cross-over at the top side of the bass, is just user-tunable; everybody (customer) can do that him/herself and everybody is allowed to have his/her own taste.
Next though, the music taste could be dependent on that tuning ...

Of course it was. yes
So with the as usual too short time to do everything and all, we both (Bert and me) did not have sufficient time for the actually longwinded changes and especially listening, so what sort of happened is that the tuning was done to Bert's music. Not the music in my own demo Gallery. Also, Bert could not find the spare time to build up a demo Gallery himzelf from his own music. Thus it so happened that I played my tunes on Bert's tunING.

Some worked out, but some did not. Still the only stuff available was mine and we noticed on the first day that while Bert could work on music from his own libraries, that it is not easy at all to ad-hoc make shares from (to) a Windows 10 Operating System running in MinOS mode, running from RAM and where connecting the USB disk to that otherwise completely diskless system is ... well, not the best thing to do of course.

And so to my own idea the first day did not work out. Possibly others did not agree, and what zzzzzoomed in my ears did not in other's, but anyway I was not happy.
Also it is quite frustrating, or bothering, to be forced to play music which to my ears is not "perfect".

Somewhere in the afternoon on Saturday I started to walk around a bit and observe what other exhibitors were making of it. Well, hmm ... actually we weren't doing so bad, it appeared to me. It seemed that something happened to all of the other exhibitors ... what a way lousy booming bass all over the place. True, I hadn't been to all rooms, but to my feeling I visited a few quite "expensive" ones and ... No.
I must say that I started to wonder whether our own standards went up again.

Side note : By now the first "reports" are coming about, and I already see the same complaint : lousy bass all over (the rooms).

We decided to spend some time Saturday night to hook up Bert's music, so Bert could sort out some demo music from his own known stuff. Sunday morning this proceeded with Bert spending time in the early hours to additionally fine tune the system somewhat (better) and to finish his demo material.
I recall to enter the room before breakfast and quickly run out because I did not like what I heard. But alas, Bert was not finished yet without reason.

Then breakfast was over, and Bert announced to disappear for his own breakfast, while meanwhile it was show opening time.
I asked whether the Playlist was large enough to survive his breakfast and that I could disappear to wherever just the same. Yes, that was the case.
But oh boy, was that NOT necessary ...

I pressed Play at the first track and immediately was impressed. Well, not so important, but the room filling up with people showed really different from the day before. I saw most people with nodding heads (really so), if you know what I mean. All showing the "OMG, impossible".
And yes, something like that was now my own idea as well.

The tunes Bert had selected worked out very very well and at stages things got quite impossible because people did not want to leave any more. This, while people kept on coming in.

While this all happened in what I call a first crazy hour on Sunday, somewhat later people started to come in telling me that ALL the others played to loud, that with ALL the others the bass was stumping and stupidly loud and that with ALL the others it was "nothing". Yea, well, uhm, it became a little embarrassing, especially because I still could hear some distance from how I have it myself, at home. It felt a bit like everybody grouped up and served us an April 1 fool's joke.

Here's an anecdotical story which I try to mimic as genuine as possible; try to feel the atmosphere :

I am approached by two people;
One of them holds a blocknote. He says :
"Look, this is you. What you put in is a 9.3 and what you get out is a 9.6."
Uhm, on a scale of 1 to 100 ? not so good.
"No, on a scale of 1 to 10".
"This is serious, you know".
Uhm, I don't know; if the others score 9.7 ....
"No way; they all score under 5; we have been everywhere".

I'm sure I know the guy not holding the blocknote. But I don't know from what or where. Must be reviewers ? has to be, because who else is going to perform this serious effort to rate rooms in numbers like this and also announce this so seriously.

So you see ? this looked like a joke.

When things are really going well, people keep coming back to your room. Nice to see that people actually are there now to spend a few cosy hours on a Sunday afternoon. Listen to whatever music. "What can I play for you, Sir ?" -> I don't care.
So yes, that happens when all sounds right.

I have been talking to people who sort of ran into psychological problems. "Must have ! ... but can't have". The real audiophile stepped forward ?

Well, enough for this "self talk". But let me finish by concluding that a few strange things happened, or are happening;

With the notice that people tend to call computer playback "streaming" these days, too many people came to me and suggested that Streaming is an unfinished product at this moment. "So what are *you* using ?". Uhm ...

Why is there a trend of too much poor bass ? I mean, if people explicitly tell about the too much bass everywhere, what's going on ? Btw, I noticed it myself too (but haven't been everywhere, by far).

It looks like the Dutch manufacturer of audio has disappeared. This is so strong that people tend not to believe you when you say that all is "made by ourselves". I don't think that Dutch manufacturers have disappeared, but I suppose if we (all) don't name it explicitly on the doorstep, people start to think that all what's available is from elsewhere.
Possibly the show organizer is guilty because what I saw happening this year is importer A end B and C and (to empasize the example) 60 exhibitors with 250 brands or whatever. Something ain't right here. So the guys doing the work (like us) disappear from the show floors and instead the dealers or importers are there ? maybe.

So far my own impresion.

 on: September 28, 2015, 12:16:43 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by manisandher
Thanks Peter.

Bert, well done on the new Sigma speakers. I think 'downsizing', but losing nothing in SQ (maybe even improving?) is definitely the way to go.

(And good to see Paul and Ciska hard at work too.)


 on: September 28, 2015, 12:03:36 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
The speaker we showed this year is BD-Design's Sigma.

Starts with the precision lighting of course (Paul doing it all) :

Here you see the final setup :

This is a very small speaker ... :

Below, our standing tables in use as bar tables.
Many people inspected them at the front side for hidden (sub) woofers. But they are just the shipping crates.
Sub soofers not needed anyway; this is 6x 12" open baffle per speaker, going straight to somwhere well under 20Hz (but was not really measured yet).

Still in preparation mode at Friday (late) night. From left to right, our Rammstein colleague from a few doors down the hall, Bert and Ciska :

And our Dutch representative from Dirac Live (in the left). Even more nice than that guy in the right. :

The usual final check picture (11:15 pm this time) :

And then for the real thing;
Hard to see on the picture, but most of the time, and especially on Sunday, the room was completely full and people had to leave before others could enter.
The room is 8 x 14 meters or so.

Above the entrance of our room, with coincidentally the door closed. Because streams of people keep on coming in (people going out as well of course) it is very hard to keep the door closed for more than one minute;

The problem we had (and always have) is that exhibitors use to have their doors open, so the always too loud noise coming from the room invites people in (they hope). Sadly, if *we* have the door open, we always hear that noise from the neighbours and can't play any decent soft music. What additionally happens in practice is that when we have our door open and we position ourselves in the hall in between our room and that from another, you only hear that other and completely nothing from ours. With that, it does not matter how loud we play.

This is the same issue like when our wives tell us that the music is too loud;
It is not at all, but in that case it is baaaaaad sound.

If it would be a measure that an inaudible room (one meter outside) is exhibiting the best sound, then for sure the best room was hours. No comparison.


 on: September 28, 2015, 10:27:54 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by PeterSt

I never ever use the name to set up a connection. Why ? same story.
IP Address always works.


 on: September 28, 2015, 10:15:44 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by manisandher
I suspect that this is due to WiFi Services not being formally "kept". But you will find those under WiFi-Direct Services and obviously you lay aside that setting (at least I myself not even think of that).

Yes, I lay WiFi-Direct Services aside - the Audio PC has no wifi capability. BUT... I can still connect to it using RDC via wifi, (see previous post). And when I do this in MinOS, I have to type in the IP address of the Audio-PC to make RDC work. In NormalOS, the Audio PC's name is sufficient.

As I said in my first post, I'm not sure if this is in any way related to Michael's issue.


 on: September 28, 2015, 10:07:54 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Gerard, I sure missed you.
Give me some time to create a nice text ...


 on: September 28, 2015, 10:04:32 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by PeterSt
Waiting for your next post...

No clue ... Happy

 on: September 28, 2015, 10:02:57 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by PeterSt
Michael, All,

What you encounter is perfectly normal. That is, for the way XXHighEnd operates and how all runs at the very minimum services (I can think of). You can already see it happening in here : Change from one integrated system to Music Server + Audio PC (Control) - wherein you see that Shares can not be "Enumerated" (sorted out) by means of listing all the Network Shares. You need to know them and type them (I think someone said similar in this topic).

Generally it is one-way traffic only. So the Audio PC can address the share (other PC / NAS / ?) which is sufficient to collect music files etc.

Stating "but I like to do it the other way around too" ... yes, could be convenient at times, but then all the Services need to be on, actually without real reason, and SQ will be degraded (without real reason).

A quite crucial thing to understand (and it is just ONE example) is that the last half of that Tutorial, with the heading "When it does not work" can not be performed in MinOS. Hard to explain, but if you'd try it, it will be clear why; it needs some services to run - only at that time of setting everything, and when done we can go to MinOS and all keeps on working. This means that whatever you are trying, should always be attempted in Normal OS Mode and then possibly it will stick in MinOS Mode. But try to "set" it in MinOS and it won't work.
Installing Drivers, is also such an example. Must be done in Normal OS and after that you can use them in MinOS.

Anyway, ... nothing will change in this realm, and I hope this is fine with you !


 on: September 28, 2015, 10:02:13 am 
Started by michaeljeger - Last post by manisandher
Just to be clear, the Audio PC has no wifi capability - it is connected to a LAN switch via CAT6 cable. The house's wifi broadband router is also connected to the LAN switch via CAT6, and it is through the wifi broadband router that I can use RDC via wifi to control the Audio PC. But I can use any computer connected to the LAN switch via CAT6 too. In the latter case, I never have any connection issues whatsoever.

Waiting for your next post...


Edit: 'music PC' changed to 'Audio PC' for better understanding.

 on: September 28, 2015, 09:53:33 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by Gerard
How was the show peter? Sadly i could not come 😒


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