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 on: July 26, 2015, 08:48:00 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by music33
Hi Peter,
So XXHighEnd knows to save your changes to the hdd (very cool).  In essence this PC really can only be used for xxhighend and nothing else.  I say this as no other application is going to ask you to re-attach the hdd ;-)

I don't know much about lans, so a few simple questions - are we talking a wireless lan or hard-wired?  Can I get a NAS and just do point to point wiring or do I need to get a router?

With a stripped down version of the PC I would think some of things I mentioned like grounding would have less of an impact.  Perhaps a stripped down version of a motherboard would also help.

I've been looking into products that people have put in their computers to help clean the power supply -

Bybee Rails (second link is someone who installed them in there computer, need to scroll down a bit)



AudioMagic Pulse Gen ZX (second link is someone who installed them in there computer)


I have no affiliation with either company.  I have added both of these to components I have already owned with excellent results. 

 on: July 26, 2015, 08:25:25 pm 
Started by BvdW - Last post by BvdW
Hi, Peter (and Johan, thanks for notifying upon this setting Happy),

I set XX to Straight Contiguous, but got no reboot message. I set it while in Min OS mode. Was this allowed? I had no idea if XX picked up the new setting so got back into normal mode and checked Control Panel->System->Administrative Tools->Local Security Policy. My username was in there so, so far so good, however I still don't have a clou if XX has picked up the new setting (it should have asked to reboot isn't it?)

Is there a way to check it?



 on: July 26, 2015, 11:55:18 am 
Started by AlainGr - Last post by PeterSt
Forgot :

Do you have already an idea about the cost for only the hdd?

I was thinking about 175 euros (including normal mail shipping) - hoping that this is justified. This assumes that nothing any more changes - which I actually don't know at this moment. Outside of that, what you get is :

- The hdd (750GB SATAIII 7500 rpm);
- Cloning the disk (with 3x W10 OS) from the base I have here;
- Packing and shipping.

For others : with the notice that this requires an XXHighEnd License 2.xx to be present (because the hdd comes with licensed XXHighEnd). So if not, it's 72 euros more.


 on: July 26, 2015, 11:47:16 am 
Started by AlainGr - Last post by PeterSt
Buy a Silverstone swappable diskbay and I am ready....

I don't think you can, because I have them all. Unless things changed since a year or so.

But I also have an alternative that probably is still available; have to find it myself though and where to get it, what to actually get, etc. But I suppose "doable".
(in the end many of these enclosures exist, but at least for us it's about how to fit it in the case etc. - meaning : generally it should be easy to find an alternative)


 on: July 26, 2015, 11:42:31 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

Do you plan on using the official Windows 10 version when it is released?

Difficult to say at this moment. One answer is :
I see many more reasons why *not* to do that, than do it. Anyway I myself have no single reason to do it.
Additionally, it will only mean work for me. It takes one thing only to do nothing : keep that 10074 build available (and I will take care of that anyway).

Also notice - and this may not be so obvious to everyone - that the 10074 build *really* is free, does not show nasty adds(ware) and does NOT require an existing W8(.1) or W7 license. The final build will (and you will lose the licensing right on the other one. Of course you can normally buy Windows 10 to avoid issues in this context.
Summarized : W10 is not free at all. You're hoaxed to some extent. Still, such a Preview is free, but don't ask me how long it will last. I could not find data on that (like the W8 Consumer preview worked for 15 or so months only).

Not to forget : people tend to think that this build is not stable. Well, maybe if you try to do your work on it. But for us and what we do with it ? It is SUPER STABLE. I never saw even the slightest hiccup from it and it is running for 6-7 weeks in a row now (2 weeks off for vacation) - never needing a reboot, apart from my testing stuff.
But to keep in mind : XXHighEnd anticipates on a few things, and arranges for that explicitly.

Can you plug in a USB drive instead of using a NAS - is there sound quality difference?

But of course. But sadly this is exactly the way NOT to go any more. Not for the better SQ ...

I'm not sure what you mean behind the LAN, doesn't a NAS or another computer need to be part of the same LAN as the XXHIghEnd PC?

Sorry for that, as it could be too much of Dutch. But try to read the "behind" as something like a black box; invsible; "somewhere".
Anyway, just LAN connected.

Possibly because you didn't get that, I now don't understand the last part of your question here. But the answer is obviously (?) Yes.

If you make changes to settings I assume you need to boot from the physical hard drive, run XXHighEnd from the physical hard drive, make changes, save to the physical drive and then reboot the OS into RAM.

No. Normal sequence is this :

- Prepare the lot once (this is the super tough part, "undoable" already for explaning).

- (A) Boot (this is from hdd into RAM and goes automatically)
- Detach hdd
- Apply changes via XXHighEnd as you like (ad-hoc / on the fly, etc.).
- (B) Shutdown (XXHighEnd will now ask you to re-attach the hdd and applies the changes to the permenent storage for you).
- Go to sleep, work, etc.
- Back to (A).

During the process of (B) you are asked to really shutdown, continue, OR continue with the permenent storage attached and accessible FOR YOU. This is the situation that you can apply anything to permanent storage. Example : Such a question (by XXHighEnd) for renaming a particular .tst file to .tss so "the" question won't be asked next time. So you did that in the RAM version, but will also want to do that in the permenant storage so it applies at the next boot to RAM.
Also see below picture (again); default boot is into RAM. But be there to choose the "BASE version" and you have the normal OS from hdd, apply all you like in there (like you're used to with your wildest tweaks and whatever), play music if you like for testing, to next reboot (automatically) to RAM again, and find your changes applied in there.
That's all. Happy

Anything else you experimented with - grounding, clocks, separate USB cards?

Uhm, of course. But by the time such things bring real results, I usually let it know. Haha.


 on: July 26, 2015, 11:26:46 am 
Started by AlainGr - Last post by Arjan
Hi Peter,

I can switch to normal Sata again, no problem. Buy a Silverstone swappable diskbay and I am ready....

Do you have already an idea about the cost for only the hdd?

Regards, Arjan

 on: July 26, 2015, 11:15:13 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
PS: I notice myself - watching that picture - that the video card is still in there (the thing with the cooling ribs), but that can also go out since all can be done from RDC/RDP;
I haven't had connected the monitor (and mouse+keyoard) for weeks.

 on: July 26, 2015, 11:07:32 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Hi Peter,
            I presume you have nothing connected via USB to PC. And you have all fans disconnected.
Is this now because running W10 in Ram runs cooler or you have been running no fans anyway?

Hi Robert,

The honest answer is actually : coincidence;
Just over a year ago I had to take apart my Audio PC for the Linear PSU project (put on hold in the end) and my Audio PC ended up with the OS-hdd attached as the only thing. Fans were disconnected as well, because they disturbed the boot process. So my PC ended up as you see below and it has been so for a year. All what's connected is the removable bay drive you see in the bottom-left, an USB cable for the DAC and an ethernet cable for the LAN/music.
How tempting it was all this time (a year) to remove the HDD from the bay, which you actually now see happened (it sticks out). PC is just running ...

Shorter answer (is it ?) :
With MinOS and further settings, nothing gets hot in there anyway from the CPU's perspective (CPU package temperature is 40C/104F only) and all what's further warm is the MoBo (always under 40C). Lastly, the OS Disk radiates heat, but when used as intended that's "nothing". Notice that "intended" is a few accesses per minute only, if at all (this, while continuous use of the hdd can make it 100C/212F++ easily). This too is arranged for by XXHighEnd.
So with this hdd all is already sufficiently cool and without it ... it hardly matters.


 on: July 26, 2015, 10:41:10 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Is this upgrade possible for existing XXHE PC owners?  Apologies if I have missed the answer somewhere.

Matt, your question is justified, because I "had to" leave it out. This is because :

1. It's daft to not supply anything of this for new PC owners while it's all working;
2. It's also a kind of daft to now hastily supply it to 50-60 others while the RTM (Release To Manufacture) version is around the corner.

Especially #1 is a bit tough because people want a PC "today" and supply nothing of W10, waiting for ... how long ? again is daft. Again, it all just works, works very fine and even more importantly : SQ is superb (in my view).

More in a next post ...

 on: July 26, 2015, 10:32:02 am 
Started by BvdW - Last post by PeterSt
You'll be able to turn off updates in Windows 10, just a few more magical clicks -

Hi Dave,

I missed this post at first. Anyway :
Forget about that or let's have a bet that this soon won't work any more (July 29 for the final ("RTM") version). For the 10074 version it will I suppose, but I didn't test it.


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