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Author Topic: Best / Interesting Albums of 2017  (Read 7718 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 23, 2018, 10:00:55 pm »

My suggestions for interesting music I found in 2017:

Nadia Reid - Preservation (NZ music) 16/44 Download from Bandcamp Similar to Lana Del Ray but kiwi version she is outstanding.

Hussy Hicks - Lucky Joe's Wine and other Tales(Australian band) 16/44 Download from Bandcamp. Excellent live these two girls. The guitarist is a superb mix from Country to jazz fusion while playing harmonica and drum box with one foot the other working her guitar pedals. The other some interesting vocal chords. See them if you can they feature in Germany the US as well as Australia.

Melody Gardot - Currency of Man(US artist)16/44 Love all off her music and latest Blueray live in Paris. Great backing players with sax player playing two at once.

Next Phase Records - Various releases on Bandcamp(Holland)A somewhat refresh of early drum and bass music with a mix of styles. Several releases from this camp. Great to hear some quality sounds from this genre not known for quality generally as DJ mixed sounds. Bass on some tracks really moves the house.

The Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome 24/48 Love the blues also good to hear a new quality recording off old music.

Pat Metheny Group - Essential Collection Last Train Home. This his most recent is worth a listen. An old boy from way back still has it.

De Phazz - Prankster Bride(Germany) Love all they have produced. Interesting new take on old styles.

Carmen Gomes - Sings The Blues 24/352 Interesting this one comes in DXD and yes at 24/352 I had to try it. Takes a while to download and load into Ram but does sound excellent. Download from Sound Liaison run by two musicians(Dutch and Danish). They are trying to make a difference with quality recordings.

Black Sabbath - Vol4 HDtrack download 24/96 Old favourite sounds excellent. Gave a burst with new XX settings and Lush what a voice old Ossy had and Tony's guitar, what skills. The band really rocked on this I think their best by far.

Doobie Brothers HD Track album downloads 24/96. All an improvement over old recordings, although can be a little bright on some tracks.

Bandcamp is a good source of alternative music downloads available often in 16/44 Wave. A lot of sites now provide Wave file downloads.

HiRes needs support its a mixed bag but when its good its great.


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« Reply #16 on: January 28, 2018, 11:33:52 am »

Hi Robert  -  Am listening to Melody Gardot she is very talented great recommendation. Decent quality new (to me) musicians are very hard to find so this is very much appreciated.


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