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Author Topic: Phisolator & Lush  (Read 4598 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2018, 09:37:37 am »

Strangely (not at all) enough because she could not espress what was different, she started to tell me what I had been fumbling there : I connected the Clairixa.

Yes! A direct connection makes the Lush sound a bit like the Clarixa->Phisolator.

It is all a step backwards, unless you like the preciseness of the Clairixa of course.

Not a step backwards in my two systems, IMO. I can't go back to the Phisolator now... not with the Mach II anyway.


Audio PC: Phasure Mach II *with clock upgrade* / Win 14393.0 on RAM-OS / controlled by RDC, no GPU card installed / connected directly to music server
XXHighEnd: 2.10 / Minimize OS / Engine#4 Adaptive / DB=4096 / Q1=30 / xQ1=40 / Q3,4,5=1 / SFS=5.19 / XTweaks = 52, 10, 0, 0, 1 / Straight Contiguous / Clock Resolution = 15ms / Scheme 3-5 (low/realtime) / 8x Arc Prediction (switch #5 'up/off') / Unattended
Main System: mobo USB3 port -> Lush^2 -> Phasure NOS1a B75 G3 -> Thöress/Elrog 300B mono amps -> Tune Audio Anima horn speakers
Office System: Lush -> Phasure NOS1a G3 -> BD-Design BD30-SPR mono amps -> Tune Audio Marvel horn speakers
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« Reply #16 on: June 02, 2018, 03:36:57 pm »

Hi Mani,

I agree with your observation on the SQ with the Phisolator bypassed. The mids & highs are a lot clearer, however they have lost a bit of sparkle.

The lows are deeper & firmer though a tad louder.

Overall this set up is more musical.

I’m going to continue with this set up for a longer time to reconfirm my observations across different genre.

Best regards


W10-14393.0 RAM OS / Mach III LPS 14/28/XXHE 2.10c/Engine#4/Adaptive Mode/16x /Custom Filter/Q1= 30/1/1/1/xQ1=5/Device Buffer:4096/Invert Phase=On/Minimise OS/PE=off/Unattended/Stop All Services/SFS=0.69/140.19(max)/ClockRes= 15ms/Straight Contiguous/Music on NAS/Lush^2 USB cable A:B-W-Y-R; B: B-W-R/Phasure NOS 1a/75b/G3 USB DAC. Blaxius^2 A: B-R; B: B-R. Orelo MK II active speakers. Driver version 1.04/Driver Buffer 16ms. OSD text = Off
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« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2018, 06:32:13 pm »

I tried a comparison last night--not extensive between Lush with Phisolator, and without.  Mach II audio PC.  At least in my system, the overall SQ with Phisolator is better integrated and more "real."  Will listen some more and try to qualify in some greater detail what I observe.

Audio PC: Stealth III PC; RAM-OS W10 14393.0. 
XXHE version 2.10c.
Music Server: XXHE PC, RDC to Audio PC
XXHE settings: Q1 30x10, Q3/4/5 1/1/1, SFS 140.19 (Max 140.19), Clock Res 15ms, Core Scheme:3-5, Driver Buffer 16ms, Balanced Load 35, Nervous Rate 10.
Audio PC -> Lush^2 USB cable (A: B-W-Y-R; B: B-W-R -> NOS1(a,75B, G3) -> Blaxius cables (BNC) -> Orelo Mk II active speakers
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