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Author Topic: My latest visit to Scroobius's place  (Read 12423 times)
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« on: February 18, 2016, 11:27:21 am »

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to the latest incarnation of Paul's system. I have to say that ever since my first visit (I don't know, maybe 3-4 years ago), Paul's system, in whatever configuration it happened to be, has always been a bit of a reference for me. It finally no longer is (explained later), but it's been so useful for me on my own hifi journey.

So, what's the latest incarnation like? "Extraordinary"... "unbelievable"... "superb"... All of these, for sure.

I simply haven't heard anything approaching live music as much as I heard at Paul's on Tuesday. The dynamics are literally 'breath-taking'... especially at the SPLs Paul was sometimes playing at. And it seems to me that this is where 99.99% of all hifi systems in the world ultimately fail - they will NEVER be able to recreate the dynamics generated by real instruments. NEVER. Haha... but 118dB horns? Well, these can get pretty close, if you can contain noise at a level that makes them possible to live with in a normal domestic environment. And the Orelino (and Orelo) speakers achieve just this.

Played at lower volumes was in a way even more impressive to me. The sound stage shifts right back, well behind the speakers themselves. You can imagine the musicians sitting in Paul's conservatory just playing away. The detail and texture, even at low volumes, is incredible. And all of this is simply intoxicating.

So why is Paul's system no longer a reference for me? Well because our setups (rooms especially) are so different. I simply cannot sit so far away from my speakers. But conversely, mine are much further apart, so I get a much better stereo spread than Paul does. But there's an even more fundamental difference. My system is ultra-smooth, but still with detail. The bottom end is fuller. Voices and instruments are richer. There is not a hint of 'edge' to anything. The sound is seamless. Much less exciting or impressive than Paul's sound. Almost boring in comparison. Maybe I'm finally getting old, but I'm now getting a sound that I really, really like. Easy on the ear and yet still totally immersive. It's not so much 'push'... more 'pull'.

If any of you get a chance to go over to Paul's place, don't hesitate - you will be rewarded with a sound that I suspect you've never heard before. And if you're willing to take the one-hour or so trip further north to my place, you'd be welcome. But don't expect to be 'taken aback' by anything... other than maybe my hospitality (on a good day).


Edit: I forgot to say a big "thank you" to Paul for having me. There aren't many like Paul around (thankfully, perhaps) and I feel privileged to have him as a 'hifi friend'. Wouldn't have anything to do with him otherwise of course... ;-)

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« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2016, 12:55:48 pm »

My system is ultra-smooth, but still with detail. The bottom end is fuller. Voices and instruments are richer. There is not a hint of 'edge' to anything. The sound is seamless...........

Hey Mani - great to see you again and to catch up. Even better to have your 911 on the drive to get the neighbours talking!!  One thing that has been consistent with all the systems I have had on my journey to the Orelino's is a slightly lean bass or maybe upper bass area - there is plenty of bass extension (subterranean even). This is certainly a room effect and so I shall do what Mani has done and make a room sweep. At least with the Orelino's I can shape the bass - just as Mani has done with his system. Watch this space!!  However, I have to say that I am finding it increasingly difficult to get any enthusiasm to make changes as it now sounds so damn good!!



W10-14393.0 - RAM Disc XXHighEnd Mach II Stealth LPS PC -> Xeon E5 2040v4 with Hyperthreading On (20 cores)* @~720MHz, 32GB, music on LAN / Engine#4 Adaptive Mode / Q1/-/3/4/5 = 14/-/1/1/1/ Q1Factor = *1* / Dev.Buffer = 4096 / ClockRes = 1ms / Memory = Straight Contiguous / Include Garbage Collect / SFS = *3.0*  (max 120) / not Invert / Phase Alignment Off / Playerprio = Low / ThreadPrio = Realtime / Scheme = Core 3-5 / Not Switch Processors during Playback = Off/ Playback Drive none (see OS from RAM) / UnAttended (Just Start) / Always Copy to XX Drive (see OS from RAM) / All Services Off / Keep LAN - Not Persist / WallPaper On / OSD On / Running Time Off / Minimize OS / XTweaks : Balanced Load = 43 / Nervous Rate = 100 / Cool when Idle = n.a / Provide Stable Power = 0/ Utilize Cores always = 1 / Time Performance Index = Not the best (OS from RAM issue) / Time Stability = Off (OS from RAM issue) / Custom Filter low(12220) 705600 / -> USB3 from MoBo -> Lush USB 70cm -> Phisolator -> 24/768 Phasure NOS1a G3 75B (BNC Out) async USB DAC, Driver v1.0.4b (4ms) -> Blaxius BNC interlink -> Orelino MkII Active Open Baffle Horn Speakers.
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