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Author Topic: Why NOS1 is Blue  (Read 19060 times)
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Crazy Audiophile
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« Reply #45 on: April 10, 2012, 01:49:28 pm »

Here is the new arrival - my new listening chair and obviously it had to be blue.

Hey Paul, very nice indeed. So in a normal seated position, do your ears sit above the headrest of the chair or below? I suppose this'll have a major effect on the 'sound of the chair'.

Totally, totally OffTopic

Lately, I've really lost interest in following up on the likes of 'computeraudiophile.com'. It seems to me that the real leading edge of computer audio is right here on phasure.com...


PC 'Le Monster': *full linear ATX PSU* / CaseLabs W8 / *2x Neutron Star clocks on mobo* / *PCIe USB with Neutron Star clock* / i7 3960X / hyperthreading ON / 16GB RAM / Win 10586.0 on RAM-OS (all music on server) / controlled by RDC / no GPU card installed
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« Reply #46 on: April 10, 2012, 05:31:40 pm »

I am sure those on 'computeraudiophile.com' would never know how much you can improve the sound with a blue listening chair  too much !

PC  i7 3960 X79 Extreme 4 ** clocked & tweaked ** / W10 10074 (x64) / hyperthreading ON (12 cores) / 16GB RAM / RAM OS (music on LAN) / RDC / no GPU card (headless) / Engine#4 Adaptive / 4096 / Q1=14  / xQ1=1 / Q3,4,5=1 / SFS=0.12 / Straight Contiguous / Clock Resolution = 1.0  / Scheme 3-5 / 16x Custom / Peak Extend = OFF / Unattended / Minimize OS / Phase Alignment = OFF / XTweaks = 64, 1, 1, 1, 1 > 24/768 NOS1a 75B async USB DAC driver v1.0.3 1ms > Blaxius BNC interlink -> Orelino MKII Active Open Baffle Horn Speakers
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« Reply #47 on: April 10, 2012, 09:05:28 pm »

Well maybe that matters too.

Some guys arereally serious about -ikea- chairs, looks like you bought the right one Wink:


Immediately I tossed the chair out of the room and went and got the most comfortable, least intrusive chair I could find. Which turned out to be a folding camping chair. Fired up the system with something I have played a lot lately and wow!!! Another big change, things opened up quite considerably in the soundstage!!!!!! So thank you Michael for helping me see that!!!

So if you want to do a major upgrade your system, I can sell you these deluxe listening chairs cheap (see picture this thread)!!

Earlier in the evening, I put the cd case in the closet and moved the speakers forward about 6� which helped the soundstage considerably but not as much as my turbo-charged, competition, full race listening chair! Its amazing what you hear when you aren�t blocking the sound, imagine that!!!!

Enlighten yourselves:

(couldn't find the topic about colour!)

Regards, Coen


Audio PC: XXHE PC with RAMdisk. Music PC with i5. Power cable PE not connected, together with nos1 and poweramp in separate "audio" powerstrip.

1m no name prepped USB cable, (Intona), Phasure NOS1a-75B USB (buf 4 ms)-> Blaxius ->SE EL95 (0,8W triode) + MiniDSP/T.amp3000-> biwired QED cable-> Bastanis Mandala Duo.

[other sources: TD124/3009SII-i/Grace F9/lounge LCR phono; Rega Planet 1997 vintage]
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