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1  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: MQA 44.1 problems on: October 18, 2021, 06:02:31 pm
Hello Tore,

Some of my listings in the states include other versions (non-MQA) lower on the album page . If not, I use the tidal app on my phone to find the other non-MQA version and copy that number.

This is my U.S. link to the non -MQA  Billie Eilish album.


Don't know if this helps but it may be worth a try.



2  Ultimate Audio Playback / Cables (Community induced) / Re: Lush^3 on: July 17, 2021, 05:32:09 pm
Hello Peter,

After posting my settings, I ran into issues with certain songs sounding either too shallow or harsh and ran through quite a few changes including moving my speakers a bit more off axis. If I have learned anything about listening, it is due to the fact that everything you make has about 25,000 different combinations which effect the sound.

My impression is that  Q1 and XQ1 set to higher numbers  seem to tone down some of my harshness. I had not messed with lowering only Q3 and Q4 to 0 or the clock resolution, but after moving both of those to 0 and the clock resolution to 10ms, the change in sound seems dramatic.

Thanks for posting these new settings.

3  Ultimate Audio Playback / Cables (Community induced) / Re: Lush^3 on: July 12, 2021, 04:24:33 pm
For what it is worth, it took me quite a while to finally keep the red wire removed because the sound was still so good with it in place.

Now, I  have kept the red wire removed for about a week and and have returned the SFS to .69 with  Q1 of 10 and xQ1  of 30. I also returned Q3,4. and 5 to 1.

These settings with the low filter seems to provide the incredible clarity while avoiding some of the harshness. At some point, I'll switch back to he old settings and compare.

4  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Re: Hiss on: June 25, 2021, 01:57:15 pm
Thanks Mani and Peter.

I'm reading -05.0, -00.0 and it is the same NOS1, no "a" yet...

I took the amp apart yesterday and resoldered anything that looked like it could be causing an issue but once it was back together, the hiss was still there.

I am wondering if there is a problem with my assumption that if there is no hiss with the NOS1 off, then that should be how quite the amp can possibly get.

If an amp doesn't have an input plugged in, is it realistic to assume that with the volume to maximum, that should be the same amount of noise/hiss that should be strived for when inputs are plugged in? Or is there something invalid or unrealistic with trying to test an amp that way?

Is possible that once I have an outlet which is earth grounded things may change?


5  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Re: Hiss on: June 24, 2021, 03:06:34 pm
It seems like the issue could  be with my amp. If I unplug the RCA from the DAC,  leaving only one end of the RCA connected to the amp, I have hiss.
If it is pugged back into the DAC and the DAC is off, no hiss.  Once power is back on he DAC, the hiss returns.

I'll take another look at all the soldering and grounding in the amp and see if I can find the problem.
6  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Re: Hiss on: June 23, 2021, 06:20:38 pm
Hi Peter,

No you can't hear any music but the hiss returns. So with switch 2 off, there is no hiss but if I play music from the computer, there is no sound but the hiss returns. Just like there is hiss all the time when switch 2 is on.

 Here is where I saw the idea- I did not find out what it signified though...

I've got a 1KHz track recorded at 0dB FS. With the Sauermann monos I can still hear this track over the amp's (white) noise with XX set to -120dB! OK, that's with my ears right next to the 115dB horn.

Haha. I didn't try any lower with the Sauermanns, but with the quiet channel of the BD amp, I can hear the tone with XX's vol set to -144dB!!!

Weirdly, as the attenuation gets very high, the tone starts coming and going. At > -132dB attenuation, it seems to be riding on a 1-2Hz modulation.

Now, I have no idea if XX's vol control is at fault here. Or maybe there's some sort of 'Nick effect' going on - the house is 130 years old, so ghosts can't be ruled out.


Mani hi,

That is the breakthrough suspected I2S de modulation noise I get as well. I can hear it with music playing at -144db vol particularly music with a strong beat. I also use a 0db 1khz tone teach for testing. I don't get the modulation that is interesting.

Do you know what the gain is of you Sauremann amps are my bridged gainclones are about 36db IIRC. I wonder if amp gain it important.



Ps hears another test try playing the music / test signal into the NOS with the NOS turned ON but with switch 2 turned OFF ( eg the DAC board not powered on). Can you hear anything ?
7  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Re: Hiss on: June 23, 2021, 05:05:35 pm
Hi Peter,

Dumb mistake. Instead of switch 4 it should be 2. There was some other thread I read about the noise level with number 2 switched off and music still playing. I just did not double check the numbering yesterday.

8  Ultimate Audio Playback / Phasure NOS1 DAC / Hiss on: June 22, 2021, 09:10:18 pm
Hello All,

I have a new tube amp with  La Scala speakers and have noticed a hum, which may have been there previously , but is now much more pronounced with this new setup.

With the amp volume all the way to 10 and the NOS1 switched off and connected by the  RCA jacks, there is very little noise. The same is true if I use something other than the NOS1 to play music through the RCA jacks. Everything seems to work pretty quietly except for the NOS1.

If I turn on the NOS1 but leave switch 4 off, it is silent. If I play music with switch 4 off, the static hiss returns and is quite noticeable.

If the NOS1 is powered on and switch 4 is on, there is quite a bit of hiss without even playing music.

I have an older house and the electric outlets are only two wire, so no earth ground. I have plugged in only the amp and the NOS1 and tried a couple of different outlets but unfortunately, I always have the same hiss.

My plan is to re-run grounded outlets with a dedicated circuit but before that, does anyone have any suggestions for how to remove this hiss? I've ended up just turning the amp volume to about 2 o'clock to reduce the noise but I know that is not ideal in the long run.


9  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Tidal / MQA - Update - Heading 2.12 on: June 14, 2021, 07:53:00 pm
This is the image I get and what I mean by the blank one.

I don't get any errors when preparing this album. My MQAData in the prepared folder is -

AudioQuality : HI_RES
MQARate : -
10  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Tidal / MQA - Update - Heading 2.12 on: June 14, 2021, 05:11:35 pm
Hi Peter,

This is the album I double checked before posting but I am pretty sure I have seen it with others.


Silfur, Dustin O'Halloran
11  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Tidal / MQA - Update - Heading 2.12 on: June 14, 2021, 02:37:30 pm
Hi Peter,

I noticed that one album with a blank, white MQA label on XXHighend plays at 48khz 24 bits, but that exact same album file on Roon is listed as FLAC 48khz 24 bit, MQA 96khz.

When played, it is decoded by Roon's MQA decoder at the 96khz rate. I don't know if this gives you any clue to what is going on though...
12  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Alt-D and Alt-U issue on: June 10, 2021, 02:44:19 pm
Hello Peter,

I just found out that when I uncheck the "Show as Wallpaper", I have the issue with Alt-U stopping playback when in unattended and it is not possible for me to change the volume. With the box checked, both Alt-U and Alt-D work correctly.



13  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Alt-D and Alt-U issue on: June 08, 2021, 04:51:41 pm
Yes, I did give that a try but nothing...
14  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Alt-D and Alt-U issue on: June 07, 2021, 02:22:14 pm
Hi Peter,

This is the one I found-


15  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: Alt-D and Alt-U issue on: June 06, 2021, 01:41:41 pm
Good memory Peter. I found the threads and it seems to have been related to the NAS.

I never had trouble with displaying cover art from my NAS until I changed disks and went to a 2 disk RAID configuration. That may have been when my cover art stopped displaying.

It's not very important to me but I do miss seeing the track title and the volume.


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