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Author Topic: XXHighEnd Model 2.02 - Official Windows 10 Support  (Read 47564 times)
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« on: June 07, 2015, 03:30:49 pm »

Download is at the very bottom.

This version solves a few issues which were present in the 2.01 release but mainly brings support to Windows 10.
And you know what ? SQ will be the best ever.
Best at this time (June 7 2015) is to get the Insider Preview, build 10074 and nothing else. Especially never think that newer builds are the better ones. For now it is explicitly the other way around.
Meanwhile we can say that the 10074 build is so "raw" (and full with bugs in the mean time) that it is "able to" produce a best ever SQ, possibly not to be seen in newer builds/versions.
XXHighEnd 2.02 explicitly supports the 10074 build and it runs without any issues (but get it running in the first place, so take your time with that).
Do notice that we think that XXHighEnd 2.02 is super stable with W10 Build 10074, but that you should not try to use the Windows OS for what it was originally intended for. prankster

Notice that you have two main options :
1. Be a wimp and be satisfied with the better SQ of Normal OS already;
2. Make it a bit tougher for yourself, get an Activation Code, dive into MinOS and be swamped with the impossible.

Of course any Code re-issued for 2.x will be refunded via the known procedure.

For those without Paypal - other means of payment and Activaton are possible (nothing new there too).

For the Release Notes of 2.00, look here : XXHighEnd Model 2.00 - New Filters & Extended Remote Control.

Install any new version in its own folder (your 2.00 Activation could be violated otherwise).

Release Notes 2.02

  • Official support for Windows 10 Insider Preview, build 10074.
    It is not said that higher version builds won't work but please notice that the developement (so far) has been for 10074.
    At the moment of this writing the last build is 10130 and this is regarded to be "un-workable".

  • At Right Clicking the Stop button (with W10 being the OS), a new option "Stop W10 Updates" shows :

    Clicking that will stop the Windows Updates.
    CRUCIAL : When Windows Updates are allowed to be On while being connected to the Internet, your base Windows 10 Build (like 10074) will be overwritten by a newer one which you do NOT want. The current XXHighEnd version (2.02) is made for this build, and newer one may not work out as intended at all. Merely : All is about the SQ and we can expect the SQ from newer version to be worse (but this is just guessing).
    When the Updates have been shut off by this means, the optin will show "Allow W10 Updates" and clicking it that case will switch on Windows Updates again.
    In MinOS Mode the option will show "Windows Updates n/a" because Updates are never availaible in MinOS Mode.

  • Resetting the Install has been made more easy and more settings are preserved than before. Btw, the feature might be hidden to most, but it is no secret :

    Right Click the Save As button in Settings (Presets Section).
    Previously that message told "All settings will be lost" but while this was not really true anyway, now actually all is saved while it still be be an "as new" install as possible (and Activation will be lost along the way).
    Notice that emphasis is somewhat put to "reinstalling" just because it can be necessary for the good cause for Windows 10, which is in development itself.

Solved issues from 2.01 / 2.00 :

  • AutoHotkey was killed and started each time XXHighEnd was started. No real problem, but not meant to be anyway. So, solved.

  • The [ 2 ] (splitter bar) button could end up too far to the right with the very high scaling factors, which could make it unreachable. Solved now.

  • A Message like "Problem clearing the Proxy's would appear for read only coverart files (for the Front and Back covers). This has been solved.

  • The "Copy Settings to" field in Settings (Presets section) is to be filled with the XX folder on permanent storage;
    This field is now automatically filled during the Install if the XX folder is detected to be n drive C:.

Known issues

Visit this page first when you found an issue and are about to report it. We will keep this list actual.

  • There is a situation known that XXHighEnd died because of some regular situation in itself, but next XXHighEnd would not be killed for real after XXHighEnd is brought up and tells you there's another instance running and whether you want to kill that (Yes) ... while TaskManager also does not show XXHighEnd anywhere and thus can not be killed from there either.
    Solution : Reboot.

  • It is not completely clear whether there's still an issue with the running Time Bar when set to be active. Things have been changed in this realm but it could not be tested because the issue could not be mimicked. Please report either way !
    For reference : Re: Looks Like I've Screwed Up Something with the 2.01 Install (see the "phantom loading progress bar which exhibits like a large black slow snake which even has teeth).

  • The Ctrl-Alt-N (Alt-NP on the XXOSK) for playing the Next Playlist did not work when in Settings "Use Touch Facilities" was activated. Is OK now.

  • June 11, 2015 : Most probably it will be so that at the first install XXHighEnd appears on the Taskbar but nothing happens. Hovering the mouse over the Taskbar Icon will show a grey XXHighEnd screen. Because nothing happens you will kill it (Taskmanager) and actually the installation now is incomplete. This is not a big deal, but look here for how XXHighEnd will look when it is now start up and what to do : Scaling problem W10.

Reminder for Windows 8 users : Don't forget to install the Windows 7 Shell provided with XXHighEnd. See the Windows7_Shell folder in your XX folder and don't forget to read the readme's in there !
Notice that this Windows 7 Shell does not work for Windows 8.1. and Windows 10.

Just start the XXHighEnd.exe file; no Install as such is needed. See below at the mouse arrow.

However, when you are running Windows 8 or higher - have not used XXHighEnd before - and are not connected to the Internet, first read this : Windows 8 Tutorials - Install .Net 3.5.

Edit June 8, 2015 : Without this Tutorial you won't be able to obtain an Activation Code for XXHighEnd : Windows 10 Tutorials - Make Internet Explorer available.
Also, we urge you to read this : Windows 10 Tutorials - Wallpaper, Core Schemes, Q4,5 and more.
It is mandatory to read this : Windows 10 Tutorials - Start XXHighEnd.exe (first time) (this is also about Activation).

Please report as much as you run into but do so in a dedicated topic with catching title.
Also, share your thoughts about the SQ which of course is what this is all about. We're heading for a new era ...

* XXHighEnd-202.rar (14625.41 KB - downloaded 3120 times.)
« Last Edit: June 11, 2015, 07:41:23 am by PeterSt » Logged

For the Stealth III LPS PC :
W10-14393.0 - April 1, 2020 (2.11)
XXHighEnd Mach III Stealth LPS PC -> Xeon Scalable 14/28 core with Hyperthreading On (set to *14/28* cores in BIOS and set to 10/20 cores via Boot Menu) @~660MHz, 48GB, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit build 14393.0 from RAM, music on LAN / Engine#4 Adaptive Mode / Q1/-/3/4/5 = *14*/-/1/1/1/ Q1Factor = *1* / Dev.Buffer = 4096 / ClockRes = 15ms / Memory = Straight Contiguous / Include Garbage Collect / SFS = *10.19*  (max *10.19*) / not Invert / Phase Alignment Off / Playerprio = Low / ThreadPrio = Realtime / Scheme = Core 3-5 / Not Switch Processors during Playback = Off/ Playback Drive none (see OS from RAM) / UnAttended (Just Start) / Always Copy to XX Drive (see OS from RAM) / Stop Desktop, Remaining, WASAPI and W10 services / Use Remote Desktop / Keep LAN - Not Persist / WallPaper On / OSD Off (!) / Running Time Off / Minimize OS / XTweaks : Balanced Load = *52* / Nervous Rate = 10 / Cool when Idle = n.a / Provide Stable Power = 0 / Utilize Cores always = 1 / Time Performance Index = Optimal / Time Stability = Stable / *Arc Prediction Filtering (16x)* / Always Clear Proxy before Playback = On -> USB3 from MoBo -> Lush^2*A:B-W-Y-R, B:B-W-R* USB 1m00 -> Phisolator 24/768 Phasure NOS1a/G3 75B (BNC Out) async USB DAC, Driver v1.0.4b (16ms) -> B'ASS Current Amplifier -> *Blaxius^2 A:B-R, B:B-R* Interlink -> Orelo MKII Active Open Baffle Horn Speakers. *ET^2* Ethernet from Mach III to Music Server PC (RDC Control).
Removed Switching Supplies from everywhere (also from the PC).

For a general PC :
W10-10586.0 - May 2016 (2.05+)
*XXHighEnd PC -> I7 3930k with Hyperthreading On (12 cores)* @~500MHz, 16GB, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit build 10586.0 from RAM, music on LAN / Engine#4 Adaptive Mode / Q1/-/3/4/5 = 14/-/1/1/1 / Q1Factor = 1 / Dev.Buffer = 4096 / ClockRes = 1ms / Memory = Straight Contiguous / Include Garbage Collect / SFS = 0.10  (max 60) / not Invert / Phase Alignment Off / Playerprio = Low / ThreadPrio = Realtime / Scheme = Core 3-5 / Not Switch Processors during Playback = Off/ Playback Drive none (see OS from RAM) / UnAttended (Just Start) / Always Copy to XX Drive (see OS from RAM) / All Services Off / Keep LAN - Not Persist / WallPaper On / OSD On / Running Time Off / Minimize OS / XTweaks : Balanced Load = *43* / Nervous Rate = 1 / Cool when Idle = 1 / Provide Stable Power = 1 / Utilize Cores always = 1 / Time Performance Index = *Optimal* / Time Stability = *Stable* / Custom Filter *Low* 705600 / -> USB3 *from MoBo* -> Clairixa USB 15cm -> Intona Isolator -> Clairixa USB 1m80 -> 24/768 Phasure NOS1a 75B (BNC Out) async USB DAC, Driver v1.0.4b (4ms) -> Blaxius BNC interlink *-> B'ASS Current Amplifier /w Level4 -> Blaxius Interlink* -> Orelo MKII Active Open Baffle Horn Speakers.
Removed Switching Supplies from everywhere.

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