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1  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Install W7 on: April 02, 2020, 08:10:28 am
No problems here to install on MusicServer and AudioPC, both done remotely through RDC from the tablet.  Before you install on the AudioPC, make sure that you are booting from BASE  (not RAM) with the OS un-minimised.  Do the installation, run 2.11, minimise the OS, reboot from RAM...job done.
2  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Home on: April 01, 2020, 12:27:31 am
Not new music by any means...very much high school memories for me but at least on the face of things right for these times..

3  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: UpTone EtherREGEN on: March 26, 2020, 10:14:53 pm
If only I had time to experiment...

Anthony, I'm assuming the outbreak must be keeping you busy in some way? What's taking up your time?


Hi Mani,

Oh, yes, I'm just as busy as ever, doing the same stuff as usual, just with social distancing and a lot of hand-washing inolved.  My business is in agriculture and unless everyone is able to stop eating food production will need to roll on.  Luckily I already work from home and when in the field do not need help to do what I do, and I have several months of design work in the office to catch up on if my travel is stopped.

I remember talking with Peter several years ago about the remoteness of Australia once you get away from the coast.  Where quite a bit of my work is in a local goverment (shire) that is about the same size as the entire Netherlands...but with a population of 5,000, not 18,000,000.  Pretty easy to isolate out there if people take things seriously, which from what I have seen they mostly are.

Saying that, the virus does not seem as advanced here as in the UK and elsewhere, and my kids are both still at school although they do now have online learning/lessons available to them.

Not the right way to think about it, but I would love a couple of weeks to be able to concentrate on my audio projects...

How about you Mani?  I take it you are unable to work. 

4  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: UpTone EtherREGEN on: March 23, 2020, 04:49:28 am

Oddly, from there I learned how enormously the ET^2 matters. So indeed (Anthony will know I suppose) I tried it in combination with the ET^2 (I never had en ET^2 myself) - I even had a second one (one for input, one for output), but that only emphasized the "baddy" instead of improved it. And then I took out the EtherRegen and ...
And really, a new world opened. Btw, I did not tell that either (seemed fair to me).

I did not know this Peter, but interesting to know.  If only I had time to experiment...
5  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: The Fab 4 new what was coming on: March 19, 2020, 10:46:13 am
6  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: UpTone EtherREGEN on: March 12, 2020, 03:48:08 am
Mani, I think I read somewhere that Peter has one.  Might have been of AS ...not sure.  The man himself of course can confirm or deny.

7  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: XXHE window gone rogue on: November 13, 2019, 11:25:28 pm
Scrollbars are a waste of space. But if you are more happy with them, please go ahead.

I must be missing something Peter...I still don't know how to remove the scrollbars.

I don't know maybe if you set the Music Server PC also to 200% ?

I set the tablet and the MusicServer to 200% and XXHE reverted to "rogue" behaviour.  Looks like I will have to change the tablet display parameters depending on how it is being used.  XXHE = 100%.  Normal browsing/work = 200%.
8  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: XXHE window gone rogue on: November 11, 2019, 01:20:14 am

I like my RDP to start in a maximised window, but I see you do not do that.  My screen resolution is 2736 x 1854.

It seems as though the problem is linked to the screen resolution on the tablet.  The recommended w10 text size for the Surface 6 Pro screen is 200%, not 100% as you recommend.  When I set it to 100% XXHE seems to work just fine and scales properly when it restarts after playing some music.  But now things are too small on the tablet and they are near impossible to read...think 2736 pixels in about 10" or screen, 300ppi or thereabouts...9pt text displays at about 4pt.  XXHE is fine, I just scaled it up, but normal everyday (not XXHE) stuff on the tablet is very small, such as the icons, text etc.

Is there a work-around for this?  Maybe in 2.11?

By the way, getting the screen right in XXHE makes me realise what I have been missing.

Regarding the scroll bars, is there a reason to get rid of them?  Are they removed by precise sizing of the XXHE window?  I'll look it up.

9  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / XXHE window gone rogue on: November 10, 2019, 06:17:38 am
Hi Peter,

Hopefully this is a simple one to fix.  Before I press play the screen of my tablet which is RDC'd into the MusicServer looks like Before.jpg, after playing and return to XXHE GUI it looks like After.jpg, which is obviously different, then if I exit XXHE and then restart it, it looks like After Restart.jpg.  All three are different.

Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to insert images into the text, so you will need to look at the attachments.

The problem started when my long suffering iPad was replaced with a SurfacePro with a much higher screen resolution.



10  Ultimate Audio Playback / Your thoughts about the Sound Quality / Re: RAM OS .Vhd file refresh on: August 04, 2019, 02:35:15 am

I have a mental note to periodically refresh my Vhd OS file in this way. This morning I did it whilst taking some before and after FFTs of the system response and there are some clear differences. You don't need the FFTs to hear it make a difference but they made me think it was worth sharing.

Nick, I would be most interested to see these FFT's.
11  Ultimate Audio Playback / XXHighEnd Support / Re: PC to DAC over Ethernet on: July 05, 2019, 11:58:37 pm
Welcome Josh,

I reckon it would be the driver for your dac that directs the data stream to the ethernet port rather than the USB port.  Makes it simple then...just tell XXHE which driver to use and it should all work.

Peter might say otherwise though...perhaps.  You can download a demo version of the software to give it a go yourself (see downloads section).  What dac are you using?


12  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Enough tweaking on: July 03, 2019, 08:24:26 am
Yes, 10 years later.  It's not like Peter is not trying...
13  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Enough tweaking on: July 02, 2019, 05:47:13 am
Nah, I reckon keep the filtering in the pc software if possible.  Three (or six!) bands transmitted to the dac with a fancy interface that Peter and Paul develops, perhaps even with one cable.  Three (or six!) dac outputs direct to six (or twelve!) amplifiers.

But only good for computer playback.  If you have any analogue sources then the filter needs to be line level or speaker level or a mix of both.  Or Peter gets funky with a sota ADC in front of it all with volume control and source selection which is all starting to sound like a preamplifier which is a dirty word as far as Peter is concerned.

But it would be nice, especially if the ADC was truly transparent...and the RIAA equalisation was applied in software between the ADC and DAC, and the dac could push 4VRMS plus.

It's nice to dream...
14  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Enough tweaking on: June 30, 2019, 10:28:17 pm

Do you happen to know anyone who sells time ?

What a great product if there was such a thing...
15  Ultimate Audio Playback / Chatter and forum related stuff / Re: Enough tweaking on: June 29, 2019, 02:14:36 am

Anthony haha, I thought you would come up with that in this very topic.

Glad I did not disappoint!

Looking forward to it.  Am a bit sad about the NOS2 shelving which would suit me more than the multi-band dac with filters at pc software level.  Analogue sources and all that...
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