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May 24, 2019, 04:00:48 pm *
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 on: May 24, 2019, 08:02:44 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by manisandher
Since 3 weeks I am using this configuration for my Lush^2 :

A:B-R & W-Y, B:B-R

This may be my first tweak in many months. Will let you know how I get on... if I ever get around to it.


 on: May 24, 2019, 08:00:14 am 
Started by briefremarks - Last post by manisandher
Yep, good to hear that people are still alive... and enjoying their music.

There's been no tweaking here for... I can't really remember. Does this mean the sound here is now perfect? I don't think so. But I sit transfixed for the 20-30 mins a day I can get in my listening room. And I no longer search for 'well recorded' material. If it happens to be well-recorded, that's just a bonus.

Lastly, Phasure can by now be renamed to The Cable Company or something like that...

And to think that the last time I visited your place (many years ago now) you were still using 'bell wire' (or whatever) everywhere. Funny.


 on: May 24, 2019, 07:43:43 am 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt
Hi there All,

Since 3 weeks I am using this configuration for my Lush^2 :

A:B-R & W-Y, B:B-R

Although one's head can be twisted because of the different configurations and perceptions, I am pretty sure that this one is special in one area at least : UNannoyance. Or IOW, there is nothing that ever annoys with this configuration.

What's also with this one is what I started to call "nice splashing". Could be new for audiophile phenomena, but what I mean with it is easy : when a cymbal is hit, it develops its sound, and that developing goes ever so nice with this config. I'm not saying it is "so real" and such, but merely that it keeps occurring that someone hits a splash cymbal where previously it did not jump out at all (that I ever noticed).

Does bass excel ? I think so. But in a mere unnoticeable fashion or something. It *is* special because it is firm (very firm actually). But the key thing with this config should be that it does not disturb. I mean, bass all so often can be regarded as too much or too much lacking or it buzzes a bit and maybe more (annoyances). Not so now at all. Much more music and mush less attention is required to the technical aspects of the reproduction.

The detail ? I would swear this is more again. Maybe it is related to said splashing, but the highs seem to be rendered with more resolution, which in the end makes the detail more palpable and therefore from a next order of beautifulness : all is ultra smooth and with that make jump out the mid detail. Thus no screaming of sharp highs, but a kind of the opposite with is harder to explain in the midst of the clearly more detail. All less fake or something. And btw just using normal Arc Prediction filtering in XXHighEnd.

Much much sparkle. And I think this is because of more body to it.

Happy listening with your new Lush^2. Haha.

 on: May 24, 2019, 07:27:03 am 
Started by briefremarks - Last post by PeterSt
Have to note Audiophile Style site is also nearly asleep.

Yes, it's all a bit "malaise" lately (this whole year, so far), everywhere.

What I noticed is that
a. nobody is asking for where ever this new XXHighEnd version is;
b. I myself do nothing much about it while it is ready since end of December.

So what ?

Out of misery I started changing some colors this week. Luckily this is not even easy, so I can nicely try new solutions each day for the 10 minutes I dedicate to it.
Anyway, thinking for MONTHS now to make the Release Notes.

Something else is that normal life started to be quite busy. Economics seem OK lately, although Trump tries to demolish that.

Otherwise I have been working for weeks on fi-nal-ly a 64 bit OS for my main PC, actually in use since Windows 2000 (always upgraded but which can only be done to 32 bits). A huge task, finished last week.

Lastly, Phasure can by now be renamed to The Cable Company or something like that; cables of various kinds go out really every day in a continuous flow for two years now. Some times cable orders are held up by a Mach III PC or even a new NOS1 yes.

Have fun !

 on: May 24, 2019, 04:42:04 am 
Started by briefremarks - Last post by Robert
Yes I am. Have to note Audiophile Style site is also nearly asleep. I guess everyone is happy with what they have. No new break through products not even on the horizon except for next Xxhighend version. Even Lush cables are old news now apart from new connections. Listening to the music is so good. Robert

 on: May 23, 2019, 09:35:26 pm 
Started by briefremarks - Last post by briefremarks
Hoping all is well with everyone.  The silence on the site feels a bit cosmic!!

 on: May 08, 2019, 03:29:22 pm 
Started by PeterSt - Last post by PeterSt

It looks like I managed to move a main PC over here from a still 32 bits OS (dating via-via-via several OS upgrades back to even prior to the year 2000) to 64 bits.
All what seems to remain is buying a new scanner which really won't get to work with its old (though so-called) upgraded driver and control program.


 on: May 07, 2019, 06:19:24 pm 
Started by Scroobius - Last post by Scroobius
Hi Michael,

Thanks should go to Ramesh for finding it I just found out how to do what he did (if that makes sense).

Anyway the most important thing is that since making this change I have not had any random blue or black screens with spinning wheel in RDC leading to a reboot. Of course if I kill the RDC connection "illegally" then a re-boot is my lot but that is fair enough I can live with that.



 on: May 03, 2019, 07:07:52 pm 
Started by Scroobius - Last post by Michael_B
Thank you very much, Paul.

Although I've had the Mach III (the very first one) since May of 2018, I never managed to use XXHE in Unattended mode for various reasons. To make a long story short I've had a few issues with the Mach III: the LPS failed following a utility power outage, the impossibility to load the OS in RAM plus a few other things related to my own installation. During that period Peter has patiently assisted me to help solving the various issues. In the end I had to send him the PC to get rid of the loading in RAM bug.

During that period I attempted to use the unattended mode but it failed because the RDC was getting lost systematically shortly after the playback started. So I just put this on the back burner.

Fast forward to this week where I made another attempt with the same result: the loss of the RDC when I attempted to return to XXHE with the alt-x command. I then remembered having seen a recent thread (this thread) on that matter. The description that Paul (Scroobius) made of the RDC loss he was having was very similar to what I had. So I applied his recipe above (Security Options under the Local Computer Policy, etc.) and it worked.smile I've used the unattended mode several times since and the RDC never failed.

So this week for the very first time I could listen to music in unattended and ... I'm totally stunned by the increase in SQ. I expected an improvement but not of this magnitude. I can now relate to the comments I read on this forum when the playback is done in this mode. The thruthfulness of the music has never been so real in my living room. From now on as most of the users I presume, unattended will be my mode of listening. Now let's go back to my collection to rediscover the so far hidden music.

Thanks again.


 on: May 03, 2019, 07:32:00 am 
Started by Shreekant Somany - Last post by PeterSt
Dear Shreekant,

With Explorer, go into the folder you see mentioned (C:\XXHighEnd\2.xx) and delete the 01 Track01.wav file (don't throw in the trashbin, use shift-delete instead).
That should work ...

Kind regards,

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